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Brian R Sarginger
University of Maryland
Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, United States History, the history of the corporation
M. R. Sauter
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Finance, History of Capitalism, History of technology, Innovation, neoliberalism, STS, industrial-labor relations, the history of the corporation, media, Twentieth Century
Selim Can Sazak
Brown University
Defence Industries, Networks, Political Economy, Energy, Business-Government Relations, Multinational Corporations
Benjamin Schneider
Blank Profile Picture
Oslo Metropolitan University
Labor, History of Science and Technology
Andrea Schneider-Braunberger
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Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte
Jaclyn N. Schultz
Assistant Professor, Bellevue College
19th c. US, Racial Capitalism, history of advertising and consumer culture, material and visual culture, Education
Abdul Qadir Shah
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The University of Haripur
Business History, International Business, Strategy
S Subramanian
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Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Strategy, Corporate Governance, Colonial India
Abigail Shimer
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University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Women, Twentieth Century, Education, Entrepreneurial families
Andrew Simpson
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Duquesne University, Assistant Professor
Pallavi Singh
Queen's University Belfast
Business History, Economic and Business History, Institutional Change, Economic Development, Economic History, Corporate Governance, Firms
Shadrick Andrew Small
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University of California-Berkeley
Culture Industries and Markets, Economic History, Race
Andrew David Allan Smith
University of Liverpool
Lewis Charles Smith
The University of Essex
Cemil Ozan Soydemir
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Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University
Business History, Labor History
Chelsea Spencer
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Abby Spinak
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Harvard Graduate School of Design
20th century, American Economic History, Capitalism, Energy, environmental history
Liat Spiro
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Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
Labor History, History of technology, Trade, infrastructure, 19th century, Economic Development
Siddharth Sridhar
University of Toronto
History of Capitalism, Racial Capitalism, History of management, Labor History, Colonial India, Commodities
David J. Staley
The Ohio State University
digital scholarship
Dr. Rachael A. Storm
Blank Profile Picture
History Colorado, Archives & Special Collections
History of Capitalism, Unions, Women, Domestic labor
Jane Shaw Stroup
Graduate student, North Carolina State University
Education, Business and Economic History
Thomas J. Sugrue
New York University
Jesse Tarbert
Independent Scholar
Kevin D. Tennent
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University of York
Philip Thai
Associate Professor of History, Northeastern University
Modern China, East Asia, Legal History, Economic and Business History, Cold War history, Smuggling, State Formation, Diplomacy
Kim Todt
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History Lecturer
Early America
C. Lloyd Tomlinson
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West Virginia University
Business History
Hannah Knox Tucker
Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Early American Economy and Society, Library Company
Oner Tulum
Senior Researcher, The Academic-Industry Research Network (theAIRnet), Research Affiliate, The William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics & Finance at the Watson Institute, Brown University
pharmaceuticals, Innovation, Technology and Business, Technological Change, Management theory and history; Leadership; Science and technology studies; History of science; Marketing history; Consumer culture; Organizational Behavior;, Evolution of the Firm, historical methodology
Chinmay Tumbe
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Business and Economic History, urban history, Colonial India
Astrid Tvetenstrand
PhD Candidate, Boston University
political economy; communications; nineteenth-century, Art World, Visual Art, Art management
Heidi Tworek
University of British Columbia
Astrid Van den Bossche
Blank Profile Picture
Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Advertising, 20th century, American Consumer Culture, American women's history, Consumer Culture, Digital Humanities, digital scholarship, Material Culture
Sean Vanatta
University of Glasgow
Public policy and regulation, Consumer Culture
Paula Vedoveli
Assistant Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas
Roberto Velez Grajales
Economic History, Economic Development
Gertjan Verdickt
Assistant Professor of Finance, KU Leuven
Corporate Governance, Insurance, Economic History, Financial Economics
Javier Vidal
Professor Economic and Business History, University of Alicante, Spain. Deputy Director Institute of Latin American Social Studies
Economic and Business History, Latin American business history, Transportation, entrepreneurship, Railways, family business
Benjamin Waterhouse
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Business-Government Relations, Lobbying, Business Political Activism, Trade Associations, Small Business
Nicole Welk-Joerger, PhD
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, North Carolina State University
John Wendt
Blank Profile Picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Texas A&M University
American Economic History, Business and Economic History, 19th c. US, Civil War Finance, Slavery, American West, Banking, Native Americans, American History
Mark Wilson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Defence Industries, World War II, Political Economy, Cold War Era
Jon Wlasiuk
Blank Profile Picture
Instructor, Michigan State University
environmental history
Victoria Saker Woeste
Blank Profile Picture
Research Professor Emerita, American Bar Foundation
Tsz Ho Wong
University of Edinburgh
East Asia, History of Science and Technology, East Asian modern business history
Claire Wright
DECRA Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
20th century, Business and Culture, Business and Economic History, Business Groups, Networks
Cassie Yacovazzi
University of South Florida
American women's history, beauty, 20th c. US.
Alexia Yates
University of Manchester
Financial history, urban history, Capitalism, France, Europe, Modern, Real Estate
JoAnne Yates
Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita
Robert Yee
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Princeton University
Financial history, central banking, Modern Britain, 20th century, Banking, financial regulation, Public policy and regulation, Europe, Modern
Jeremy Zallen
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Lafayette College
environmental history, Race, Labor, Maritime industry, History of Science and Technology
Julio Cesar Zuluaga
Assistant professor, Universidad Javeriana Colombia
family business, Technological Change, Innovation