Economic History of Natural Resources

Thursday March 16 9:00am - 1:00pm

Sponsored by Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Contact: Espen Storli, 

Workshop schedule --

9:00-9:10 | Welcome and Introduction
9:10-10:40 | Business Practice in the Resource Sector 

9:10-9:40 | Geoffrey Jones (Harvard Business School) “Multinational companies and natural resources” 

9:40-10:10 | Volodymyr Kulikov (University of Texas, Austin) “Natural resource company towns: the case of Donbas” 

10:10-10:40 | Niels Viggo Haueter (Swiss Re) “Natural resources and the development of insurance” 

10:40-10:55 Coffee Break 

10:55-11:55 | Transition and Change in the Resource Sector
10:55-11:25 | Debamanyu Das (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) “Reinvention of 

the Chinese mining sector for the energy transition” 

11:25-11:55 | Chad Denton (Yonsei University) “The economics of recycling natural resources” 

11:55-12:10 Coffee Break 

12:10-1:00 | General Reflections on the Politics and Economics of Natural Resources
Pål Thonstad Sandvik (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) “The political 

regulation of natural resources”

Espen Storli, Madeleine Dungy, Audrey Gerrard (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) “Bridging environmental history and business history in The Routledge Handbook on the Economic History of Natural Resources”