Emerging Scholars

Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars Committee of the Business History Conference focuses on introducing young scholars to the possibilities for researching and teaching in the field of business history. The committee (whose current membership can be found on our Committees page) identifies advanced students attending the annual meeting and works to integrate them into the larger community of business historians and academics. The committee prepares a number of emails prior to each annual meeting in order to invite young scholars to the various events held that provide a space for learning about business history and meeting BHC attendees and members. These events include an introductory breakfast held on the second day of the conference and a reception held the same evening, both of which are opportunities for new scholars to network with BHC-affiliated members with a wide range of experiences within the field. Following the conference the committee also follows up with attendees to gauge their experience in order to improve future events and to continue to expand the network of historians of business.


Robin J.C. Adams
Queen's University Belfast
1850s-1940s, Advertising and Marketing Industries, American Consumer Culture
Michael Aldous
Queen's University Belfast

Kristen Alff
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
19th century, Capitalism, gender
Erik Baker
Ph.D. candidate, Department of the History of Science, Harvard University
20th c. US., Entreprenuership, Labor History
Grace Ballor
Harvard Business School

Timothy Visel Barker
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Political Economy
Manuel Alejandro Bautista González
Doctoral Candidate in United States History at Columbia University in the City of New York, Consultant at The Winthrop Group
Money, Finance, Capitalism
Justin Bengry
McGill University

Carolyn Biltoft
Georgia State University

Alexia Blin

Jessica Borge
Visiting Fellow in Digital Humanities, School of Advanced Study
British industry (1960s), contraception, pharmaceuticals
Dylan Boynton
Northwestern University

Rachel A. Bunker
Ph.D. Student, Department of History, Rutgers University
Business History, History of Capitalism, STS
Philip D. Byers
University of Notre Dame

Alejandro E. Caceres
Lecturer of Economics and Enterprise (Venezuelan Business History) / Latin American Economic Development (Economic History) / Strategy and Structure , PhD Student History
Latin America, Oil Multinationals, Energy
Jairo Campuzano-Hoyos
Professor of Business History, Universidad EAFIT
Brokerage, The Circulation of Ideas and Technologies, Globalizing Latin America
Juan Carmona-Zabala
Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University
20th century, Agriculture, Business and Culture
Kyle B. Carpenter
Instructor of History, University of Arkansas Rich Mountain, Ph.D. candidate, Southern Methodist University
diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, Transnational history
Muwei Chen
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Lecturer, School of Japanese and International Studies
Chinese economy and business, Consumer Cultures, Creative Industries
Christian Choe
University of Georgia, Graduate Student
Transportation, infrastructure, Innovation
William Chou
Ohio State University

Tom J. Cinq-Mars
Duke University, Department of History
Energy, Socialism, State-Owned Enterprise
Hilary Claggett
Senior Acquisitions Editor, Georgetown University Press

Felipe Ford Cole
Northwestern University

Emilie Connolly
New York University

Ella Coon
Doctoral student, Columbia University
Commodity Chains
Mandy L. Cooper
Lecturer of Women's and Gender History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Business History, Legal History, 19th c. US
Erin Cully
CUNY Graduate Center

Taylor Alexandra Currie
Queen's University

John D'Amico
Yale University
Business and Economic History, East Asia, Trade
Malin Dahlström
University of Gothenburg

Ann Daly
Brown University

Anastasia Day
Hagley Scholar, University of Delaware
Environment, Agriculture, Industrialization
Paula de la Cruz-Fernández
Cultural Heritage Manager, University of Florida, Founder & Manager, Edita.us LLC
gender and enterprise, Multinational Corporations, Spain
Nathan Delaney
Case Western Reserve, Ph.D. candidate
Industrialization; Mining and Metals; Futures Markets; International Business; Modern US
Sean Delehanty
Ph.D. Candidate Johns Hopkins University
Management, Financial Economics, Business Schools
Christopher R. Deutsch
Teaching Postdoc, University of Missouri
20th c. US., 20th century, food history
Sarah Dietz
University of Bradford

Dan Du
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jérémy Ducros
University of Geneva

Claire Dunning
Harvard University
Nonprofit Organizations, Cities, the American welfare state.
Manuel Dür
University of Zurich

