2019 BHC Meeting Program

The Program Committee for the 2019 meeting consists of Marcelo Bucheli (co-chair), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Andrea Lluch (co-chair), CONICET; Takafumi Kurosawa, Kyoto University; Espen Storli, NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Laura Phillips Sawyer, Harvard Business School; and 2019 BHC president Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York. The Twitter hashtag for the meeting is #BHCcartagena. All communications regarding the program should be directed to <ProgramCommittee@bhc2019.org>.

"Globalization and De-Globalization: Shifts of Power and Wealth"

Thursday, March 14th

7:30am-3:00pm   Dissertation Colloquium
Kalamary I and II
      Chair: Edward J. Balleisen, Duke University

8:30am-6:00pm   Workshops

8:30am-6:00pm   Workshop Empresariado en América Latina en Perspectiva Histórica y Global (Workshop: Latin American Business in a Global and Historical Perspective)
      Chairs: Joaquín Viloria (Colombia), Norma Lanciotti (Argentina), Aurora Gómez Galvarriato (México)

1:00-4:00pm    Paper Development Workshop: "Histories of Business Knowledge"
      Sponsor: The Copenhagen Business School
      Chair: Christina Lubinski, Copenhagen Business School

2:00-3:30pm     Digital Archives and Other Electronic Resources for Business Historians
      Chair: Albert Churella, Kennesaw State University

4:00-5:30pm   Interdisciplinarity: Risks and Opportunities for Navigating a Business History Career
      Chair: Karolina Hutkova, London School of Economics


1:00pm-6:00pm   Registration
GSB Foyer

3:00pm-5:30pm   Trustees Meeting

5:40pm-6:10pm   BHC Annual Membership Meeting 

6:15pm-8:15pm   Krooss Dissertation Prize Plenary Session
     Chair: Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford

Jeannette Estruth, “A New Utopia: A Political History of the Silicon Valley, 1945-1995"
Ph.D., New York University, 2018

Edward Fertik, “Steel and Sovereignty: The United States, Nationalism, and the Transformation of World Order, 1898-1941"
Ph.D., Yale University, 2018

Rachel Knecht, "Visionary Calculations: Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth-Century America"
Ph.D., Brown University, 2018

Ghassan Moazzin, "Networks of Capital: German Bankers and the Financial Internationalisation of China (1885-1919)"
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 2017


8:15pm-9:00pm   Welcome Reception
      Sponsor: BBVA Colombia


Friday, March 15th

6:30am-9:00am   Buffet Breakfast
Las Chivas

7:15am-8:15am   Emerging Scholars Networking Breakfast
El Tinajero

8:00am-5:00pm   Registration
GSB Foyer

8:00am-5:00pm   Exhibits
GSB Foyer

8:30am-10:00am   Concurrent Sessions 1

1.A: The American Health Sector: Power and Inequality
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Paloma Fernandez, Universitat de Barcelona
      Discussant: Christy Chapin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Peter Hilsenrath, University of the Pacific
Role and Responsibility of Business in Shifts of Power, Wealth and Inequality 

Andrew Simpson, Duquesne University
Air Bridges and International Affiliations: The Evolving Business of Global Specialty Medicine in the Late 20th Century

Jessica Adler, Florida International University
A Global Paradigm and Domestic Realities: "Well-Functioning Health Systems" and Stakeholder Activism


1.B: Starting Small Going Global
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Knut Sogner, BI Norwegian Business School
      Discussant: Bram Bouwens, Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and Luis Felipe Saenz, University of South Carolina
Caffeinated Memories: The Creation of Historical Narratives as Public Goods: Evidence from the Colombian Coffee Industry

Ebes Esho, University of Johannesburg, Adeleye Ifedapo, Georgetown University, and Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johannesburg
Beyond National Markets to Global Companies: The Case of Emerging African Multinationals 

Jeffrey Fear, University of Glasgow
Emerging (Mittelstand) Multinationals


1.C: Globalization and De-Globalization in Twentieth-Century Banking
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Grace Ballor, European University Institute
      Discussant: Youssef Cassis, European University Institute

Grace Ballor, European University Institute
Paribas, Globalization, and European Integration: How the FDI of a French Investment Bank Shaped Europe and the World

