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Eric John Abrahamson
Principal Historian, Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc. (Bio)
philanthropic foundations, Philanthropy, Market Regulation, Public policy and regulation, Innovation, History of Capitalism

Marcus Anthony Allen
Blank Profile Picture
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Bio)
History of Capitalism, African-American History, American Economic History

Jared Berkowitz
University of Chicago (Bio)
History of Capitalism, Political Economy, Legal History, Firms

Cory Fischer-Hoffman
Lafayette College (Bio)
Globalization, History of Capitalism, Mining in Mexico, Latin America

Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
Department of History, University of California, Davis (Bio)
American women's history, History of Capitalism, Consumer Cultures, Domestic labor, Slavery

Amanda Ortiz Molina
Binghamton University (Bio)
Latin America, History of Capitalism, Political Economy
Susan V. Spellman
Associate Professor of History, Miami University (Bio)
History of Capitalism, Small Business, retail history, Consumerism, History of technology