Andrew David Edwards
Career Development Fellow, Global History of Capitalism, University of Oxford

Chase J. Edwards
Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Business Law, Marketing, Entreprenuership
Elena Egawhary
Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

Richard Elliott
University of Illinois at Chicago

Yunis A. Esa
Independent Research

Jeannette Estruth
New York University

Brittany Farr
Sharswood Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Slavery, Contracts, Consumer protection
Joan Flores-Villalobos
Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Samuel Franklin
Doctoral Student, Brown University

Shuang Frost
Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University
Keiji Fujimura
Doctoral Student, Osaka University, Japan, Adjunct Lecturer, Kobe Gakuin University, Japan
US-Japan Business History, Auto Industry
Timothy Galpin
Assistant Director, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Business and Economic History
Israel García Solares
Center of Historical Studies, El Colegio de México

Alexi Garrett
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia
Early America, American women's history, history of gender
Valeria Giacomin
Newcomen Fellow, Harvard Business School
emerging markets; colonialism; clusters and districts; agricultural commodities; international trade; entrepreneruship
Amanda Gibson
College of William & Mary

Remi Gilardin
European University Institute

Michela Giorcelli
Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
Business Management, Management, History of technology
Judge Glock
Rutgers University

Paige Glotzer
Harvard University
urban, Transnational, Racial Capitalism
Brian R. Gold
University of Alberta
Korean, East Asian modern business history
William Goldsmith
Duke University

Kelly Goodman
Yale University

Dylan Gottlieb
Lecturer, Department of History, Princeton University

Alexandra D. Greco
Ph.D. Student, University of Georgia, Department of History

Spring Greeney
Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Visiting Dissertation Fellow, Science History Institute
19th c. US., 20th c. US., environmental history
Rachel Greenfield
Independent Scholar
American women's history, Advertising and Marketing Industries, business and consumption
Rachel Gross
University of Montana

Dan Guadagnolo
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Ryan Issa Haddad
University of Maryland
International Trade, Security, Public policy and regulation
Business History Initiative
Manager, Business History Initiative, Harvard Business School

Thomas Hajduk
University of St. Gallen

Peter E Hamilton
Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin
Business education, Chinese economy and business, Higher Education
Elizabeth Harmon
Lockwood Strategy Lab
Philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, the history of the corporation
Hunter Harris
University of Michigan

Tiina Hemminki
University of Jyväskylä

Justene Hill
Princeton University

Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Josh Hollands
Teaching Fellow in United States History, University College London

Chad Holmes
West Virginia University

Matt Hopkins
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Md Khalid Hossain
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Clint Hough
PhD Candidate, Florida International University, Faculty, Ransom Everglades School
History of Capitalism
Jordan Howell
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
20th c. US., African-American History, Capitalism
Neil Humphrey
Doctoral Student, The Ohio State University
British business, British Empire, Corporations and the Environment
Steven Hyland
Associate Professor, Wingate University
diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship, Globalizing Latin America, Immigration
Sabine Ichikawa
Shanghai Normal University

Alma Igra
PhD candidate, Columbia University
British Empire, food studies, History of Science-Medicine-Technology
Elizabeth Isenburg
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Urban Development, 19th c. US., American Consumer Culture
Bernat Ivancsics
Columbia University

Candace Jackson Gray
Morgan State University

Tanya Jurado
Lecturer Small Business and Entrepreneurship, School of Management
entrepreneurship, SMEs, Small Business
Ida Lunde Jørgensen
Assistant Professor, PhD, Copenhagen Business School
Philanthropy, Foundations, Welfare State
Trish Kahle
Postdoctoral Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
20th c. US., Capitalism, consumption
Robert P. Kaminski
University of Chicago

Lindsay M. Keiter
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation/ College of William & Mary

Devin Kennedy
Harvard University

Seung Woo Kim
Research Fellow, Graduate Institute Geneva
Money and finance
Lauren Klaffke
University of Minnesota

Anitra Komulainen
University of Helsinki

Olga Koulisis
Assistant Professor, Murray State University

Sven Kube
Florida International University
Communist Enterprise, Culture Industries and Markets, Cold War Era
Amal Kumar
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Higher Education, historical methodology
Arun Kumar
Lecturer, University of York

