Business and Economic History: Dissertation Sessions, 1967-1999

Dissertation sessions have been a fixture of BHC meetings almost from the beginning. The first recorded instance of a dissertation session at a BHC meeting occurred in 1967. (A "Reports of Advanced Student Research" session was held in 1965; those papers are included in the main index.) The full text of papers presented at dissertation sessions from 1967 through 1999 are provided here. Beginning in 2000, dissertation session material is printed in Enterprise & Society. A sublisting of winners of the Krooss Prize, awarded to the author of the best dissertation presented, is included for the years of BEH publication.

For some early meetings, Dissertation Sessions were printed as one continuous document; in that case, the link to the session will provide access to all the papers; after 1985, the individual summaries are always linked separately.

1967 Dissertation Session

Commercial Banks and Economic Growth in the Ninth Federal Reserve District: A Quantitative Approach
Donald J. Elliott
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Charles Elliott Perkins: Beau and Baron
Herbert C. Goltz
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Better Britons for the Burlington
Ian MacPherson
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Lincoln and the Economics of the American Dream: The Whig Years, 1832-1854
Gabor S. Borit
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1968 Dissertation Session

Hardware and Drug Wholesaling, 1870-1900
William H. Becker
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Growth, Stability, and Financial Innovation in the American Economy, 1897-1914
Larry Neal
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The Loschian Hierarchy of Cities: An Empirical Study of the Indianapolis Region, 1880
J. A. F. Nicholls
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New York Savings Banks in the Antebellum Years
Alan L. Olmstead
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The Democracy's Railroads: Internal Improvements in Michigan, 1825-1846
Robert Parks
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The Origins, Development, and Current Situation of the Negro Life Insurance Industry
Robert C. Puth
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Discussion of Dissertations
Richard C. Overton
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1969 Dissertation Session

Harold F. Williamson
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Gross Farm Revenue in Pre-Civil War Illinois
Robert E. Ankli
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A Business History of the Business Men's Assurance Company
Stephen Butcher
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American Guitar Manufacturing: Oligopoly and the Economics of a Craft Industry
Robert J. Waller
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The Last Families: A Study of Metropolitan Newspaper Ownership, 1950-1967
Elizabeth E. Swayne Yamashita
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1972 Dissertation Session

Economic Stabilization by American Business in the Twentieth Century
Evan B. Metcalf
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The Economic Development of Pueblo, Colorado
Phillip M. Sarver
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Commentary on Dissertations
Samuel H. Williamson
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1973 Dissertation Session

Urbanization and American Economic Development, 1900-1930: Patterns of Demand in Baltimore and the Nation
Allan D. Anderson
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The Public Lands of Western Texas, 1875-1900: The Clash of Public and Private Interests
Wilson Elbert Dolman III
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Business and Government in the Eisenhower Era
Theodore P. Kovaleff
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The Development of National Advertising, 1865-1920
Daniel A. Pope
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A Comparative Statistical Analysis of the Growth of Fifteen U.S. Food Distribution Firms, 1948-1967
George A. Prendergast
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A History of the Chisos Mining Company, 1902-1942
Kenneth Ragsdale
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Commentary of Dissertations
Louis Galambos
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Discussion of Dissertations
Gaston V. Rimlinger
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1974 Dissertation Session

The Emergence of the Trust Company in New York City: 1870-1900
H. Peers Brewer
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Gabriel Kolko vs. the Federal Trade Commission: A Re-evaluation
T. Lane Moore
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The Dynamics of Oligopoly in the Meat Packing Industry: An Historical Analysis, 1875-1912
Mary Yeager [Kujovich]
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Commentary on Dissertations
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No 1975 Dissertation Session

1976 Dissertation Session   View as PDF

Draining the Wet Prairie of East Central Illinois
Roger A. Winsor

The Growth of a Refining Region
Joe Pratt

Business Responses to Keynesian Economics, 1929-64
Robert Collins

A Son of Antaeus: James J. Hill and Agricultural Development of the Northwest
Howard Dickman

Entrepreneurial Historians and History: An Exploration in the Organization of Intellect
Steven A. Sass

Commentary on Dissertation Session
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1977 Dissertation Session   View as PDF

Keeping the Corporate Image: Public Relations and Business, 1900-1950
Richard S. Tedlow

The Evolution of Private Mineral Rights: Nevada's Comstock Lode
Gary D. Libecap

The Development of Life Insurance in the United States: A Sociological Analysis
Viviana A. Zelizer

The Rise of an Independent Major: The Sun Oil Company, 1876-1945
August W. Giebelhaus

