2006 Program

2006 Annual Meeting Program
Toronto, Ontario
June 8-10, 2006

"Political Economy of Enterprise"

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Newcomen Dissertation Colloquium

4:00-7:00 p.m. Registration

6:00-7:30 p.m.
Plenary I: Roundtable: History Gets Down to Business
Moderator: Tom MacAvoy, University of Virginia/Corning Incorporated

Stuart Sammis, Corning
W. Bernard Carlson, University of Virginia
Davis Dyer, Winthrop Group
Ed Rider, Procter & Gamble
Leighton A. Wildrick, Newcomen Society of the United States
Gordon Pitts, Report on Business, Globe and Mail

Respondent: Glenn Bugos, Moment LLC

8:00-10:00 p.m. BHC Trustees Meeting

8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Registration

8:00-8:30 a.m.: BHC Membership Meeting

8:00-10:00 a.m.
Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Sessions 1
8:30 a.m.
A. Confrontation: Multi-Nationals and Governments
Chair: Mary Yeager, UCLA

Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"The Octopus against the Banana Republicans: Latin American Nationalism and United Fruit"

David Merrett, University of Melbourne
"Copper and Sugar: Post-Colonial Experiences of Australian Multinationals, 1960-2000"

Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School
"Learning to Live with Governments: Unilever in Developing Countries, 1950-1980"

Discussant: Mira Wilkins, Florida International University

B. Environmental Policy and Business Practice
Chair: John K. Smith, Lehigh University

Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
"French Nineteenth-Century Industrial Environmental Regulation and the Chemical Industry"

Christopher Kopper, Universität Bielefeld
"The German Railroad and the Late Discovery of Environmental Friendliness"

Finn Arne Jorgensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
"Bottle Bills: Breaking or Building Business?"

Alan P. Loeb, Wright State University
"Leading the Charge: The Political Economy of Emissions Trading in the Lead Phasedown"

Discussant: Christine Meisner Rosen, University of California at Berkeley

C. The Self-Service Revolution in Retailing
Chair: Sally Clarke, University of Texas

William R. Scott, University of California, Berkeley
"Suburbia, Self-Service, and Sportswear: Los Angeles Men's Clothing Merchandising, 1925-1960"

Stephanie Dyer, Sonoma State University
"Market Laws and Blue Laws: The Political Activism of Philadelphia Department Stores in the 'Retail Revolution' of the 1950s and 1960s"

Daniel Opler, College of Mount Saint Vincent
"Counter-Revolution: Anti-Communism, Labor, and the Rise of Self-Service in New York City, 1948-1953"

Discussant: Hartmut Berghoff, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, and Alfred D. Chandler Visiting Scholar, Harvard Business School

D. Early Global Trade
Chair: Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, San José State University

Dean V. Williamson, US Department of Justice
The Financial Structure of Commercial Revolution: Financing Long-Distance Trade in Venice, 1190-1220, and Venetian Crete, 1303-1400

Simon D. Smith, University of York
Managing a West Indian Interest: The Lascelles' Caribbean Estates (1790-1847)

Michelle Craig McDonald, Harvard Business School
The Drink of Diplomats: Government Intervention in the U.S. Coffee Re-Export Trade, 1790-1805

Discussants: Andrew Godley, University of Reading
                Ann M. Carlos, University of Colorado at Boulder

E. The Political Economy of Bank Regulation
Chair: Gary Previts, Case Western Reserve University

R. Daniel Wadhwani, Harvard Business School
Per H. Hansen, Copenhagen Business School
"Divergent Paths: Savings Banks and the Structure of National Banking Systems"

Christopher Marquis, Harvard Business School
"The Debate over US Banking Regulations from 1896 to 1978: How Changing Environments Influence Corporate Political Activity"

James Darroch, Schulich School, York University
Charles McMillan, Schulich School, York University
"Lessons from the Failure of the Canadian Western Banks: The Risks of Reversing Longstanding Public Policy"

