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Welcome to Business and Economic History On-Line, a selection of papers presented at the Business History Conference's annual meeting. Authors from each annual meeting are encouraged to submit their papers for inclusion in BEH On-Line; please read the Submission Guidelines for more details about the process.

Annual Meeting Author(s) ed
2005 BHC Meeting Jim Cohen How Financial Institutions Affect Economic Change: Evidence from the Transportation Sector, 1900-1939
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Jim Cohen Ownership of Railway Stock in France and the United States, 1840-1940: The Mystery of Missing Data and Why That Matters
2004 BHC Meeting Yves Cohen Matter Matters to Authority: Some Aspects of Soviet Industrial Management in the 1930s from a Multi-Sited Perspective
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Jonathan Coopersmith When Worlds Collide: Government and Electrification, 1892-1939
2014 BHC Meeting Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt Monopoly, Power and Politics in Fleet Street: The Controversial Birth of IPC Magazines, 1958-63
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt Creating Images of Fashion: Consumer Magazines and American Competition in Britain, 1910-1940
2004 BHC Meeting Alvaro Ferreira da Silva and Ana Cardoso de Matos The Networked City: Power and Water Utilities in Portugal, 1850s-1920s
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Mila Davids and Hans Schippers Innovations in Dutch Shipbuilding: A Systems of Innovation Approach
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Pascal Desabres The Parisian Subway, 1880-1900: A Local or a National Interest Line? On the Concept of Globalization
2004 BHC Meeting Pascal Desabres Decision Network: Who Decided What in the Building of the Paris Metropolitain, 1898-1920
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Andrew Dilley Empire and Risk: Edwardian Financiers, Australia, and Canada c. 1899-1914
2010 BHC Meeting Dan Du Illinois Free Banks, 1851-1865
2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting Stephanie Dyer Democratizing Visions of Luxury and the Good Life in California Wine Country: Wine Tourism from Repeal to the Eve of the “Wine Revolution”
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Gunhild J. Ecklund Cooperation, Conflict and Compromise: The IMF and Scandinavia, 1944-1960s
2007 BHC Meeting Anton Ehlers Renier van Rooyen and Pep Stores, Limited: The Genesis of a South African Entrepreneur and Retail Empire
2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting Allison Elias Learning to Lead: Women and Success in Corporate America
2005 BHC Meeting Sarah Elvins Panacea or Dud? Retailers React to Scrip in the Great Depression
2010 BHC Meeting Mehmet Erçek and Öner Günçavdi Evolution of National and International Resource Constraints and Business Groups: The Historical Case of a Turkish Family Holding, 1950-1999
2006 BHC Meeting Mike Esbester 'No Good Reason for the Government to Interfere': Business, the State, and Railway Employee Safety in Britain, circa 1900-1939
2005 BHC Meeting Mike Esbester Reinvention, Renewal, or Repetition? The Great Western Railway and Occupational Safety on Britain's Railways, c.1900-c.1920
2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting Louis A. Ferleger and Matthew Lavallee Taylor’s World Revisited
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Paloma Fernández-Pérez Family Firms in the Age of Globalization: Cooperation and Competition in Spanish Metal Manufacturing, 1870s-1970s
2004 BHC Meeting Patrice Flichy The Imaginary Internet: How Utopian Fantasy Shaped the Making of a New Information Infrastructure
2012 BHC Meeting Mathieu Floquet and Patrice Laroche The Impossible Transition from "Absolute Monarchy" toward Industrial Democracy in France: The Experience of Workers' Representatives at Schneider, 1899-1936
2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting Mathieu Floquet and Pierre Labardin The Emergence and Decline of a Rite: Speeches Given at the Award of Work Medals in the French Iron Industry from the 1930s to the 1970s
2007 BHC Meeting Karen J. Freeze Unlikely Partners and the Management of Innovation in Communist Europe: A Case Study from the Czechoslovak Textile Machine Industry
2008 BHC Meeting Paula K. Gajewski Expanding Connections between the New York Stock Exchange and the Employment Retirement Income Security Act
2004 BHC Meeting Gabriel Galvez-Behar Technical Networks at Schneider
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Shennette Garrett-Scott A Historiography of African American Business
2005 BHC Meeting Mark W. Geiger Sectional Loyalties and Institutional Transformation in Missouri's Banks, 1861-1870
2006 BHC Meeting Eric Godelier Usinor and the French Steel Industry: From 'Private' Monopoly to 'Public' Competitor, 1948-2001
2007 BHC Meeting Eric Godelier Do You Have a Garage? Discussion of Some Myths about Entrepreneurship
2008 BHC Meeting Eric Godelier History: A Useful "Science" for Management? From Polemics to Controversies
2005 BHC Meeting Eric Godelier and Muriel Le Roux Did the 1970s Crisis Lead to Convergence or Divergence? Usinor vs. Pechiney: An Examination of Renewal in the Steel and Aluminum Industries
2007 BHC Meeting Mark L. Goldstein Washington and the Networks of W. W. Corcoran
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Cynthia Golembuski Illustration in Fashion Publications and Retail Store Advertising in America: The Artist behind the Look and the Resurrection of the Fashion Illustrator
2006 BHC Meeting Terry Gourvish The Political Economy of the Channel Tunnel: An International Business-Government Perspective
2006 BHC Meeting Debra Foster Greene 'Just Enough of Everything': The St.Louis Argus--An African American Newspaper and Publishing Company in Its First Decade
2006 BHC Meeting Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois The Business of the Atomic Secret: Discerning the Cultural Dimension in the Strategic Economy of the Cold War
2004 BHC Meeting Robert Dalton Harris, Jr. The Three Postal Networks of the United States in the 1930s
2005 BHC Meeting Robert Dalton Harris and Diane DeBlois Geographic Integration of Industry on the Wynants Kill, 1816-1911
2004 BHC Meeting William J. Hausman and John L. Neufeld The Influence of the Los Angeles 'Oligarchy' on the Governance of the Municipal Water Department, 1902-1930: A Business Like Any Other or a Public Service?
2011 BHC Meeting Amy M. Hay Dow Chemical vs. "Coercive Utopians": Constructing the Contested Ground of Science and Government Regulation in 1970s America
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Lisa Hayes Changing Business Practices in Fashion: Liz Claiborne, An American Innovator: A New Era of American Design
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Susanne Hilger Pacemakers of Globalization in German Industry: Corporate Strategies at Siemens, Daimler-Benz, and Henkel, 1945-1975
2007 BHC Meeting Eric S. Hintz Independent Inventors in an Era of Burgeoning Research & Development
2003 BHC-EBHA Meeting Riitta Hjerppe The Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in a Small Industrialising Economy: The Case of Finland in the Interwar Period
2008 BHC Meeting Peter Hohn Constructing Business, Constructing Utopia: Historical Perspectives
2009 BHC/EBHA Meeting Kajsa Holmberg and Maria Stanfors Setting a Trend: Feminization of the Commercial Bank Sector in Sweden, 1864-1975
2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting Ryo Izawa The Formation of Companies for Tax Avoidance: The Relationship between UK Multinationals and International Double Taxation in the Interwar Period