The First Generation of a Construction Sector Family Firm in Spain: ECISA and Its Founder Manuel Peláez Castillo (1937-2014)

Javier Vidal

Family business is always connected to a founder entrepreneur. The Spanish construction firm ECISA (Estructuras y Cimientos Insulares) is linked to the family Peláez Castillo. From 1968 till 1986 Manuel Peláez Castillo built a family business. In this last year arranged especial deal with his brothers in order to separate ECISA Alicante from the other branches of the firm. Since 1986 Peláez Castillo started a new cycle in his company. He extended his target to other business areas as civil works construction (parking buildings, schools, universities, railways, tramways, sport areas). At the same time Peláez Castillo started to plan the transition to a second generation in his enterprise by using a familiar protocol.  This last document introduced the Family Council with a new CEO in the person of his elder son Manuel Peláez Robles who is nowadays running the firm and who has internationalised it in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Peláez Castillo not only created a successful family firm till today. He also developed an intense participation in business associations in order to defend the ideas of family firms in the Spanish economy and in the institutional and political arena. Our text shows the two sides of this entrepreneur: his business history with ECISA, his biography in a parallel way but also his trajectory as a lobbyist between 1980 and 2014.