Discussant: Richard Sylla, New York University

10:30 a.m.
Plenary II: Krooss Prize Plenary

Chair: Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou, Athens University of Economics

Dan Breznitz, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Innovation and the State—Development Strategies for High Technology Industries in a World of Fragmented Production: Israel, Ireland, and Taiwan" (MIT, 2005)

Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia
"Trucking Country: Food Politics and the Transformation of Rural Life in Postwar America" (MIT, 2005)

Kim Phillips-Fein, New York University
"Top-Down Revolution: Businessmen, Intellectuals, and Politicians against the New Deal, 1945-1964" (Columbia University, 2005)

Daniel Levinson Wilk, New-York Historical Society
"Tales from the Elevator and Other Stories of Modern Service in New York City" (Duke University, 2005)

Discussion: The Audience

12:00-1:30 p.m.

12:00-1:30 p.m.
Trustees' and Past Presidents' Lunch

Concurrent Sessions 2
1:30 p.m.
A. The Political Economy of Women, Property, and Business
Chair: Kris Inwood, University of Guelph

Edie Sparks, University of the Pacific
" 'Sole' without Soul: The History of California's 1852 Married Women's Business Law"

Evan Roberts, University of Minnesota and Minnesota Population Center
"Married Women's Property Acts and Labor Force Participation in the United States, 1870-1920"

Mary Beth Combs, Fordham University
" 'Entitled to her separate earnings—and equally liable to maintain her family': British Married Women's Property Rights and the Labor Force Participation of Married Women Shopkeepers, 1851-1901"

Peter Baskerville, University of Victoria
"Urban Women and Investment at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

Discussant: Tanya Gogan, University of Western Ontario

B. Practicing Corporate Law
Chair: William R. Childs, The Ohio State University

William H. Becker, George Washington University
William McClenahan, University of Maryland
"Business, Government, and the Post-World War II Practice of Law in Washington, D.C.: The Early History of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering"

Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford
"Squaring the Magic Circle: A Comparative History of Law Firms in London and New York, 1950-2000"

Gerben Bakker, University of Essex
"The Emergence of Rights-Based Multinationals: Sunk Costs, Property Rights, and the Political Economy of Globalization, 1870-2000"

Joseph A. Pratt, University of Houston
Tony Freyer, University of Alabama School of Law

C. Standardization
Chair: Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johannesburg

Franklin Noll, Bureau of Engraving and Printing
"The Political Economy of Making Money: Quality and Control in National Bank Note Production, 1863-1877"

Andrew L. Russell, Johns Hopkins University
"P. G. Agnew and the Consensus Principle for American Industrial Standards"

Kendra Smith-Howard, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Setting Standards for Milk: Politics and Science in Progressive Era America"

JoAnne Yates, MIT Sloan School
Craig Murphy, Wellesley College
"From Setting National Standards to Coordinating International Standards: The Formation of the ISO"
    [Abstract]       [Paper]

Discussant: Amy E. Slaton, Drexel University

D. Liberating Beer
Chair: Steven W. Tolliday, University of Leeds

Richard John Yntema, Otterbein College
"The Dutch Republic as a Free Trade Area: The Rise and Decline of Holland's Export Brewing Industry"

Graciela Márquez, El Colegio de México
Gabriela Recio, El Colegio de México
"Tax Lobbying: The National Association of Beer Producers and the Negotiation of Taxes in Mexico, 1922-1930"

Daryl White, University of Western Ontario "Limited Selection: The Northern Ontario Draft Beer Monopoly"

Lisa Jacobson, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Beer Goes to War: The Politics of Beer Production and Consumption in World War II"

Discussant: Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of London

E. Political Economy of European Investment
Chair: Lucy Newton, University of Reading

Niall G. MacKenzie, University of Glasgow
" 'Chucking Buns across the Fence'?: Government-Sponsored Industry Development in the Scottish Highlands, 1945-1982"
    [Abstract]       [Paper]

