Officers and Trustees (Current)


Term of Service
Edward Balleisen, Duke University 2019 to 2020


Term of Service
Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow 2019 to 2020

Past President

Term of Service
Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York 2019 to 2020


Term of Service
Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool Management School 2018 to 2022

Board of Trustees

Term of Service
Christy Ford Chapin, Department of History, University of Maryland Baltimore County 2017 to 2020
Peter A. Coclanis, University of North Carolina 2018 to 2021
Paloma Fernandez-Perez, Department of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona 2017 to 2020
Anne Fleming, Professor of Law, Georgetown University 2018 to 2021
Eric S. Hintz, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, Smithsonian Institution 2017 to 2020
Ai Hisano, Kyoto University 2019 to 2022
Susie J. Pak, Department of History, St. John's University 2017 to 2020
Laura Phillips Sawyer, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School 2018 to 2021
Heidi Tworek, University of British Columbia 2019 to 2022
Benjamin Waterhouse, Associate Professor of History and Grauer Scholar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2019 to 2022
Alexia Yates, University of Manchester 2018 to 2021
Madeleine Zelin, Department of History, Columbia University 2019 to 2022

Past-President on Board

Term of Service
Mary O'Sullivan, Paul Bairoch Institute of Economic History, University of Geneva 2019 to 2020