The Business History Conference is governed by a set of by-laws and administered by elected officers and a Board of Trustees. A number of committees oversee specific operations. The organization has a long history; in addition to current governance information, listings of past presidents, trustees, and committee members are collected in this section of our website.

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      • The BHC committee structure in brief: The Executive Committee is always composed of the President, the President-Elect, and the Secretary-Treasurer. The Budget Committee consists of the Past-President on the Board, the immediate Past-President, President, and President-Elect, and the Secretary-Treasurer. Two members of the Nominating Committee are elected by the members; the third is the immediate Past-President. They select candidates for office, as well as recommend a candidate for the Williamson Prize and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Members of the Print Media Oversight Committee (PMOC) and the Electronic Media Oversight Committee are drawn from the Trustees and are appointed by the President. Members of the Investment, Liaison, Emerging Scholars, and Grants and Prizes Committees are appointed by the President. The Grants and Prizes Committee appoints members to the specific prize committees: Krooss Dissertation, Kerr, Oxford Journals Article, Wilkins, Halloran, and Gomory. The Hagley Book Prize Committee consists of a Hagley representative (currently Donald Jackson), a person appointed by the President, and a third member selected by those two. All other committee members are appointed by the President. For a full explanation of our committee structure, please see the By-Laws.