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Araceli Alvarado Almaraz, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Entrepreneurial families, Business History, History of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurial History
Francesca Russello Ammon, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Cities, Planning, Architecture
Erik Baker, Ph.D. candidate, Department of the History of Science, Harvard University
20th c. US., Entreprenuership, Labor History, Management History
Dalit Baranoff, Independent Scholar, Fellow: Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and the Study of Business Enterprise. The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Professor of Business History and Bank Management, Bangor University (Wales)
Banking History, retail payments (cashless; credit cards), automation, history of computers, Latin America (Mexico), history of management thought
Manuel Alejandro Bautista González, Doctoral Candidate in United States History at Columbia University in the City of New York, Consultant at The Winthrop Group
Money, Finance, Capitalism, Slavery, United States, Mexico
Laurent Béduneau-Wang, Postdoc, HEC Montreal
Business-Government Relations
Gavin Benke, Boston University
Business and Culture, Corporations and the Environment, Energy, Financial Services
Peter Bent, Assistant Professor, American University of Paris
Jennifer C. Boettcher, Business Librarian, Georgetown University, Business Librarian, Texas A&M University
Phillip G. Bradford, Associate Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT, USA
History of Science and Technology, Technology, Technology and Business
Emily Buchnea, Newcastle Business School
Stephen W. Campbell, Lecturer, Cal Poly Pomona
Banks, Political Economy
Sergio Castellanos-Gamboa, PhD Candidate at Bangor Univeristy
Financial history, Economic History, Consumer Credit
Mandy L. Cooper, Lecturer of Women's and Gender History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jonathan Coopersmith, Professor, Dept. of History, Texas A&M University
failure, History of technology, information
Juan-Santiago Correa, Professor, CESA Business School
Anastasia Day, Hagley Scholar, University of Delaware
Environment, Agriculture, Industrialization, Mid-Century Corporation, World War II, Food, Consumer Cultures
Paula de la Cruz-Fernández, Digital Archivist and Cultural Heritage Manager, University of Florida, Founder and manager, LLC, Secretary, Business History Group LLC
gender and enterprise
Stephanie Decker, Aston Business School
sub-Saharan Africa, multinational companies, historical theory, historical methodology, organization studies, international business & strategy
Bill Demarest, Stony Brook University
Colombia, Latin America, Transnational Consumer Culture, Consumer Space
Pat Denault, Retired, BHC; Harvard University
Historical editing, digital scholarship
Christopher R. Deutsch, Teaching Postdoc, University of Missouri
20th c. US., 20th century, food history, History of Consumption, history of gender, political history
Anne Fleming, Professor of Law, Georgetown University
Consumer Credit, Commercial Law, bankruptcy, Fringe Lending, Contracts, Poverty
Robert Fredona, Marie Curie Fellow, The York Management School, University of York
Capitalism, Commercial Law, cultural/intellectual history
Alexi Garrett, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Virginia
Early America, American women's history, history of gender, Slavery, Southern U.S., History of Industrial Research
Shennette Garrett-Scott, University of Mississippi
Mihajla Gavin, Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
Eric Godelier, Professor of Management, Corporate History and Business Anthropology, Ecole Polytechnique, Humanities and Social Sciences department, Ecole Polytechnique , Interdisciplinary research Center on Humanities and Social Sciences, Ecole
Corporate culture, Managerial Elites, General Business History
Aurora, Gómez-Galvarriato, Professor, El Colegio de México
Latin America, Networks, Crony Capitalism, Banks, Globalization
Jade Halbert, Lecturer in Fashion Business and Cultural Studies, University of Huddersfield
Culture Industries and Markets, Entrepreneurial families, Fashion and Textiles, Manufacturing, Retailing
Shane Hamilton, The York Management School, University of York
Transportation, Agriculture, Risk, Insurance, Capitalism, Technology, Supermarkets, Labor, Agribusiness
Bradley Hansen, University of Mary Washington
bankruptcy, Finance, Institutional Change, law
Nikitas E. Hatzimihail, Associate Professor, University of Cyprus
Business Law, Commercial Law, international trade law, law
David M. Higgins, Newcastle University
Eric S. Hintz, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, Smithsonian Institution
invention, Innovation, R&D, History of Science and Technology, Business History
Keith Hollingsworth, Professor of Management, Morehouse College
Black Business
Vicki Howard, University of Essex, Lecturer, Department of History, Journal Co-editor, "History of Retailing and Consumption" (Routledge)
Retailing, Consumer Culture, gender, food studies, policy
Steven Hyland, Associate Professor, Wingate University
diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship, Globalizing Latin America, Immigration, Latin America
Marrisa Joseph, University of Reading
Trish Kahle, Postdoctoral Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
20th c. US., Capitalism, consumption, Energy, environmental history, Labor
Aparna Kapadia, Williams College, Associate Professor
Business History, urban history
David Kirsch, University of Maryland
Joseph Lane, London School of Economics
Jessica Ann Levy, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Virginia
Black Business, Corporate Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Multinational Corporations, Race, Urban Development
Kira Lussier, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto, Mississauga
History of management, History of Science and Technology, Consumer Culture
Joseph Malherek, George Washingon University
History of Capitalism, American Consumer Culture, diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship
Aaron W. Marrs, Historian, U.S. Department of State
James McElroy, Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Minnesota
Ashton W. Merck, PhD Candidate, Duke University
20th century, Agriculture, Business fraud, Consumer protection, Regulatory policy, Trade, United States
Stephen Mihm, Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia
Peter Miskell, Henley Business School, University of Reading
Ghassan Moazzin, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
19th century finance
Marina Moskowitz, Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg Chair in Textiles, Material Culture, and Design, Professor Design Studies Department, University of Wisconsin
material and visual culture, landscape and the built environment, business and consumption, constructions of the middle class
Dr. Laurence B. Mussio, Co-Founder, Long Run Initiative (LRI), Special Advisor, Office of the CEO, BMO Financial Group, Lecturer, Schulich School of Business, York University
Banking, Financial Institutions, Insurance, regulation, Reputation, Technology
Lucy Newton, Henley Business School, University of Reading
Banking History
Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool Management School
British business, 19th century
Natacha Postel-Vinay, London School of Economics
Devon Powers, Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, Temple University
American Consumer Culture
Richard Tyler Priest, Associate Professor, University of Iowa
Energy, environmental history, History of Capitalism, Maritime industry, offshore oil, Oil Industry, pipelines
Travis E. Ross, Lecturer, Department of History, Yale University
Knowledge and capitalism, publishing, Higher Education
Andrea Schneider-Braunberger, Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte
Andrew David Allan Smith, University of Liverpool
Abby Spinak, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design
20th century, American Economic History, Capitalism, Energy, environmental history
Jane Shaw Stroup, Graduate student, North Carolina State University
Education, Business and Economic History
Jesse Tarbert, Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Loyola University Maryland
Kevin D. Tennent, York Management School
Sean H. Vanatta, Princeton University
Public policy and regulation, Banking History, Consumer Culture
Paula Vedoveli, Assistant Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas
Benjamin Waterhouse, Associate Professor of History and Grauer Scholar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Business-Government Relations, Lobbying, Business Political Activism, Trade Associations, Small Business
Claire Wright, Research Fellow, Macquarie University
20th century, Business and Culture, Business and Economic History, Business Groups, Networks
JoAnne Yates, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Managment
Alexia Yates, University of Manchester
Robert Yee, Princeton University
Financial history, Banking History, 20th century