2010 BHC Meeting

The program committee was: Jeff Fear (chair), University of Redlands; Sally Clarke, University of Texas; Tracey Deutsch, University of Minnesota; Robert Weems, University of Missouri; Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia; and Steven Tolliday (BHC President-elect), University of Leeds.


Photos from this annual meeting

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Roger Horowitz looks on as Mary Yeager presents the first Mira Wilkins Prize.

From left, facing camera: Per Hansen, Dan Wadwhani, Gerben Bakker, Stephanie Dyer; Shane Hamilton, foreground

Dick Sylla (r) and Will Hausman

Terri Lonier, flanked by ? and Josh Lauer (r)

Sally Clarke and Lou Galambos; Sharon Murphy (r)

JoAnne Yates, Jeff Fear, Pat Denault, Maggie Levenstein

Timothy Bates and Juliet E. K. Walker, Plenary

Rob Goldberg accepts the Kerr Prize as Roger Horowitz and Mark Rose look on.

Mansel Blackford presents the Williamson Prize to Sally Clarke.