Digital Business History

Call for projects to participate in the Digital Business History Workshop at the BHC 2023

In the past decade, digital tools have become more and more intrinsic to the research and publishing processes of historians. Not only are we increasingly looking at original sources from our screens with the rise of digitized archival collections, but over the past five years, we have experienced a boom in the variety of digital platforms available for researchers in the Social Sciences and the Humanities to share and present our work online. Online scholarship has expanded as a result of researchers utilizing and adapting digital platforms and software to their own research.

The Inquire Capitalism Program, funded by the Hyatt and Cici Brown Chair at the University of Florida, is sponsoring a workshop/showcase session at the Business History Conference (Thursday, March 16, at 2 pm) to promote, discover, and engage with digital history projects and tools currently in use. We invite attendees to the BHC to showcase their work or to present an ongoing proposal or project in the making and to workshop it at the event. The contributions will serve to assess the state of digital business history in terms of new methods and more. 

The following projects have already agreed to be part of the session: Red de Historia Económica Iberoamericana, Creating Emerging Markets, Business History TV, BHC’s Collective Bibliography, GHI’s German Letters project, and Inquire Capitalism Database. 

We welcome more projects, which can also be in their proposal stage or undergoing, and all attendees to the conference are welcome to attend the workshop. If you wish to showcase your digital business history project at the BHC 2023 Digital Business History project, please contact Dr. Paula de la Cruz-Fernández (

The following projects will be showcased at the workshop:

Mx.Digital, with Juliette Levy 
Creating Emerging Markets, with Geoffrey Jones
Migrant Connections: Economic Information Flows in Digitized Inmigrant Letters, with Atiba Pertilla
The Inquire Capitalism Database of Corporate Archives, with Paula de la Cruz-Fernández
Blueprint for Modernity, with Israel G. Solares and Ted Beatty
EMCODIST, with David Kirsh
The Red de Historia Económica Iberoamericana, with Beatriz Rodríguez Satizabal
Business History TV, with Marcelo Bucheli
The BHC's Collective Bibliography, with Paula de la Cruz-Fernández