Business and Economic History: Newcomen Prizewinners, 1992-1999

In 1992, the Newcomen Society of the United States began sponsoring an award for the best paper presented at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference. The winner receives a plaque and $1,000. From 1992 through 1999, the Newcomen Prize-winning paper was published in Business and Economic History. Since the founding of Enterprise & Society in 2000, the prize is awarded to the best article appearing in each volume year. A complete listing of prize winners is available in our Grants and Prizes section.

Sally Clarke

"Innovation" in U.S. Agriculture: A Role for New Deal Regulation
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Steven Usselman

IBM and Its Imitators: Organizational Capabilities and the Emergence of the International Computer Industry
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Paul Gompers

The Rise and Fall of Venture Capital
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Kenneth Lipartito

Culture and the Practice of Business History
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William Mass
and Andrew Robertson
From Textiles to Automobiles: Mechanical and Organizational Innovation in the Toyoda
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William Tsutsui

Rethinking the Paternalist Paradigm in Japanese Industrial Management
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Sean Patrick Adams

Different Charters, Different Paths: Corporations and Coal in Antebellum Pennsylvania and Virginia
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Kevin Reilly

Dilettantes at the Gate: Fortune Magazine and the Cultural Politics of Business Journalism in the 1930s
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