Enes Kurt
Research Assistant, Istinye University
cultural/intellectual history, 20th century, Management theory and history; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;
Peter Labuza
University of Southern California

Jeremy Land
Historian, Edwards-Pitman, Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Early America, Trade, International Trade
Stephen R. Leccese
Fordham University

Joyman Lee
University of Missouri St. Louis

Changkeun Lee
Associate Fellow, Korea Development Institute

Aiala Levy
PhD candidate, University of Chicago
Latin America, Brazil, urban
Jessica Ann Levy
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Virginia
Black Business, Corporate Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility
Corinna Ludwig
The Nielsen Company

Casey Lurtz
Johns Hopkins University
Latin America, Mexico, Commodities
Kira Lussier
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto, Mississauga
History of management, History of Science and Technology, Consumer Culture
Joseph Malherek
George Washingon University
History of Capitalism, American Consumer Culture, diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship
Bashar H. Malkawi
Professor of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE
WTO, Business Law, economic integration
Joseph C. Marin
Florida International University

Sarah Merritt Mass
University of Michigan

James McElroy
Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Minnesota

Fatma Derya Mentes
Ph.D. Candidate, Duke University
20th century, automation, geopolitics
Ashton W. Merck
Visiting Lecturer, Duke Kunshan University
20th century, Agriculture, Business fraud
Rachel Miller
Hench Fellow, American Antiquarian Society
19th c. US, Culture Industries and Markets
Samuel Milner
Doctoral Candidate, Yale University
Corporate organization, pricing policy, industrial-labor relations
Ishva Minefee
Iowa State University

Kenichi Miyata
Senior Assistant Professor of Business History, Meiji University
Institutional Change, Creative Industries, History of Science and Technology
Manuel Moisés Montás Betances
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

Paul Monticone
Assistant Professor, Rowan University

Kevin Moos
University of California San Francisco

Alvaro Moreno
Ph.D. Candidate, Darden School of Business
Colombian Business History
Joshua Morrison
University of Virginia

Crystal Moten
Dickinson College

Shawn Moura
Hanover Research

AJ Murphy
Columbia University

Jamieson Gordon Myles
Université de Genève

Hideki Nakamura
Tokyo University of Science, Doctor Candidate

Fayola Nicholas
DBA Candidate, Grenoble Ecole de Management
Advertising and Marketing Industries, Consumer Cultures, global brands
Joona Nikinmaa
European University Institute

Ellen Nye
PhD Candidate, Yale University
Economic History
Eric O. Oakley
Lecturer, Kennesaw Stae University
American History, Early America, Globalization
David Paulson
University of Cambridge

Nickolas Perrone
University of California, Davis
Commodities, Environment, Credit Reporting
Shannon Perry
De Montfort University, Photographic Historical Research Centre (PHRC)
business and consumption, 19th century, Commodities
Sabine Pitteloud
University of Geneva, Lecturer
Multinationals Offshoring Business-Governement Relations
Andrew Popp
Professor of History, Copenhagen Business School
family business, entrepreneurship
Natacha Postel-Vinay
London School of Economics

Anthony Pratcher II
University of Pennsylvania

Mircea Raianu
University of Maryland

Prateek Raj
PhD Candidate, University College London, Research Associate, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Early Modern Europe, Colonial India, Guilds
Scott E. Randolph
Assistant Professor of Business History and Applied Ethics, University of Redlands, Department of Business Administration, Curator, Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Collection
Transportation, regulation, Railways
Robert S. Richard
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Carolyn Roberts
Yale University

Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal
Ph.D. Candidate , School of Business and Management
Business History, Business Groups, Evolution of the Firm
Travis E. Ross
Lecturer, Department of History
Knowledge and capitalism, publishing, Higher Education
Daniel Rowe
Lecturer in American Government and Politics, Oxford University

Elizabeth Rule
Brown University

Abeer Saha
PhD Candidate, University of Virginia
20th century, Agribusiness
Franklin Sammons
Phd Student in History, UC-Berkeley

