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Blessy Abraham
University of Delhi
Colonial India, Economic and Business History, Tariffs, History of Capitalism, Industry, cultural/intellectual history
Marc Christopher Adam
Policy Officer, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
American Economic History, History of Capitalism, Financial history, central banking, Economic History
Sean Patrick Adams
Blank Profile Picture
Professor, University of Florida
19th century, Energy, Industrialization
Tamuno-opubo Addah Temple
Student, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, Osun State
publishing, Sport & Business, International Development, women's leadership development, Multinationals Offshoring Business-Governement Relations, Digital Humanities, history of advertising and consumer culture, Business and Culture, Entreprenuership, family business
Araceli Almaraz Alvarado
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Professor
Entrepreneurial families, Business History, History of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurial History, family business
Francesca Russello Ammon
Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Cities, Planning, Architecture
Bench Ansfield
Harvard University
urban history, Racial Capitalism, African-American History, History of Capitalism
Melissa Aronczyk
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Associate Professor, Media Studies, Rutgers University
Corporate culture
Débora Ascencio
Ph.D Fellow, National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Argentina), Ph.D. Candidate, University of Buenos Aires, Associate Proffesor, University of Buenos Aires
Economic History, State-Owned Enterprise
Jennifer Aston
Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University
ATSE Martial
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Felix Houphouet-Boigny University of Abidjan-Cocody, Ivory Coast, General Coordinator of African Network of Young Researchers, Pan-African University
African business history, Economic History, political economy and social responsibility.
Shaukat Ayaz
Visiting Scholar at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign , Lecturer of Marketing Iqra National University Peshawar Pakistan.
Bruce E. Baker
Reader in American History, Newcastle University
Commodities, History of Economic Crime, White Collar Crime, 19th c. US, Informal Economics
Erik Baker
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Harvard University
20th c. US., Entreprenuership, Labor History, Management History
Dalit Baranoff
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Independent Scholar, Fellow: Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and the Study of Business Enterprise. The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Bryant K. Barnes
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University of Georgia
Capitalism, Political Economy, political history, Racial Capitalism, Southern U.S., Railways, Corporate Politics
Tracy Barnett
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University of Georgia
Kyle Barnett
Associate Professor of Media Studies, Bellarmine University
media, Media Industries, cultural history, music, Material Culture
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
Professor of FinTech History and Global Trade, Northumbria University , Universidad Anáhuac México
retail payments (cashless; credit cards), automation, history of computers, Latin America (Mexico), history of management thought
Manuel Alejandro Bautista González
Doctoral Candidate in United States History at Columbia University in the City of New York
Money, Finance, Capitalism, Slavery, United States, Mexico
Laurent Béduneau-Wang
Assistant Professor, Africa Business School, University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (Rabat, Morocco), Associate Researcher, UMR G-EAU (Montpellier, France)
Business-Government Relations, Business Schools
Donica Belisle
University of Regina
supply chains and globalization, Global Histroy, Transnational history, Agriculture, Advertising and Marketing Industries, Capitalism, Racial Capitalism, Political Economy, Consumer Culture, retail history
Gavin Benke
Boston University
Business and Culture, Corporations and the Environment, Energy, Financial Services
Peter H. Bent
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Assistant Professor, Trinity College
Katherine Benton-Cohen
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Professor of history, Georgetown University
American women's history, Immigration, Capitalism, Borderlands, Philanthropy
Sean Bigley
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Early Sullivan Wright Gizer and McRae LLP
Jennifer Black
Associate Professor of History and Government, Misericordia University (2020-current), Assistant Professor of History and Government, Misericordia University (2014-2020)
