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BHC Expert Research Interests BHC Prize(s) Received
Eric John Abrahamson, Principal Historian, Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc., Fellow, Institute of Applied Economics, Global Health, and Study of Business Enterprise, Johns Hopkins University
philanthropic foundations, Philanthropy, Market Regulation, Public policy and regulation, Innovation, History of Capitalism
Adam K. Frost, PhD Candidate, Harvard University
History of Capitalism, Modern China, Entreprenuership, Informal Economics
Clint Hough, PhD Candidate, Florida International University, Faculty, Ransom Everglades School
History of Capitalism
Craig M. McMahon, PhD candidate in economic history, University of Cambridge, Affiliated research student at the Centre for Financial History
Financial Institutions, Consumer Credit, Payday lending, Pawnbrokers, History of Capitalism
Daniel Scroop, Senior Lecturer in US History, School of Humanities , University of Glasgow
US History since 1865, the New Deal, History of Capitalism, antimonopoly, politics of consumption
Susan V. Spellman, Associate Professor of History, Miami University
History of Capitalism, Small Business, retail history, Consumerism, History of technology