Lindsay Schakenbach Regele
Assistant Professor, Miami University
Early Republic United States, Political Economy, Diplomacy
Korinna Schönhärl
University of Duisberg-Essen

Rahima Schwenkbeck
Policy Studies Organization
Utopian Societies, Consumer Culture, Economic Development
Elizabeth Semler
University of Minnesota

Melanie Sheehan
PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Labor History, Political Economy, Business Political Activism
Sudev Sheth
University of Pennsylvania

Rui Shi
Lecturer, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
Retailing, History of Consumption, Consumer Cultures
David Shorten
Boston University

Sakari Siltala
University of Helsinki

Jordan Sjol
Duke University

Joseph Slaughter
Wesleyan University, Visiting Assistant Professor of History & Chamberlain Project Fellow in the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life
Early America, Religion, Transportation
Eugene Smith
University at Albany

Amy Sopcak-Joseph
University of Connecticut

Ole Sparenberg
University of the Saarland

Morris E. L. Speller
Johns Hopkins University

Ellan Spero
Co-Founder and Chief Curriculum Officer, Station 1, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Industrial Research, Material Culture, Higher Education
Michael Stefan
Hanover Search Group

Mark Stoddart
Northumbia University

Nicolaas Tjaart Strydom
Research assistant and PhD candidate, University of Johannesburg
History of financial infrastructure, African business history, Stock exchange history
John Sturc
University of Maryland

Christian Stutz
PhD candidate, University of Jyväskylä, Lecturer, HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich
Business History, Business Management, Corporate Social Responsibility
Gabriel Suprise
Bank of the West/BNP Paribas
Capital Markets; Technology; Ancient, emerging markets; colonialism; clusters and districts; agricultural commodities; international trade; entrepreneruship
Dru Swadener
St. Louis University

Jackson Tait
Queen's University, Teaching Fellow
Public Finance, Stock Trading and Investment, Insurance
Emilie Takayama
Postdoctoral Researcher in Business History, Harvard Business School
beauty, gender and enterprise, gender
Nixon KahjumTakor
University of Cameroon

Jesse Tarbert
Independent Scholar

Eivind Thomasson
Norges Bank

Maureen Thompson
Florida International University

David K. Thomson
Assistant Professor of History, Sacred Heart University
19th century finance
Hannah Tucker
University of Virginia

Oner Tulum
University of Ljubljana

Riina Turunen
University of Jyväskylä

Astrid Tvetenstrand
PhD Candidate, Boston University
political economy; communications; nineteenth-century, Art World, Visual Art
Stefano Ungaro
Paris School of Economics

Sean H. Vanatta
Princeton University
Public policy and regulation, Banking History, Consumer Culture
Paula Vedoveli
Assistant Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas

Saša Vejzagić
PhD researcher, European University Institute
Business and social history of socialist systems
Christoph Viebig
PhD Fellow, Copenhagen Business School
Entreprenuership, Entrepreneurial History
Stephanie Michelle Vincent
Kent State University
Business Management, Advertising and Marketing Industries, Trade Associations
Joseph Wallace
The Johns Hopkins University

Fei-Hsien Wang
University of Cambridge

Michael Weatherburn
Imperial College London

Peter Wegenschimmel
Ph.D. candidate, University of Regensburg

Jason Weixelbaum
American University

Rikard Westerberg
Ph.D student, Institute for Economic and Business History Research, Stockholm School of Economics
Business Political Activism, Business-Government Relations, Lobbying
Kyle Edward Williams
Rutgers University

Sarah Winsberg
University of Pennsylvania

Nicholas D Wong
Newcastle University

Claire Wright
Research Fellow, Macquarie University
20th century, Business and Culture, Business and Economic History
Jacqueline J Wukich
PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University
Accounting, financial regulation
Robert Yee
Princeton University
Financial history, Banking History, 20th century
Melih Yeşilbağ

Zhaojin Zeng
Faculty member, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh
Business and Economic History, East Asia, China
Meng Zhang
Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Business and Economic History, China, Digital Humanities
Zhu Zhang
Pre-doctoral fellow, Stanford University, Ph.D. Candidate, Tulane University
Chinese economy and business
Eric Zimmer
Vantage Point Historical Services