history of advertising and consumer culture, material and visual culture, cultural history, 19th c. US, Consumer Culture, Business fraud
Jennifer C. Boettcher
Business Librarian, Georgetown University, Business Librarian, Texas A&M University
Mark S. Bonham
Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto
Financial Economics, Business History
Kendra D. Boyd
Assistant Professor of History, Rutgers University-Camden
United States History, African-American History, Business History, urban history, Capitalism
Paolo Bozzi
Blank Profile Picture
Ph.D. candidate, Humboldt University of Berlin
History of Capitalism
Phillip G. Bradford
Associate Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT, USA
History of Science and Technology, Technology, Technology and Business
Carlos Andres Brando
Blank Profile Picture
Adjunct Lecturer, Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA)
Business and Economic History, Banking, Political Economy, Latin America
Jordan Buchanan
University of California, San Diego
Latin America, Networks, Economic and Business History, Economic History, Globalizing Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, International Trade
Emily Buchnea
Blank Profile Picture
Newcastle Business School
Andrew D Burns
Doctoral Researcher, University of Edinburgh Business School
Yeniffer Alexandra Camargo Bonilla
Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Agriculture, Business and Economic History, Transportation
Stephen W. Campbell
Lecturer, Cal Poly Pomona
Banks, Political Economy
Jairo Campuzano-Hoyos
Professor of Business History, Universidad EAFIT
Colombian Business History, The Circulation of Ideas and Technologies, Globalizing Latin America, Business and Culture, 1850s-1940s, institutions, Executive education, International Expositions., Industrialization
Kerry Carmichael
Blank Profile Picture
DProf Candidate, Shenandoah University
History of U.S. Entrepreneurship, African-American History, Entrepreneurism, 20th c. US., 19th c. US, Business History, gender and work
Kyle B. Carpenter
Instructor of History, University of Arkansas Rich Mountain, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, Transnational history, Transatlantic History, Borderlands
José Manuel Carrasco Weston
Asistente de Investigación del Centro de Investigacion de la Universidad del Pacífico, Candidato a Magister
Latin American business history, Business and Economic History
Christina Carrick
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Princeton University
Christopher J. Castaneda
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California State University, Sacramento
Sergio Castellanos-Gamboa
Bangor Univeristy
Financial history, Economic History, Consumer Credit
Israel Cedillo Lazcano
Full-Time Lecturer Researcher, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP).
Legal History, financial regulation, History of Money, Money
Marcia Chatelain
Professor, Georgetown University
Black Business
Tao Chen
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Associate Professor, Tongji University
Aaron L Chin
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University of New Hampshire
19th c. US, Political Economy, History of Money, central banking, Banking
Hilary Claggett
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Senior Acquisitions Editor, Georgetown University Press
Jessica P. Clark
Brock University
Modern Britain, consumption, beauty, urban space, gender and enterprise
Duncan Connors
University of Winchester Business School
State-Owned Enterprise, Energy, Deindustrialization, historical theory, history of management thought, 20th century, Modern Britain, United States History, US-Japan Business History, British industry (1960s)
Mandy L. Cooper
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Business History, Legal History, 19th c. US, American women's history, Slavery, emotions, political history, cultural history, Business-Government Relations, family business
Jonathan Coopersmith
Professor, Dept. of History, Texas A&M University
failure, History of technology, information
Chris Corker
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University of York
Industrial clusters
Juan-Santiago Correa
Professor, CESA Business School
Joao Rafael Cunha
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Lecturer, University of St Andrews
financial regulation, Finance, Financial Economics, Financial history, Financial Institutions, Financial Services, Banking, Banks, Money and finance, central banking
John D'Amico
Yale University
Business and Economic History, East Asia, Trade, Early Modern Europe
Susmita Das
University of Illinois
History of Capitalism, history of advertising and consumer culture, post-1945 US, Business and social history of socialist systems, Culture Industries and Markets, Transnational history, Multinational Corporations, Business History, Communication, Political Economy
Jessica Dauterive
PhD Candidate, George Mason University
20th c. US., cultural history, music, Southern U.S.
