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Daniel Horowitz
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Smith College (Bio)
American Consumer Culture

Roger Horowitz
Director of the Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society at Hagley Museum and Library (Bio)
Consumer Culture, Food, Labor, regulation, Religion, Technology

Vicki Howard
University of Essex (Bio)
Retailing, Consumer Culture, gender, policy
Richard John
Columbia University (Bio)
Political Economy, history of communication, 19th c. US

Sven Kube
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Florida International University (Bio)
Communist Enterprise, Culture Industries and Markets, Cold War Era

Richard N. Langlois
University of Connecticut (Bio)
Organizations, institutions, Technology

Yvette Lazdowski
University of New Hampshire (Bio)

William Lazonick
The Academic-Industry Research Network (Bio)
Corporate Governance

Marc Levinson
Economist, Independent Scholar (Bio)
Transportation, Retailing, supply chains and globalization, regulation, Finance

Vera Linke
Blank Profile Picture
Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg (Bio)
Insurance, Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, Accounting, 19th century finance

Kenneth Lipartito
Florida International University (Bio)
Innovation, Technology, business culture, political economy and social responsibility.

Jan Logemann
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University of Göttingen (Bio)
Marketing, Consumer Culture, Consumer Credit

Miguel A. López-Morell
Associate Professor, Universidad de Murcia (Bio)
Banking, Foreign Direct Investment, Business History
Suzanne Marchand
Louisiana State University (Bio)
History of Consumption, Chemical Industry, Early Modern Europe

Marina Moskowitz
Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg Chair in Textiles, Material Culture, and Design, Professor Design Studies Department, University of Wisconsin (Bio)
material and visual culture, landscape and the built environment, business and consumption, constructions of the middle class
Ellen Nye
Yale University (Bio)
Economic History, Political Economy

Maria Padovan
University of Rome Tor Vergata (Bio)
Energy, Technology and Business, Business History, 20th century, France
Laura Phillips-Sawyer
Associate Professor, University of Georiga School of Law (Bio)
US History since 1865; history of capitalism; antimonopoly; politics of consumption

Andrew Popp
Professor of History, Copenhagen Business School (Bio)
family business, entrepreneurship
Scott E. Randolph
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration & Management, University of Redlands (Bio)
Transportation, regulation, Railways, Network Efficiency, Trade Organizations, Regulatory policy, Interstate commerce, Commodity Chains, Banking
Alberto Rinaldi
Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Bio)
Corporate Governance, Industrial clusters, Small Business, Networks

Eppa Rixey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business (Bio)
Entrepreneurial History, Small Business, Public policy and regulation, United States

Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal
Lecturer (Profesora Tiempo Completo) (Bio)
Business History, Business Groups, Evolution of the Firm, entrepreneurship, Latin America
Adam Rome
Professor of Environment and Sustainability, SUNY - Buffalo (Bio)
Sustainability, environmental history, green capitalism

Caitlin Rosenthal
University of California-Berkeley (Bio)

Alex Royt
Ph.D. Candidate (Bio)
Banking, central banking, Finance, Firms
Lindsay Schakenbach Regele
Associate Professor, Miami University (Bio)
Early Republic United States, Political Economy, Diplomacy, Manufacturing