The Department Store and Social Change in Modern France: The Case of the Bon Marché
Michael Miller

Commentary on Dissertations
Glenn Porter
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1978 Dissertation Session

Introduction to Dissertation Session
Jeremy A. Atack
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Dissertation Summaries   View as PDF

The Adoption and Diffusion of the Combined Harvester-Thresher: A Study on Economic History
J. Larry Deaton

The Rise of the American Electrochemicals Industry, 1880-1910: Studies in the American Technological Environment
Martha M. Trescott

South Africa's Impact on Britain's Return to Gold, 1925
Bruce R. Dalgaard

1979 Dissertation Session  View as PDF

Chicago, 1870 and 1900: Wealth, Occupation, and Education
Edward Bubnys

Saving & Investment in Medieval Egypt
Gladys M. Frantz

The Coming of Sound to the American Cinema: A History of the Transformation of an Industry
Douglas Gomery

Taunton and Mason: Cotton Machinery and Locomotive Manufacture in Taunton, Massachusetts, 1811-1861
J. W. Lozier

An Empirical Investigation of Farmers' Behavior under Uncertainty: Income, Price, and Yield Variability for Late 19th Century American Agriculture
Robert A. McGuire

Commentary on Dissertation Session
Harold D. Woodson
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No dissertation sessions, 1980-1984

1985 Dissertation Session

Diffusion During Depression: The Adoption of the Tractor by Illinois Farmers
Robert Charles Graham
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Ingenious Yankees: The Rise of the American System of Manufactures in the Private Sector
Donald Hoke
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The Decline and Rise of Charcoal Iron: The Case of Canada
Kris E. Inwood
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1986 Dissertation Session

Business Location in 1860 and 1870: Evidence from the Manufacturing Censuses
Susan Hotopp
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From Conflict to Consensus: The American Institute of Accountants and the Professionalization of Public Accountancy, 1886-1940
Paul J. Miranti, Jr.
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1987 Dissertation Session

The Photochemical Industry: Historical Essays in Business Strategy and Internationalization
Lutz Alt
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Managing Industrial Decline: Four British Colliery Companies between the Wars
Michael Dintenfass
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Henry E. Huntington and Metropolitan Entrepreneurship in Southern California, 1898-1917
William B. Friedricks
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Coordinating Market Forces: The Anatomy of Investment Decisions in the Japanese Steel Industry, 1945-1975
Patricia A. O'Brien
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1988 Dissertation Session

Industrial Transformation and Market Integration along the American Manufacturing Frontier: The Midwest from 1850 to 1880
Timothy E. Sullivan
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Farmers as Entrepreneurs: Regulation and Innovation in American Agriculture during the Twentieth Century
Sally Clarke
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Running the Machine: The Management of Technological Change on American Railroads, 1850-1910
Steven W. Usselman
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The Passenger Train in the Motor Age: The California Experience, 1910-1941
Gregory L. Thompson
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1989 Dissertation Session

Testing the Phantom F-4 II: Engineering Practice in the Development of American Military Aircraft, 1954-1969
Glenn E. Bugos
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The Economics of Multiple Governments: New Jersey Corporate Chartermongering, 1875-1929
Christopher Grandy
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United States Direct Investment in Japan: Studies in Government Policy and Corporate Strategy
Mark Mason
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State Intervention and Industrialization: The Origins of the Brazilian Automotive Industry
Helen Shapiro
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1990 Dissertation Session

International Cooperation and Domestic Cartel Control: The International Steel Cartel, 1926-1938
Daniel Barbezat
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Private and Public Responses to Market Failure in the U.S. Electric Power Industry, 1882-1942
William M. Emmons III
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Spreading the Word: The Postal System and the Creation of American Society—A Sketch
Richard R. John
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Analyzing the Prewar Business Cycle
Anthony Patrick O'Brien
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Directions in Business History: Comments on the Dissertations
Ross Thomson
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1991 Dissertation Session

Regulated Enterprise: Natural Gas Pipelines and the Competition for Northeastern Markets, 1938-1954
Christopher J. Castaneda
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Stage to Studio: American Musicians and Sound Technology in Motion Pictures, Radio, and Recording, 1890-1946
James P. Kraft
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The Clearing Banks and the Finance of British Industry, 1930-1959
Duncan M. Ross
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Selling Power: Marketing and Monopoly at Boston Edison, 1886-1926
David B. Sicilia
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1992 Dissertation Session

