2014 BHC Meeting

The 2014 Program Committee consisted of: Ed Balleisen, Duke University (chair); Chris McKenna, University of Oxford; Andrea Schneider, Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (Society for Business History) (Germany); Per Hansen, Copenhagen Business School (BHC President), and Jan-Otmar Hesse, Universität Bielefeld. Local arrangements in Frankfurt were provided by the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte.


Photos from this annual meeting

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Audience view prior to the presidential address

Harm Schröter and ? at the Thursday reception

Dinner conversation, Awards Banquet

Sharon Murphy and David Weiman

Lobby interior, Poelzig Building

Per Hansen confers with Harm Schröter before his presidential address

Patrick Fridenson congratulates Dimitry Anastakis, co-recipient of the Hagley Book Prize.

Dan Wadhwani, Andrew Godley, and Eric Hintz

Marcelo Bucheli (r) in conversation with ?