Duncan M. Ross, University of Glasgow
"Inward Investment in Scotland, 1945-2001: Political Economy and Failed Ambition"

Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow
"British Industry, the EEC, and Barriers to Cross-National European Mergers in the 1960s"

Discussant: Lucy Newton, University of Reading

Coffee Break

Sponsored by the "American Business, Politics, and Society" series, University of Pennsylvania Press

Concurrent Sessions 3
3:30 p.m.
A. The Political Economy of Black Enterprise

Chair: Juliet E. K. Walker, University of Texas

Shennette Garrett, University of Texas, Austin
"The Invincible Sons and Daughters of Commerce: Gendering the Early National Negro Business League in the Ambiguous South, 1900-1906"

Debra F. Greene, Lincoln University at Missouri
"Just Enough of Everything: The St. Louis Argus—An African American Newspaper and Publishing Company in Its First Decade"
    [Abstract]      [Paper]

Laila Haidarali, York University
"Barbara Watson Models: The Rise of African American Modeling Agencies in Early Postwar America"

Discussant: Robert Weems, University of Missouri at Columbia

B. Networks and the Evolution of Management Practices
Chair: Pat Denault, Harvard University

Richard R. John, University of Illinois at Chicago
"One Great Medium? The Segmentation of American Telecommunications, 1907-20"

Stephen L. Morgan, University of Melbourne
"Corporate Governance and Institutional Dynamics of Chinese Firms: Experiments in the 1920-30s and Their Contemporary Relevance"

Eric Godelier, École Polytechnique
Usinor and the French Steel Industry: From "Private" Monopoly to "Public" Competitor, 1948-2001
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

Charles Harvey, University of Strathclyde
Mairi Maclean, University of West of England
Jon Press, Bath Spa University
"The Role of Institutional Cohesion in the Postwar Development of the French National Business System"

Discussant: Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

C. Confronting Prohibition
Chair: Gail Triner, Rutgers University

Margot Opdycke Lamme, University of Alabama
"The Brewers' Battle against Prohibition, 1909-1919"

Matthew J. Bellamy, Carleton University
"Getting Pinned: The Canadian Brewing Industry's Weak-Kneed Response to Prohibition, 1900-1930"

Ruth Dupre, HEC, Montreal
Desire Vencatachellum, HEC, Montreal
"Why Did Canada Nationalize Liquor Sales in the 1920s? A Political Economy Model"

Ranjit S. Dighe, SUNY, College of Oswego
"Pierre S. du Pont and the Making of an Anti-Prohibition Activist"

Discussant: K. Austin Kerr, The Ohio State University

D. Small Firms and Big Problems
Chair: R. Daniel Wadhwani, Harvard Business School

Francesca Carnevali, University of Birmingham
" 'To speak with one voice': Small Firms and the Politics of Collective Governance in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain and America"

Benedita Câmara, University of Madeira
"Quality Control and Collective Reputation: The Case of Madeira Embroidery"

Robert B. Kristofferson, York University
"Theorizing Craft-Based Enterprise on the Industrial Periphery: The Early Industrialization of Hamilton, Ontario, in International Context"

Discussant: Mansel Blackford, The Ohio State University

Coffee Break

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Plenary III: Presidential Plenary:  Teaching History at Business Schools
Chair: David A. Kirsch, University of Maryland

Walter Friedman, Harvard Business School
Margaret Graham, McGill University
Per H. Hansen, Copenhagen Business School
Christopher D. McKenna, Oxford University
George Smith, Winthrop Group and New York University
Joseph E. Martin, University of Toronto

7:00-8:30 p.m. Reception

7:00-8:15 a.m.
Business School Network Breakfast

8:00 a.m.-noon: Registration

8:00-10:00 a.m.
Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Sessions 4
8:30 a.m.
A. US and Canadian Approaches to Political Economy
Chair: Marilyn Gerriets, St. Francis Xavier University

Jason Kaufman, Harvard University
"Origins of the Asymmetric Society: Political Autonomy, Legal Innovation, and Freedom of Incorporation in the Early United States"