Anastasia Day
Hagley Scholar, University of Delaware
Environment, Agriculture, Industrialization, Mid-Century Corporation, World War II, Food, Consumer Cultures
Paula de la Cruz-Fernández
Digital editor and Assoc. Director, Inquire Capitalism Program, University of Florida, Web editor, Business History Conference
gender and enterprise, Multinational Corporations, Spain, Latin America (Mexico)
Stephanie Decker
Professor of Strategy & International Business, Birmingham Business School
sub-Saharan Africa, multinational companies, historical theory, historical methodology, organization studies, international business & strategy
Brayan Delgado Muñoz
Blank Profile Picture
Universidad Javeriana
Historia empresarial, Historia económica
Bill Demarest
Stony Brook University
Colombia, Latin America, Transnational Consumer Culture, Consumer Space
Pat Denault
Retired, BHC; Harvard University
Historical editing, digital scholarship
Christopher R. Deutsch
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Teaching Postdoc, University of Missouri
20th c. US., 20th century, food history, History of Consumption, history of gender, political history
Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez
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University of Minho
Economic History, Trade, State Formation, Interstate commerce, Welfare State, Early Modern Europe, Early America
Zachary Dorner
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Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
Colleen Dunlavy
Professor emerita of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Political Economy, Corporate Governance, Corporate organization, Commodities, Business and Economic History, History of Capitalism, History of technology
Megan Elias
Boston University
Food, gender
Luise Elsaesser
Blank Profile Picture
European University Institute
Economic and Business History, Business and Culture, 19th century, History of Consumption, Political Economy
María Fernanda Erazo Obando
Candidata a Doctora en Historia y Estudios Regionales, Becaria Conacyt, Universidad Veracruzana
Historia empresarial, History of Industrial Research, Networks, Historia económica, Latin American business history, Business and Economic History, History of Entrepreneurship
Jonah Estess
American University
Political Economy, History of Capitalism, History of Money, Money and finance, State Formation, Early Republic United States, United States History
Giovanni Favero
Professor of Business History, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Venice School of Management
historical methodology, uses of the past, History of Capitalism, Management theory and history; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, Accounting
Anne Fleming
Consumer Credit, Commercial Law, bankruptcy, Fringe Lending, Contracts, Poverty
Robert Fredona
Blank Profile Picture
University of York
Capitalism, Commercial Law, cultural/intellectual history
Adam K. Frost
Postdoctoral Fellow Copenhagen Business School
History of Capitalism, Modern China, Entreprenuership, Informal Economics
Johnny Fulfer
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Ph.D. student, Indiana University
Alexi Garrett
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Thomas Paine Studies (Iona College)
Early America, Early Republic United States, American women's history, gender and enterprise, history of gender, Slavery
Shennette Garrett-Scott
Texas A&M University
Mihajla Gavin
Blank Profile Picture
Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
Marlene Gaynair
Washington State University
Transatlantic History, 20th century, Black Business, Immigration, food history, 20th c. US., American Consumer Culture, Popular Culture, urban history, diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship
federico ghibaudo
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Economic Development
Valeria Giacomin
Assistant Professor, Bocconi University
Global Histroy, Entrepreneurial History, Industrial clusters, International Business, Agribusiness, Philanthropy
Mark R Gibb
University of Georgia
19th c. US, History of Capitalism, History of Beer and Brewing, Small Business, the history of the corporation, Industrialization, Urban Development, Immigration
Ewan Gibbs
Lecturer in Global Inequalities, University of Glasgow
Deindustrialization, labour history, industrial-labor relations, Energy, Foreign Direct Investment, multinationals, offshore oil
Paige Glotzer
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor and John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Chair in the History of Politics, Institutions, and Political Economy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
urban, Transnational, Racial Capitalism, Housing, Politics, Professionalization
Eric Godelier
Professor of Management, Corporate History and Business Anthropology, Ecole Polytechnique, Humanities and Social Sciences department, Ecole Polytechnique , Interdisciplinary research Center on Humanities and Social Sciences, Ecole
@EricGodelier ‏
Corporate culture, Managerial Elites, General Business History
Eun Sun Godwin
Blank Profile Picture
Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Wolverhampton, UK
Auto Industry, British industry (1960s), Business and Culture, Business and Economic History, African business history, Business History, Corporate culture, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility
Marcus Golding
University of Texas
Latin American business history
Aurora, Gómez-Galvarriato
Professor, El Colegio de México
Latin America, Networks, Crony Capitalism, Banks, Globalization
Dylan Gottlieb
Assistant Professor, History, Bentley University, NEH-Hagley Fellowship in Business, Culture and Society, Hagley Center
United States, Twentieth Century, Consumer Culture, Labor History, Financial history
Joanna Grisinger
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor of Instruction, Center for Legal Studies, Northwestern University
regulation, Public policy and regulation, Transportation
