Resources on the history of pandemics and COVID 19

Articles, seminars, and podcasts on the history of pandemics.


Creating Emerging Markets Project, with Geoffrey Jones

At a recent event in Kolkata, Michael Aldous had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Geoffrey Jones, Isidor Straus Professor of Business History at Harvard Business School, where we discussed his ongoing efforts to bring a greater focus in Business History to the study of emerging markets. As part of his trip to Kolkata he spent time interviewing leaders in both business and social enterprises.


Recasing the Case Method, with Sharon Ann Murphy

An interesting discussion with Sharon Ann Murphy, Professor of History at Providence College, on using the case method for undergraduates studying a range of majors.


Hitching (and Tweeting) across Business History, with Chinmay Tumbe

Exploring ways to think about reshaping the classroom experience, in particular considering the use of technology. In this interview Michael Aldous talked with Chinmay Tumbe, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, about his use of online technologies to extend the reach of the classroom.


Hamilton, Business History, and Teaching General Surveys, with Susan V. Spellman

In this installment Michael Aldous discussed ways in which Business History is being used in History Departments which led to a very interesting exchange with Susan Spellman, Associate Professor at Miami University (Ohio), who has written extensively on US business and consumerism.


Humanities and the MBA, with Rolf Strom Olsen

Rolf Strom Olsen, Professor of Humanities at IE Business School, Madrid, is a historian who researches medieval state formation. This interview discusses how he came to teach management and how he uses his historical training to shape his teaching to be relevant for an MBA class.    


Visualizing the Past, with Paolo Quattrone

A conversation with Paolo Quattrone, Professor and Chair of Accounting, Governance and Social innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Paolo studies accounting and management techniques for their visual power and ability to engage the user rather than simply for their aid to rational decision making.


Rethinking Business History in the Classroom

On being asked to coordinate the teaching resources of the Business History Conference website, Michael Aldous wanted to find ways to proactively support the Business History Conference’s agenda of encouraging the use of Business History in teaching. In particular, to promote the excellent Teaching resources, whilst providing context, particularly for those not immersed in Business History, and offering insights and inspiration regarding their use.