Joseph Santos, South Dakota State University
"Going against the Grain: Why Did Wheat Marketing in the United States and Canada Evolve So Differently?"
    [Abstract]     [Paper]

Dimitry Anastakis, Trent University
"The Political Economy of a Bail-Out: Canada, the Chrysler Corporation, and the North American Auto Industry, 1975-1985"

Discussants: Daniel Drache, York University
                    Robert E. Wright, New York University

B. States and the Professionalization of Management
Chair: Sara Alpern, Texas A&M University

Benjamin S.M. Schwantes, University of Delaware
"At War with Time and Space: The United States Military Railroad and the Civil War Military-Industrial Managerial Nexus"

John Wilson, University of Central Lancashire
"Image and Identity in British Management: From Salaried to Professional Management, 1945-2000"

Gordon Boyce, Queensland University of Technology
"The Professions as Knowledge Exchange Systems"

Jennifer Delton, Skidmore College
"Lip-Service: How Anti-Discrimination Policies Helped Management"

Discussant: David Stebenne, The Ohio State University

C. Controlling Information
Chair: Margaret Levenstein, University of Michigan

Jonathan A. Grant, Florida State University
"Corruption and Transparency in the Global Arms Business, 1870-1914"

Daniel Holt, University of Virginia
"No-Par Stock, the Value of Intangibles, and the Legitimacy of American Equity Markets, 1891-1927"

Diane DeBlois, Independent Scholar
Robert Dalton Harris, Independent Scholar
"The Business of the Atomic Secret: Discerning the Cultural Dimension in the Strategic Economy of the Cold War"
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

Discussant: David Sicilia, University of Maryland

D. Political Economy of Foreign Investment
Chair: Carol Chin, University of Toronto

Peter Hertner, Universität Halle-Wittenberg
"Foreign Direct Investment and the Political Economy of Municipal Government: Compañía Alemana Transatlántica de Electricidad and the Electrification of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, 1898-1920"

Rory M. Miller, University of Liverpool Management School
"British Firms and Populist Nationalism in Post-War Latin America"

Discussant: H. Viv Nelles, McMaster University

E. The Political Economy of U.S. Regional Development
Chair: Chifton Hood, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

John Majewski, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Agricultural Reform and State Activism in Antebellum Virginia and South Carolina"

Sean Patrick Adams, University of Florida
"Banking on Swampland: The Political Economy of Florida's Early Railroad Regime, 1850-1881"

David Koistinen, American University of Beirut
"The Political Economy of Regional Redevelopment: Business and Area Government in the Regeneration of the New England Economy"
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

Discussant: William R. Childs, The Ohio State University

Concurrent Sessions 5
10:30 a.m.
A. Global Governance and Technology

Chair: Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School

Louis Galambos, Johns Hopkins University
"Antitrust, Globalization, and The Information Age of Manuel Castells"

Steven W. Usselman, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Globalization and the Pulp and Paper Industry"

William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts Lowell and INSEAD
"Globalization of the ICT Labor Force"

Discussant: William D. Coleman, McMaster University

B. The Political Construction of Transportation
Chair: W. Bernard Carlson, University of Virginia

Albert J. Churella, Southern Polytechnic State University
"Saving the Railroad Industry to Death: The Interstate Commerce Commission, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Rail-Truck Cooperation"
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia
"The Agrarian Origins of Trucking Deregulation"

Richard A. Greenwald, Drew University
"The Political Economy of Containerization: The Port of New York/New Jersey, 1950-1975"

Discussant: Mark H. Rose, Florida Atlantic University

C. Wall Street: Politics and Innovation
Chair: Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto

Martin Horn, McMaster University
"The Money Changers and the Temple: J.P. Morgan & Company and the Roosevelt Administration, 1933-1939"

Mary O'Sullivan, University of Pennsylvania
"Riding the Wave: US Financiers and the Postwar Electronics Boom"