Carlos Caballero-Argaez, Carlos Eduardo Hernandez, and Jorge Tovar, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Policy Reversals on Foreign Investment: Colombian Banking during the Late 20th Century

Joaquim Cuevas, University of Valencia, Pablo Martin-Acena, University of Alcala, and Angeles Pons, University of Valencia
Exploring the Roots of Internationalization: The Compared Trajectories for Two Big Spanish Banks, BBVA and Santander 

Ghassan Moazzin, University of Tokyo
Banking in the New Republic: Multinational Banks, Political Risk and the Chinese 1911 Revolution


1.D: Public and Private Policies on Wealth Distribution
Kalamary II
      Chair: Rowena Olegario, University of Oxford
      Discussant: Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow

Albert Churella, Kennesaw State University
Empowered to Redistribute Wealth: Public Policy and the Curtailment of Executive Compensation during the 1930s

Richard R. John, Columbia University
Economic Inequality, the Problem of Monopoly, and the Challenge of Henry George

Kathryn Steen, Drexel University
Radio, Patents, and Monopoly: RCA and the Department of Justice


1.E: Women in Corporate Networks
Kalamary I
      Chair: Susie Pak, St. John University
      Discussant: Lucy Taksa, Macquire University

Stephanie Ginalski, Université de Lausanne
How Women Broke into the “Old Boys” Swiss Corporate Network 

Andrea Lluch, Universidad de la Pampa/CONICET and Universidad de los Andes, Colombia and Erica Salvaj, Universidad del Desarrollo
Women May be Climbing on Board, but Not in First Class: Female Board Participation in Chile and Argentina, 1901–2010  

Alberto Rinaldi, Giulia Tagliazucchi, Universtiy of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and Michelangelo Vasta, University of Siena
Women Directors in Italy, 1913–2010

Chinmay Tumbe, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Women's Representation on Corporate Boards in India, c. 1920–2010


1.F: Merchants, Traders, and Port Cities: Establishing Global Trade
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: Carlos Gabriel Guimarães, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói
      Discussant: Manuel Llorca-Jana, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Carlos Guimarães, Universidade Federal Fluminense
The Foreign Presence in the Brazilian Importer and Exporter Trade: The Case of the Jersey’s Firm Francis Le Breton & Co, c.1810–c.1850

Steven Ivings, Kyoto University
Western-Chinese Commercial Cooperation in the Japan Trade: The Case of Hakodate, 1855–1885

Sean Kelley, University of Essex
From Senegambia to Cartagena: Luso-African Credit Networks and the Business of Slave Trading, 1580–1640


1.G: Diplomacy in Global Business
      Chair: Ann Carlos, University of Colorado, Boulder
      Discussant: Xavier Duran, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Jorge Muñoz-Sougarret, Universidad de Los Lagos
German Entrepreneurs and Diplomacy in the South Pacific: A Study About His Role in the Concession of Productive Land to German Enterprises in the Province of Llanquihue, Chile, 1890–1914 

Lindsay Schakenbach Regele, Miami University (Ohio)
State Department Business: Joel Roberts Poinsett and Latin American Independence, 1811–1829 

Nina Kleinoeder, University of Marburg
A “Place in the Sun” (Bernhard von Bülow, 1897)? German Business in Colonial Railway Building in Africa, 1880–1920 


1.H: Business and Indigenous History
      Chair and Discussant: Michael Lerma, Dine College

Clinton Hough, Florida International University
A Propensity to Truck, Barter, and Exchange: The Indian Trade in Colonial Florida 

Elizabeth Rule, Brown University
The Chickasaw Press: A Case Study in Indigenous Enterprise and Innovation 

Adrian Lerma, Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution LLC, and Michael Lerma, Diné College
Breaking Dependency: Economic Innovation and the Future of the Navajo Economy


1.I: Financial Markets and Capital Flows
      Chair: Andreas Sanders, NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

German Forero-Laverde, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Is There a Global Financial Cycle in the Stock Market? The Case for Developed Economies since the Interwar Years 

José Augusto Miranda, Ibmec Business School, Rio de Janeiro
Glocal Finance in Latin America: The Market for Latin American Municipal Bonds in the London Capital Market, 1880–1929 

