Doctoral Colloquium 2014, Frankfurt, Germany

Colloquium Participants

Student Liaison


"English Law and the Emergence of the Joint Stock Banking Company, 1826-1844 "

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Chambi Seithy Chachage

Harvard University

"Capitalizing Cities: The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Elites in African Commercial Capitals and the Growth of Black Business in the Global Economy "

Elizabeth Harmon

University of Michigan

"Incorporating for Social Good: Philanthropic Foundations and the Origins of Social Enterprise (1860-1920) "

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Fei He

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

"The Resumption of Trade Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of China, 1949-1976 "

Arun Kumar

Lancaster University

"Philanthropy in Post/Colonial India: Tatas' Giving for/to the Modern (Neoliberal) Nation "

Ishva Minefee

University of Illinois

"The Power to Resist? An Evolution of Corporate Responses to Anti-Apartheid Activism, 1948-1994 "

Shawn Moura

University of Maryland

"Development Begins at Home: Women and the Domestic Economy in Brazil, 1945-1975 "

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Shaun Nichols

Harvard University

"Crisis Capital: The Making and Un-Making of Industrial Massachusetts, 1873-Present "

Jesse Tarbert

Case Western Reserve University

"When Good Government Meant Big Government: Elite Reformers and American State in the New Era, 1920-1933 "

Sean H. Vanatta

Princeton University

"Constituting Credit Capitalism: The Political Economy of Bank Credit Cards in Postwar America "


Kenneth Lipartito

Florida International University

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Núria Puig

Complutense University Madrid

Steven Tolliday

University of Leeds

Mary Yeager

University of California, Los Angeles