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Eric John Abrahamson
Principal Historian, Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc. (Bio)
philanthropic foundations, Philanthropy, Market Regulation, Public policy and regulation, Innovation, History of Capitalism

Stephen B. Adams
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Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, Salisbury University (Bio)

Adoracion Alvaro-Moya
Associate Professor of Economic History, CUNEF University (Spain) (Bio)
International Business, Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations, Spain, entrepreneurship

Rolv Petter Amdam
Professor. BI Norwegian Business School (Bio)
Executive education, Business education, Industrial clusters, Maritime industry, Mulitinationals

Manuel Alejandro Bautista González
Doctoral Candidate in United States History at Columbia University in the City of New York (Bio)
Money, Finance, Capitalism, Slavery, United States, Mexico
Laurent Béduneau-Wang
Assistant Professor, Africa Business School, University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (Rabat, Morocco) (Bio)
Business-Government Relations, Business Schools
Hartmut Berghoff
Director, Institute of Economic and Social History (Bio)
History of Consumption, History of Economic Crime

Jennifer Black
Associate Professor of History and Government, Misericordia University (2020-current) (Bio)
history of advertising and consumer culture, material and visual culture, cultural history, 19th c. US, Consumer Culture, Business fraud
Jessica Borge
Visiting Fellow in Digital Humanities (Bio)
British industry (1960s), contraception, pharmaceuticals

Alejandro E. Caceres
Lecturer of Economics and Enterprise (Venezuelan Business History) / Latin American Economic Development (Economic History) / Strategy and Structure (Bio)
Latin America, Oil Multinationals, Energy, Strategy, Organizations, Management Practices

Peter A. Coclanis
University of North Carolina (Bio)
Agribusiness, Global Histroy, Southern U.S.

Peter Conti-Brown
Assistant Professor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Bio)
Financial history, central banking, financial regulation, Banking

Mandy L. Cooper
Lecturer of Women's and Gender History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Bio)
Business History, Legal History, 19th c. US, American women's history, Slavery, emotions, political history, cultural history, Business-Government Relations, family business
Jonathan Coopersmith
Professor (Bio)
failure, History of technology, information
Paula de la Cruz-Fernández
Digital editor and Assoc. Director, Inquire Capitalism Program, University of Florida (Bio)
gender and enterprise, Multinational Corporations, Spain, Latin America (Mexico)
Anne-Marie Dubreuil
Graduate Student, Université du Québec à Montréal (Bio)
1850s-1940s, Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsibility, the history of the corporation, Nonprofit Organizations, Welfare State

Megan Elias
Boston University (Bio)
Food, gender
Adam K. Frost
PhD Candidate, Harvard University (Bio)
History of Capitalism, Modern China, Entreprenuership, Informal Economics

Alexi Garrett
2020-2022 Institute for Thomas Paine Studies and University of Virginia Press Post-Doctoral Fellow at Iona College (Bio)
Early America, American women's history, history of gender, Slavery, Southern U.S., History of Industrial Research
Eric Godelier
Professor of Management, Corporate History and Business Anthropology, Ecole Polytechnique (Bio)
Corporate culture, Managerial Elites, General Business History
Twitter@EricGodelier ‏
Aurora, Gómez-Galvarriato
Professor, El Colegio de México (Bio)
Latin America, Networks, Crony Capitalism, Banks, Globalization
Dylan Gottlieb
NEH-Hagley Fellowship in Business, Culture and Society, Hagley Center (Bio)
United States, Twentieth Century, Consumer Culture, Labor History, Financial history
Margaret B.W. Graham
Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University (Bio)
History of Industrial Research, History of U.S. Entrepreneurship

Ryan Issa Haddad
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University of Maryland (Bio)
International Trade, Security, Public policy and regulation

Barbara Hahn
Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech University (Bio)
History of technology

Eric S. Hintz
Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, Smithsonian Institution (Bio)
invention, Innovation, R&D, History of Science and Technology, Business History
Daniel Horowitz
Blank Profile Picture
Smith College (Bio)
American Consumer Culture

Roger Horowitz
Director of the Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society at Hagley Museum and Library (Bio)
Consumer Culture, Food, Labor, regulation, Religion, Technology

Richard R. John
Columbia University (Bio)
Political Economy, history of communication, 19th c. US

Tanya Jurado
Lecturer Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Bio)
entrepreneurship, SMEs, Small Business, Trade

Ida Lunde Jørgensen
Assistant Professor, PhD, Copenhagen Business School (Bio)
Philanthropy, Foundations, Welfare State, Visual Art, material and visual culture

Sven Kube
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Florida International University (Bio)
Communist Enterprise, Culture Industries and Markets, Cold War Era

William Lazonick
University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Bio)
Corporate Governance

Marc Levinson
Economist, Independent Scholar (Bio)
Transportation, Retailing, supply chains and globalization, regulation, Finance