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The following recently published media articles and op-ed articles might be of interest.

Vertical Integration Is Making a Comeback at U.S. Companies

Nineteenth-century business innovators like Andrew Carnegie bought up suppliers and controlled all stages of production. Twentieth-century CEOs slimmed down. Then came Covid.

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The retail theft ‘crisis’ isn’t what you think it is

By Sean H. Vanatta

Twenty years later, Enron’s business tactics still haunt us

Josh Lauer (University of New Hampshire) and Kenneth Lipartito (Florida International University) recently wrote for the The Washington Post's Made by History section. Read the article Modern capitalism is inseparable from surveillance here.

Dr. Ashton Merk and Dr. Victoria Plutshack published "Biden’s infrastructure success depends on implementation, not just ideas. A New Deal era program reminds us that the people who enact policies also shape them" in the Made by History section of The Washington Post.