Discussant: Lucy Newton, University of Reading

D. State-Owned Enterprise
Chair: William J. Hausman, College of William and Mary

Jan-Otmar Hesse, University of Frankfurt
Ralf Banken, University of Frankfurt
"Entrepreneurial Behavior within State Industries: The Case of German State Enterprises at the End of the Nineteenth Century"

Gail Triner, Rutgers University
"State-Owned Enterprise, Industrialization, and Subsoil Property Rights: Brazil in the 1930s and 1940s"

Discussant: Jeff Fear, Harvard Business School

E. Urban Political Economy
Chair: Donald F. Davis, University of Ottawa

Domenic Vitiello, University of Pennsylvania
"Monopolizing the Metropolis: The All-Night Poker Players and the Business of City-Building"

James Hull, University of British Columbia
"The City of Toronto Building Code and the Limits of Urban Progressivism"

Jesús Mirás-Araujo, Universidade da Coruña
Carlos Piñiero-Sánchez, Universidade da Coruña
"Tensions between Public and Private: Water Supply in a Northwestern Spanish City under the Franco Dictatorship"
    [Abstract]    [Paper]

Susan Shaler [now Susan Clark Muntean], University of California, San Diego
"Resurrection of the Robber Barons: Reassessing the Theory of the Firm"
    [Abstract]    [Paper]

Discussant: Ken Cruikshank, McMaster University

12:00-1:30 p.m.

12:00-1:30 p.m.
Women in Business History Lunch

Concurrent Sessions 6
1:30 p.m.
A. Is There Something Distinctive about Canadian Business?
Chair: Rick Halpern, University of Toronto

Laurence B. Mussio, McMaster University
"The Political Economy of Solvency: The Case of Sun Life of Canada, 1929-1939"

Heather Nelson, McMaster University
"Fighting the Crown Corporation: Automobile Insurance in Saskatchewan, 1945-1966"

Graham D. Taylor, Trent University
" 'From Shirtsleeves to Shirtless': The Bronfman Dynasty and the Seagram Empire"
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

John Smart, Queen's University
"Nortel and the Canadian Government"

Discussant: George D. Smith, New York University

B. Big Systems
Chair: Steve Usselman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Robert MacDougall, University of Western Ontario
"The Telephone on Main Street: Utility Regulation in the United States and Canada before 1900"
    [Abstract]    [Paper]

Ronald S. Love, University of West Georgia
"Telephones and the Challenge to Monopoly Ownership in the Early Twentieth-Century Canadian West"

Christopher S. McGahey, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Regulating the Ether: The Bureau of Standards, Quartz Crystal, and the Growth of the Radio Frequency Measurement and Control Industry in 1920s America"

Rita Zajacz, University of Iowa
"The Hegemon-Centric Corporation"

Discussant: Christopher Armstrong, York University

C. Boundary Crossings
Chair: Wendy Gamber, Indiana University

Mohamed Sassi, University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)
"Compagnie Française des Pétroles and Its Contribution to the Re-establishment of France's Position among the Oil Countries after the Second World War"
    [Abstract]    [Paper]

Terry Gourvish, London School of Economics
"The Political Economy of the Channel Tunnel: An International Business-Government Perspective"
    [Abstract]     [Paper]

Eric Jarvis, King’s University College, University of Western Ontario
"Politics of the Cash Register: The Impact of the American Canadian Cross-Border Shopping Craze in the Early 1990s"

Discussant: Susan Strasser, University of Delaware

D. Deal Makers
Chair: Steve Penfold, University of Toronto

Gill Cookson, Victoria County History of Durham
"Frameworks and Freemasons: Municipal Affairs and Business Infrastructure in Late Eighteenth-Century Sunderland"

Frank Leonard, Douglas College
"Railroading a Renegade: Great Northern Ousts John Hendry in Vancouver"

Núria Puig, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Rafael Castro, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
"Changing and Persisting Patterns of International Investment: French and German Capital in 19th- and 20th-Century Spain"
    [Abstract]   [Paper]