Carlos Abel Gutierrez
Profesor titular-regular, Historia Argentina S XIX. Facultad de Humanidades y Cs Sociales, Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM), Profesor titular-regular, Historia Económica Mundial. Facultad de Cs Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM), Doctorando, Facultad de Humanidades y Cs de la Educación, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)
Catharina Haensel
PhD Student, Georg-August University of Göttingen , PhD Student, Scuola Normale Superiore
Jade Halbert
Lecturer in Fashion Business and Cultural Studies, University of Huddersfield
Culture Industries and Markets, Entrepreneurial families, Fashion and Textiles, Manufacturing, Retailing
Andrew Hall
Shane Hamilton
University of York Management School
Transportation, Agriculture, Risk, Insurance, Capitalism, Technology, Supermarkets, Labor, Agribusiness
Tim Hannigan
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Institutional Change
Bradley Hansen
Blank Profile Picture
Professor, University of Mary Washington
bankruptcy, Finance, Institutional Change, law
Gregory A. Hargreaves
Program Officer, Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley Museum and Library
Environment, Technology, Capitalism
Erin Hatton
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, University at Buffalo
Nikitas E. Hatzimihail
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, University of Cyprus
Business Law, Commercial Law, international trade law, law
Liane Hewitt
Princeton University
antimonopoly, European Common Market, Corporate Governance, Economic and Business History, Planning, Public policy and regulation
David M. Higgins
Blank Profile Picture
Newcastle University
Eric S. Hintz
Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, Smithsonian Institution
invention, Innovation, R&D, History of Science and Technology, Business History
Josh Hollands
Blank Profile Picture
Teaching Fellow in United States History, University College London
Keith Hollingsworth
Professor of Management, Morehouse College
Black Business
Vicki Howard
University of Essex, Visiting Fellow, Department of History, Journal Co-editor, "History of Retailing and Consumption" (Routledge)
Retailing, Consumer Culture, gender, policy
Vilja Hulden
Instructor, University of Colorado Boulder
Labor History, Business-Government Relations, Lobbying
Steven Hyland
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Associate Professor, Wingate University
diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship, Globalizing Latin America, Immigration, Latin America
Lizzie Ingleson
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Postdoctoral fellow, Southern Methodist University
Ola Innset
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Postdoctoral researcher, BI Norwegian Business School
State-Owned Enterprise, Economic and Business History, neoliberalism
Stephanie Jacobe
Blank Profile Picture
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Maryland Global Campus
19th c. US, 19th century finance, Social and Cultural, Business History
Conrad Jacober
Blank Profile Picture
Johns Hopkins University
History of Capitalism, Banks, Banking, Money, Money and finance, Finance, Financial history, financial regulation, Consumer Credit, Credit Reporting
Sonia Jaimes-Penaloza
Adjunct Professor, Universidad Icesi, Ph. D. Candidate at Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar
Marrisa Joseph
Blank Profile Picture
University of Reading
Trish Kahle
Blank Profile Picture
Postdoctoral Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
20th c. US., Capitalism, consumption, Energy, environmental history, Labor
Aparna Kapadia
Blank Profile Picture
Williams College, Associate Professor
Business History, urban history
Lindsay M. Keiter
Assistant Professor, Penn State Altoona, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation/ College of William & Mary
history of gender, American women's history, family business
Bill Kelson
PhD candidate, University of Georgia , Fulbright-Hays fellow, Taiwan
History of Capitalism, Modern China, Financial history, International Trade, East Asia, Banking
Shawna Kidman
Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego
Media Industries, History of Capitalism, antimonopoly, Black Business, Nonprofit Organizations, Financial Institutions, Corporate organization, Small Business
David Kirsch
Blank Profile Picture
University of Maryland
Wilfried Kisling
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, WU Vienna, Associate Researcher, University of Oxford
19th century finance, Microfinance, Banking, Financial history, Financial Institutions, History of financial infrastructure, International Trade
Samuel Klebaner
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, University Sorbonne Paris Nord
Market Regulation, Auto Industry, Regulatory policy, European Common Market
Rebecca Kobrin
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, Columbia University
Religion, family business
Santhilata Kuppili Venkata
Digital Archiving Researcher, The National Archives, United Kingdom
Digital Humanities, Business History
Enes Kurt
Blank Profile Picture
Research Assistant, Istinye University
cultural/intellectual history, 20th century, Management theory and history; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, Business Management, Defence Industries
Jeremy Land
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki
Early America, Trade, International Trade, International Business, Transatlantic History, Financial history, central banking
Joe Lane
Assistant Professor, Henley Business School, University of Reading
Innovation, Industrial clusters, History of technology, Business and Economic History, Manufacturing, Networks, Strategy
Jessica Ann Levy
Assistant Professor, Purchase College, SUNY
Black Business, Corporate Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Multinational Corporations, Race, Urban Development
Benjamin D. Lisle
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, Colby College
Jaime E. Londoño-M.