Carolyn KeberJanette Rutterford, and Dimitris Sotiropoulos, Open University
Globalization and Capital Flows: The English Investment Trusts before World War I

Joseph Wallace, Johns Hopkins University
Alexander Brown & Sons: From Irish Immigrants to American Innovators of Global Finance and Urban Development


10:00am-10:30am   Coffee
GSB Foyer


10:30am-12:00pm   Concurrent Sessions 2

2.A: Alternative Capitalisms
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
      Discussant: Susie Pak, St. John’s University

Ai Hisano, Kyoto University
Capitalism of the Senses: Food, Color, and the Creation of Modern Visual Culture 

Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School
Anthroposophical Capitalism: Esoteric Beliefs and the Creation of Modern Business Enterprises 

Adam Frost, Harvard University
Illicit Capitalism in Socialist China 


2.B: Innovation in Global Marketing and Product Development
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: Mary Quek, University of Hertfordshire
      Discussant: Julio Moreno, University of San Francisco

Jing Han, University of York
An Analysis of the Supply Side of Non-Deceptive Counterfeiting Business in the Luxury Fashion and Apparel Industry in China


Takeshi Ohtowa, Kanto Gakuin University / Hiroshima City University, Kazuo Doi, Kyushu Sangyo University, Tsutomu Kita, Hiroshima City University, and Tomomi Shiosaki, Kyushu University
Sustainable Transformability Possible among Traditional Companies: A Case of a Japanese Traditional Brush Maker 


2.C: Industry Lifecycle, FDI, and Trade Policy
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Jeffrey Fear, University of Glasgow
      Discussant: William Lazonick, The Academic-Industry Research Network

John Mohr, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Stars Fell on Alabama: The Global Auto Industry and the Landscape of Modernity in the American South 

Dael Norwood, University of Delaware
From the “China trade” to the “China market”: Globalization and Deglobalization in the Gilded Age United States 

Hiromi Shioji, Kyoto University, and Eiko Tomiyama, Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Parts Localization Lifecycle in the Auto Industry 


2.D: Finance Unbound: Offshore Banking in the Postwar Era
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Charlotte Natmessnig, WU Vienna
      Discussant: Sean Vanatta, Princeton University

Erin Cully, CUNY Graduate Center
Edge as Wedge: The Impact of the Edge Act on Interstate Banking

Seung Woo Kim, Korea University
Inter-state Solution in the Stateless Market: National Sovereignty and the Global Supervision of the Eurodollar Market, 1975–1979

Sebastián Alvarez, University of Oxford
Banking Globalization and Ginancial Crisis in Mexico and Brazil, 1973-1982


2.E: Brokers of Globalization: Transnational Private Organizations and Business
Kalamary II
      Chair: Joost Dankers, Utrecht University
      Discussant: Gelina Harlaftis, Ionian University

Neil Rollings, University of Glasgow
The Development of Transnational Business Associations over the Twentieth Century

Craig Murphy, Wellesley College, and JoAnne Yates, MIT
Voluntary Standards Organizations: Engaging and Shaping Global Business

Thomas David, University of Lausanne, Pierre-Yves Donzé, Osaka University, and Pierre Eichenberger, University of Zurich
When Global History Meets Business History: The International Chamber of Commerce as a Business Opportunity, 1920–1960


2.F: The Role of Large-Scale MNEs in Emerging Market Economies
      Chair: Grietjie Verhoeff, University of Johannesburg

Israel García Solares, El Colegio de México
Underground Leviathans: The United States Company and Mining Multinationals in the Americas, 1901–1971 

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Pedro Neves, Universidade de Lisboa
The Paradox of the Nationality of the Firm: Foreign Investment in Portuguese Africa, 1850–1974

Gerarda Westerhuis, Utrecht University
Overseas Banks and Financial Conglomerates: Comparing Strategies of Dutch Banks in Brazil in Two Different Phases of Globalization


2.G: Dealing with Multinationals
      Chair: Erica Salvaj, Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile)
      Discussant: Adoración Álvaro-Moya, CUNEF - Colegio Universitario Estudios Financieros

Colette Perold, New York University
Pan-American Tabulation and Brazilian Foreign Debt: IBM in Brazil before Computation

Pål Sandvik and Espen Storli, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Small States and Monopoly Power: The International Oil Industry and the Scandinavian Market, 1890–1930

