2023 BHC Meeting

The Program Committee includes Christina Lubinski (Copenhagen Business School) (chair); Heidi Tworek (University of British Columbia); John Wong (The University of Hong Kong); Marcelo Bucheli (University of Illinois-Champaign); Amanda Gibson (Kenyon College); along with BHC President Dan Wadhwani (University of Southern California).

General questions regarding meeting logistics, regarding the hotel for example, may be sent to conference coordinator and BHC Treasurer, Dr. Roger Horowitz.  Questions involving the conference program should be sent to ProgramCommittee@thebhc.org, to the program committee chair, Professor Christina Lubinski. Other questions might be directed to the BHC Secretary, Dr. Vicki Howard.


Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Shorty Bell's. Great pizza around the corner from the conference hotel.

Melanie Sheehan delivers her paper to a packed room

Christy Chapin, Ed Balleisen, and Roger Horowitz at the Detroit Industry Murals

Adam Frost and Kendra Boyd

The Detroit River

Kendra Boyd, Opening Plenary

Adam Frost and Kendra Boyd

Conference hotel seen through the window of the "People Mover."

BHC 2023 Saturday Banquet