Blank Profile Picture
Profesor, Universidad Icesi
History of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economic History, Business and social history of socialist systems, Women, Sport & Business
Terri Lonier
CEO, Make International, Founder, Authority By Design
Universidad Anáhuac de México
Financial history, Globalization, financial regulation, General Business History, gender and enterprise
Miguel A. López-Morell
Associate Professor, Universidad de Murcia
Banking, Foreign Direct Investment, Business History
Jose Joaquín Luque-García
Student, Universidad de Mála
Natural Gas, History of Industrial Research
Karin Lurvink
Postdoc researcher VU Amsterdam, Investment Risk Manager and Researcher PGGM Investments
Kira Lussier
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto, Mississauga
History of management, History of Science and Technology, Consumer Culture
Professor Mairi Maclean
Professor of International Business, University of Bath
historical theory, historical methodology, international business & strategy
Andrea R. Maestrejuan
Associate Professor of History, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Innovation, invention, History of Science and Technology
Joseph Anthony Maiolo
Professor of International History, Department of War Studies, King's College London
Joseph Malherek
George Washingon University
History of Capitalism, American Consumer Culture, diaspora and immigrant entrepreneurship
Alina Marktanner
Postdoc, RWTH Aachen University
consulting, Public Finance, Business-Government Relations, History of Science and Technology, Management History, labour history, Professional Firms, political history
Aaron W. Marrs
Blank Profile Picture
Historian, U.S. Department of State
Susana Martinez-Rodriguez
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, University of Murcia
Business History, Business Law, gender and enterprise
Sheena Mason
Assistant Professor at Suny Oneonta, President of Theory of Racelessness, PH.d
African-American History
James McElroy
Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Minnesota
Ashton W. Merck
Postdoctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University, Non-Resident Affiliate, Duke Center on Risk
20th century, Agriculture, Business fraud, Consumer protection, Regulatory policy, Trade, United States, Public policy and regulation
Stephen Mihm
Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia
Peter Miskell
Henley Business School, University of Reading
Ghassan Moazzin
Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
19th century finance, Chinese economy and business, East Asian modern business history, Financial history, History of technology, China
Shazwan Mokhtar
Blank Profile Picture
National University of Malaysia
Trade, Banks, Commodities, Interstate commerce, 20th century, British Empire, Agriculture, Business and Economic History, environmental history, food history
Marina Moskowitz
Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg Chair in Textiles, Material Culture, and Design, Professor Design Studies Department, University of Wisconsin
material and visual culture, landscape and the built environment, business and consumption, constructions of the middle class
Dr. Laurence B. Mussio
Co-Founder, Long Run Initiative (LRI), Special Advisor, Office of the CEO, BMO Financial Group, Lecturer, Schulich School of Business, York University
Banking, Financial Institutions, Insurance, regulation, Reputation, Technology
Christian P. Naranjo Navas
Research Professor, Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
Latin America
PJ Neal
Global Head of Knowledge and Operations, Board & CEO Advisory, Russell Reynolds Associates
Leighann C. Neilson, Ph.D.