Financing the Corporate Revolution
William Michael Doyle
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Information Systems and Internal Organization: A Study of the Dow Chemical Company, 1890-1914
Margaret C. Levenstein
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To Build Wings for the Angels: Los Angeles and Its Aircraft Industry, 1890-1936
Joseph E. Libby
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What Caused Conglomerate Formation: An Examination of Managerial Behavior and Internal Capital Markets in the 1960s Conglomerates
Barbara McCutcheon
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1993 Dissertation Session

The Baldwin Locomotive Works, the Capital Equipment Sector, and American Industrial Practice in the Nineteenth Century
John K. Brown
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The Business of Progress: The Transformation of American Advertising, 1870-1920
Pamela Walker Laird
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Niche Products in the British Motor Car Industry: A History of MG and Triumph Sports Cars, 1945-81
Timothy R. Whisler
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Cooperatives and Corporations: The Sun-Maid Antitrust Case and the Legal Status of Agricultural Cooperation, 1890-1943
Victoria Saker Woeste
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1994 Dissertation Session

Building an American Book Trade: Philadelphia Publishing in the New Republic
Rosalind Remer
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Mr. Kaiser Goes to Washington: Saga of a Government Entrepreneur
Stephen B. Adams
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The Rise and Fall of Fraternal Methods of Social Insurance: A Case Study of the Independent Order of Oddfellows of British Columbia Sickness Insurance, 1874-1051
J. C. Herbert Emery
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The Entry of Established Electronics Companies into the Early Computer Industry in the UK and the USA
Anthony Gandy
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Comment on Recent Dissertations in Business History
William R. Childs
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1995 Dissertation Session

Beyond the Broker State: A History of the Federal Government's Policies toward Small Business, 1936-1961
Jonathan Bean
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Corporate Incentives for Managers in American Industry,, 1900-1940
John Landry
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Amplifying the Voice of Business: Hill and Knowlton's Influence on Political, Public, and Media Discourse in Postwar America
Karen S. Miller
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Chain Building: The Consolidation of the American Newspaper Industry, 1955-1980
Elizabeth M. Neiva
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1996 Dissertation Section

The Making of New York City's Bourgeoisie, 1850-1886
Sven Beckert
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Imgaining Consumers: Manufacturers and Markets in Ceramics and Glass, 1865-1965
Regina Lee Blaszczyk
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Whiskey-Manure Engines and "Haut, Fiery Gouts": The Scotch Whiskey Industry and Its Causal Relation to Scotland's Economic Transformation
Peter deH. Caldwell
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Corporate Response to Technological Change: Dieselization and the American Railway Locomotive Industry during the Twentieth Century
Albert Churella
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The Struggle for Control of the Modern Corporation: Organizational Change at General Motors, 1924-1958
Robert F. Freeland
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Dissertation Session Comments
Christine Meisner Rosen
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1997 Dissertation Session

Of Business Biography, Media Romance, and Corporate Family Drama
Eric Guthey
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Wine, Work, and Wealth: Class Relations and Modernization in the Champagne Wine Industry, 1970-1914
Kolleen M. Guy
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The Electric Car and the Burden of History: Studies in Automotive Systems Rivalry in America, 1890-1996
David A. Kirsch
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The Myth of the Corporate Economy: Factor Costs, Industrial Structure, and Technological Choice in the Lancashire and New England Cotton Industries, 1900-1913
Timothy Leunig
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Railroads and the Brazilian Economy before 1914
William R. Summerhill
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The Finance and Growth of the Lancashire Cotton Textile Industry, 1870-1914
J. S. Toms
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Dissertation Session Comments
Ann M. Carlos
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Dissertation Session Comments
Steven Tolliday
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1998 Dissertation Session

New Technology, New People, New Organizations: The Rise of the MOS Transistor, 1945-1975
Ross Bassett
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"Business Shall Proceed in the Following Manner": Corporate Managers, the Bureaucratization Process, and the Creation of Divergent Corporate Cultures, 1880-1932
Christiane Diehl-Taylor
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Growth, Stagnation, and Transition: Economic Implications of Soviet Ministerial Organization
Kerry Ellen Pannell
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Managing the Mills: Labor Policy in the American Steel Industry, 1892-1937
Jonathan Rees
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1999 Dissertation Session

Introducing Otto H. Kahn
Theresa M. Collins
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Caps and Gowns: Historical Reflections on the Institutions That Shaped Learning for and at Work in Germany and the United States, 1800-1945
Hal Hansen
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Fueling the Fires of Genius: Women's Inventive Activities in American War Eras
Lisa A. Marovich
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