Byron Crites, University of Texas at Austin
"Foreign Investment in Post-Revolutionary Mexico"

Discussant: Adrian Shubert, York University

E. Public Relations and the Political Economy of Enterprise
Chair: Pamela Laird, University of Colorado at Denver

Tim Ziaukas, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
"The Electric Chair as Promotional Tool: An Episode in 'The Battle of the Currents'"

Karen Miller Russell, University of Georgia
"Shareholders as PR Tools: AT&T and Federal Regulation, 1927-1941"

Lisa Sumner, McGill University
" 'Masterpiece of the Blenders' Art': The Seagram Company's Cultivation of National Identity in Post-Prohibition Montreal"

Daniel J. Robinson, University of Western Ontario
"Philip Morris, Art Philanthropy, and "Health Controversy," 1965-1980"

Discussant: James L. Baughman, University of Wisconsin

3:00-3:30 p.m.
Coffee Break

Concurrent Sessions 7
3:30 p.m.
A. Media and Entertainment
Chair: Jan Hadlaw, York University

Anne MacLennan, York University
"The Private Business of Public Broadcasting: Canadian Radio during the 1930s"

Marilyn Terzic, McGill University
"Canadian Software, Foreign Hardware: The Political Economy of Pay-Per-View"

J. Andrew Ross, University of Western Ontario
" 'A welcome diversion'? The Business of Hockey in the Second World War"

Discussant: Gene Allen, Ryerson University

B. Free and Managed Trade
Chair: Rowena Olegario, Vanderbilt University

Kathryn Steen, Drexel University
"A Tariff to Dye For: The U.S. Synthetic Organic Chemicals Industry and the Tariff of 1922"

Barbara Austin, Brock University
"The State and Strategic Management of an Enterprise: A Life Cycle Analysis of a Symbiotic Relationship, 1873-1997"
    [Abstract]    [Paper]

Discussant: Benjamin Forster, University of Western Ontario

C. Railroads and the State
Chair: K. Austin Kerr, The Ohio State University

Joshua Salzmann, University of Illinois at Chicago
"The Geography of Jurisprudence: Public Lands for Private Profit, Illinois Central v. Illinois, 1892"

Mike Esbester, University of York
" 'No Good Reason for the Government to Interfere': Business, the State, and Railway Employee Safety in Britain, circa 1900-1939"
    [Abstract]     [Paper]

Tokunbo Aderemi Ayoola, University of Manchester
"Background to the Bornu Extension Railway: The Political Economy of Britain's Decolonization and Railway Development in Nigeria, 1919-1958"

Discussant: Paul J. Miranti, Jr., Rutgers University

D. Thinking about Business and the State
Chair: Colleen Dunlavy, University of Wisconsin

Jules Gehrke, University of Minnesota
"Municipal Expansion and the Emergence of the Anti-Socialist Critique in Britain, 1880-1903"

Lars Heide, Copenhagen Business School
"Revisiting US Anti-Trust Regulation: The Anti-Trust Suit against IBM and Remington Rand in 1932"

Kim Phillips-Fein, New York University
"American Corporate Mobilization and Conservative Politics in the 1970s"

Discussant: Philip Scranton, Rutgers University

E. Business Responds to Crises
Chair: David Mason, Georgia Perimeter College

Janice Traflet, Bucknell University
"Wall Street's 'War with Washington': A Clausewitzian Analysis of How the NYSE Fought the New Deal (and Didn't Lose)"

Morris L. Bian, Auburn University
"The Sino-Japanese War and the Rise of China’s Regional Enterprise Corporations: A Case Study of the Guizhou Enterprise Corporation, 1939-1949"

Discussant: Mathias Kipping, York University

5:00-5:30 p.m.
Book Auction

5:30-6:15 p.m.
Presidential Address

7:00-8:00 p.m.

8:00-10:00 p.m.
Awards Banquet