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, Carleton University
business and consumption, Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Industries, Management theory and history; Leadership; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;
Lucy Newton
Blank Profile Picture
Henley Business School, University of Reading
Edda Nicolson
Blank Profile Picture
University of Wolverhampton
Organizations, Industrial clusters, industrial-labor relations, emotions, Business History, 20th century
Christoph G Nitschke
Blank Profile Picture
Research Fellow, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford
U.S. international history, Financial history, Stock Trading and Investment, Diplomacy
Adam Nix
Blank Profile Picture
Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Digital Humanities
Franklin Noll
President, Noll Historical Consulting, LLC
US Public Debt, Treasury Securities, Civil War Finance, History of Money
Pål Nygaard
Associate Professor, BI Norwegian Business School
Jessica Ogden
Blank Profile Picture
Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol
Oyewole Oyewumi
Doctorate degree, Obafemi Awolowo University
History of Science and Technology, History of Science-Medicine-Technology
Elcemir Paço Cunha
Federal University of Juiz de Fora
History of management, history of management thought, Political Economy
David Paulson
Queen's University Belfast, Professor of Practice, Queen's Management School
family business, SMEs, Management, International Business
Andrew Perchard
Professor and Head of Management Research Centre, University of Wolverhampton
Bruno Perez Almansi
Researcher, CONICET
Auto Industry, Economic Development, International Trade
Jason Petrulis
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong
David Pinzur
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science
Management theory and history; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, Industrialization; Mining and Metals; Futures Markets; International Business; Modern US, History of financial infrastructure
Andrew Popp
Professor of History, Copenhagen Business School
family business, entrepreneurship
Natacha Postel-Vinay
London School of Economics
Veronique Pouillard
Blank Profile Picture
Professor, University of Oslo
Business History, History of Capitalism, copyright law, Female Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Textiles, Advertising and Marketing Industries, 20th c. US., African business history
Devon Powers
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, Temple University
American Consumer Culture
Richard Tyler Priest
Associate Professor, University of Iowa
Energy, environmental history, History of Capitalism, Maritime industry, offshore oil, Oil Industry, pipelines
Fabian Prieto Ñañez
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
entrepreneurship, History of technology, Globalizing Latin America, media, history of computers
Sarah Quinn
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, University of Washington
Finance, Housing, American History, Political Economy, Politics
Mario Raccanello
Professor of Economic History, Interdisciplinary Institute of Political Economy of Buenos Aires
Business History, Industrialization, Economic Development
Mario Raccanello
Professor of Economic History, Interdisciplinary Institute of Political Economy of Buenos Aires
Economic Development, Business History, Industrialization
María J. Ramírez Magallón
Blank Profile Picture
Divulgadora independiente
Historia económica, political history, 19th century, 20th century
Scott E. Randolph
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration & Management, University of Redlands, Chair, Department of Business Administration & Management, University of Redlands, Curator of the Collection, Erie Lackawanna Railroad Historical Society Collection
Transportation, regulation, Railways, Network Efficiency, Trade Organizations, Regulatory policy, Interstate commerce, Commodity Chains, Banking
Erika Rappaport
University of California, Santa Barbara, Professor of History
Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Industries, Transnational Consumer Culture, British Empire, Racial Capitalism, history of gender
Erik Rau
Blank Profile Picture
Director, Library Services, Hagley Museum and Library
Ronny Regev
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Kenneth Reilly
Blank Profile Picture
Graduate Student, University of Western Ontario
environmental history, History of technology
Clifton Reinhardt
Neurosurgery Residency, OhioHealth Grant Medical Center
Blank Profile Picture
PhD candidate, Rutgers University
Linda L. Ridley
City University of New York, Hostos Community College, St. John's University School of Education, Edgar J. Ridley & Associates
Racial Capitalism, Corporate culture, Culture Industries and Markets, Business and Culture, Economic and Business History, Management theory and history; Leadership; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, history of management thought, Business education, Institutional Change, African business history
Jesse Ritner
University of Texas, Austin
History of Science and Technology, 20th c. US., American History, Commodities, Corporations and the Environment, Environment, environmental history, landscape and the built environment
Erica Robles-Anderson
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, New York University
Religion, media, history of computers, gender, Education
Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal
Lecturer (Profesora Tiempo Completo), Departamento Académico de Humanidades, Universidad del Pacífico (Perú)
Business History, Business Groups, Evolution of the Firm, entrepreneurship, Latin America
Travis E. Ross
Lecturer, Department of History, Yale University
Knowledge and capitalism, publishing, Higher Education
Alex Royt
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Banking, central banking, Finance, Firms
Vasily Rusanov
Blank Profile Picture
New York University
19th c. US, Education, Immigration, Public Finance
Marco Antonio Samaniego Lòpez
