The gendered object

Intro. Kirham and Judy Attfield. 1- decoding representations. technology period. "understand the ways inwhich our mental and material worlds interact is as intriguing as ever". danger of reductionism analysing material culture. "interrelation of gender and objects-two of the most fundamental components of the cultural framework whihc holds together our sense of social identity"1. Normalization. Focus on notions of feminity and masculinity. Important to locate objects historically and within the sphere of consumption.2 Not object-centered studies but the relation between objects and people. 2. gender is about power. interdisciplinarity of cultural history. "what objects look like and, if clothes, what people look like wearing them, is an important aspect of how they are perceived in terms of gender at any moment"4 degree of genderration, level of everyday life 5. representations through our use of objects. "the more taboo the object in terms of socially acceptable gender conventions, the greater the (heterosexal) pressure to make the sign."10. acentuate feminity. constructing identities through obejct relations. 10 2. Interiors: nineteenth-century essays on the 'masculine' and the 'femenine' room. Juliet Kinchin.12- historize the private space, yo places for men,places for women in the house. gendered furnished. notions of utility, durability, hospitlity, plenitud oak for masculinity 15. find objectification of men or women in literature. 3 The washing machine: 'Mother's not herself today'. Jane Graves 31. form the lauderette to washing clothes alone. 31. personal story. "the washing machine is the badge, the insignia, the natural extension and justification of the existence of the housewife. It is the smile on her face"33. "represents maternal presents and action" 34. "men have invented for them 'white goods'"35. the concept of dirt. ecological impact since the sewing machine is difficult to repair. 5. Bicycles: Nicholas Oddy. The Raleigh Collection. The accomodation of bicycles to female meant that this was a gendered object 60. adressing female dress conventions 64, becasue actually the first model also was damaging for men. 8. Dolls: odour, disgust, feminity and toy design.<90.Heather Hendershot. "the proper female body is, above all, self-contained, and commodities such as deodorant, douches and scented tampons help to contruct and reinforce the ideal of the properly contained, properly scented, adult female body" 90, on the construction of feminine body. 90 how odour functions as a design concept targeted to women and girls and why starwberry is so marketable to women" 91 Strawberry Shortcake doll. seductive-yet innocent strawberry. Foucault. 93, power does not emanate from a single source. strongly gender coded toys. 16. Jackets:engendering the object in Desperately Seeking Susan. Anne Wale 172 "In popular discourse [...] a woman is what she wears. 172. masculine subject position to empower"