Business and Economic History: Krooss Prize Winners, 1986-1999

The Herman Krooss Prize was originally awarded in alternate years for the the best dissertation presented at the current and previous meetings of the BHC. In 1989, the Trustees voted to make the prize an annual award. It consists of a plaque and $500.

A listing of Krooss Prize winners including those after 1999 is available on the Web site. Since 2000, dissertation summaries appear in Enterprise & Society.

Paul J. Miranti, Jr.

From Conflict to Consensus: The American Institute of Accountants and the Professionalization of Public Accountancy, 1886-1940
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Sally Clarke

Farmers as Entrepreneurs: Regulation and Innovation in American Agriculture in the Twentieth Century
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Helen Shapiro

State Intervention and Industrialization: The Origins of the Brazilian Automotive Industry
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Richard R. John

Spreading the Word: The Postal System and the Creation of American Society
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David Sicilia

Selling Power: Marketing and Monopoly at Boston Edison, 1886-1926
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Margaret Levenstein

Information Systems and Internal Organization: A Study of the Dow Chemical Company, 1890-1914
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Victoria Saker Woeste

Cooperatives and Corporations: The Sun-Maid Antitrust Case and the Legal Status of Agricultural Cooperatives, 1890-1943
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Rosalind Remer

Building an American Book Trade: Philadelphia Publishing in the New Republic
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Jonathan Bean

Beyond the Broker State: A History of the Federal Government's Policies toward Small Business, 1936-61
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Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Imagining Consumers: Manufacturers and Markets in Ceramics and Glass, 1865-1965
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Kolleen Guy

Wine, Work, and Wealth: Class Relations and Modernization in the Champagne Wine Industry, 1870-1914
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Ross Bassett

New Technology, New People, New Organizations: The Rise of the MOS Transistor, 1945-1975
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Lisa A. Marovich

Fueling the Fires of Genius: Women's Inventive Activities in American War Eras
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