doctor en Historia por el Centro de Estudios Historicos de El Colegio de Mèxico. , Universidad Autònoma de Baja California
@Marco Antonio
Borderlands, Latin America (Mexico), American Economic History
Brian R Sarginger
University of Maryland
Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, United States History, the history of the corporation
M. R. Sauter
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Finance, History of Capitalism, History of technology, Innovation, neoliberalism, STS, industrial-labor relations, the history of the corporation, media, Twentieth Century
Selim Can Sazak
Brown University
Defence Industries, Networks, Political Economy, Energy, Business-Government Relations, Multinational Corporations
Andrea Schneider-Braunberger
Blank Profile Picture
Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte
Jaclyn N. Schultz
Assistant Professor, Bellevue College
19th c. US, Racial Capitalism, history of advertising and consumer culture, material and visual culture, Education
S Subramanian
Blank Profile Picture
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Strategy, Corporate Governance, Colonial India
Andrew Simpson
Blank Profile Picture
Duquesne University, Assistant Professor
Shadrick Andrew Small
Blank Profile Picture
University of California-Berkeley
Culture Industries and Markets, Economic History, Race
Andrew David Allan Smith
University of Liverpool
Cemil Ozan Soydemir
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University
Business History, Labor History
Chelsea Spencer
Blank Profile Picture
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Abby Spinak
Blank Profile Picture
Harvard Graduate School of Design
20th century, American Economic History, Capitalism, Energy, environmental history
Liat Spiro
Blank Profile Picture
Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
Labor History, History of technology, Trade, infrastructure, 19th century, Economic Development
Siddharth Sridhar
University of Toronto
History of Capitalism, Racial Capitalism, History of management, Labor History, Colonial India, Commodities
Jane Shaw Stroup
Graduate student, North Carolina State University
Education, Business and Economic History
Jesse Tarbert
Independent Scholar
Kevin D. Tennent
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University of York
Philip Thai
Associate Professor of History, Northeastern University
Modern China, East Asia, Legal History, Economic and Business History, Cold War history, Smuggling, State Formation, Diplomacy
Kim Todt
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History Lecturer
Early America
C. Lloyd Tomlinson
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West Virginia University
Business History
Hannah Knox Tucker
Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Early American Economy and Society, Library Company
Oner Tulum
Senior Researcher, The Academic-Industry Research Network (theAIRnet), Research Affiliate, The William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics & Finance at the Watson Institute, Brown University
pharmaceuticals, Innovation, Technology and Business, Technological Change, Management theory and history; Leadership; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, Evolution of the Firm, historical methodology
Chinmay Tumbe
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Business and Economic History, urban history, Colonial India
Astrid Tvetenstrand
PhD Candidate, Boston University
political economy; communications; nineteenth-century, Art World, Visual Art, Art management
Heidi Tworek
University of British Columbia
Astrid Van den Bossche
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Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Advertising, 20th century, American Consumer Culture, American women's history, Consumer Culture, Digital Humanities, digital scholarship, Material Culture
Sean H. Vanatta
University of Glasgow
Public policy and regulation, Consumer Culture
Paula Vedoveli
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Assistant Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas
Roberto Velez Grajales
Economic History, Economic Development
Gertjan Verdickt
Assistant Professor of Finance, KU Leuven
Corporate Governance, Insurance, Economic History, Financial Economics
Javier Vidal
Professor Economic and Business History, University of Alicante, Spain. Deputy Director Institute of Latin American Social Studies
Economic and Business History, Latin American business history, Transportation, entrepreneurship, Railways, family business
Benjamin Waterhouse
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Business-Government Relations, Lobbying, Business Political Activism, Trade Associations, Small Business
Nicole Welk-Joerger, PhD
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, North Carolina State University
John Wendt
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Ph.D. Candidate, Texas A&M University
American Economic History, Business and Economic History, 19th c. US, Civil War Finance, Slavery, American West, Banking, Native Americans, American History
Mark Wilson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Defence Industries, World War II, Political Economy, Cold War Era
Jon Wlasiuk
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Instructor, Michigan State University
environmental history
Victoria Saker Woeste
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Research Professor Emerita, American Bar Foundation
Claire Wright
DECRA Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
20th century, Business and Culture, Business and Economic History, Business Groups, Networks
Cassie Yacovazzi
University of South Florida
American women's history, beauty, 20th c. US.
JoAnne Yates
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita
Alexia Yates
University of Manchester
Robert Yee
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Princeton University
Financial history, central banking, Modern Britain, 20th century
Julio Cesar Zuluaga
Assistant professor, Universidad Javeriana Colombia
family business, Technological Change, Innovation