Doctoral Colloquium 2011, St. Louis, Missouri

Colloquium Participants


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Fahad Bishara

Duke University

"A Sea of Debt: Law, Empire, and Commercial Society in the Western Indian Ocean, c. 1850-1940 "

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Rachel Burstein

CUNY Graduate Center

"Labor and the Public: How Organized Labor Represented Itself in Postwar America "

Paula de la Cruz-Fernández

Florida International University

"Singer in Spain and Mexico: The Culture and Business of Sewing in Historical Perspective, 1870-1950 "

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Nate Holdren

University of Minnesota

"'The Compensation Law Put Us Out of Work': Workplace Injury Law, Disability, and Capitalism in the Progressive Era United States "

Corinna Ludwig

German Historical Institute

"Bridging the Atlantic Gap: German Business in the United States after the Second World War "

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Ellen Mølgaard

Copenhagen Business School

"When Small and Medium Sized Companies Encounter Globalization "

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Mark Stickle

Ohio State University

"The Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company: Eastern Capital and Mortgage Credit in Ohio, 1834-1845 "

Philip Thai

Stanford University

"Smuggling, State-Building, and Political Economy in Coastal China, 1927-1949 "

Natalya Vinokurova

New York University

"The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Failure of Analogical Reasoning "

Student Liaison

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Cory Davis

University of Illinois-Chicago


Eric Godelier

École Polytechnique

Pamela Laird

University of Colorado-Denver

Margaret Levenstein

University of Michigan

Christopher McKenna

University of Oxford