Stefano Tijerina, University of Maine
Globalizing the Americas: Canada's Business Expansion in Colombia during the First Half of the Twentieth Century


2.H: Economic Nationalism and Business in Emerging Markets in the Mid-Twentieth Century
      Chair: Carlos Davila, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Stephanie Decker, Aston Business School
The History of Economic Nationalism and Expropriations in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa Compared

Shakila Yacob, University of Malaya
Championing Economic Independence and the Responses of Foreign-Owned Businesses during Decolonisation: The Case of Malaysia

Christina Lubinski, Copenhagen Business School
Global Business and the Nation State: A Neo-Listian Approach to Business History

Rory Miller, University of Liverpool
Foreign Firms and Economic Nationalism in Mid-Twentieth-Century Latin America


12:00pm-1:30pm   Lunch
El Tinajero

12:00pm-1:30pm   Business Historians in Business Schools Lunch
Kiosko la Marinaro

1:30pm-3:00pm   Concurrent Sessions 3

3.B: Retail Chains across Borders, 1920s - Present
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Pamela Walker Laird, University of Colorado, Denver
      Discussant: Vicki Howard, University of Essex

Shane Hamilton, University of York
Necessary Failures: Private Standards and the Transformation of Risk Management in Agrifood Supply Chains

Rui Shi, Kyoto University
The Decline of Physical Retailers in China in the Post-1978 Reform Period


3.C: Corporate Cultures and Business Elites
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Gerarda Westerhuis, Utrecht University

Alejandro Caceres, IESA Management School / Universidad Catolica Andres Bello
The Globalization of Management by MNEs in Latin America: The “Venezuelanization” of Managerial and Executive Levels of Royal Dutch Shell in Venezuela 1945–1975

Sven Kube, Florida International University
Communist Corporate Culture: Enterprise between Political Principle and Profit Pursuit

Saša Vejzagić, European University Institute
Making of the Socialist Business Class: Integration of Yugoslav Business Sector into the Global Market and Career Patterns of General Managers between 1965 and 1978


3.D: Global Connections and Local Business in India
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School
      Discussant: Naotoshi Umeno, Osaka University of Commerce

Stefan Tetzlaff, German Historical Institute
Local Business Prerogatives and Foreign Assistance: Vocational Education in Mid-20th Century India

Sudev J. Sheth, Harvard Business School
Textiles, Trusteeship, and Technology: Ahmedabad’s Arvind Group and Modernizing a Family Business

Chinmay Tumbe, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Placing Engineers as Managers: IITs, IIMs and the Rise of India’s Managerial Elite 


3.E: Industry Dynamics and the Development of Competitive Strategy
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: JoAnne Yates, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Discussant: Bernardita Escobar Andrae, University of Talca

Joost Dankers, Utrecht University
The Dutch Steel Industry between Globalisation and De-globalisation

Hideki Nakamura, Tokyo University of Science
The History of Computer Industry Competition from a Supply Chain Globalization View 

Stig Tenold, NHH Norwegian School of Economics
Globalization and the Maritime City in the Second Half of the 20th Century: The Case of Bergen, Norway 


3.F: Making Southern Capitalism: Credit, Specie, and Slavery
Kalamary II
      Chair and Discussant: Caitlin Rosenthal, University of California, Berkeley

Kathryn Olivarius, Stanford University
Immunocapitalism: Disease, Risk, and Creditworthiness in Antebellum New Orleans 

Ann Daly, Brown University
“Men of Honor and Intrinsic Worth”: Honor, Trust, and Money at the New Orleans Mint



3.G: Strategies and Initiatives for Development
      Chair: Maria Eugenia Mata, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Jairo Campuzano-Hoyos, Universidad EAFIT
Colombian Progress Brokers: The Circulation of Ideas and the Search for Models of Material Progress in a Globalizing Latin America, 1880s–1890s 

Anne Hanley, Northern Illinois University, and Renato Marcondes, University of São Paulo, Ribeirao Preto
Native Capital, Foreign Capital: Banking and Business Development in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century São Paulo, Brazil

Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis and Mara Vidali, Athens University of Economics and Business
An Empirical Model of Joint Stock Company Births, Greece: 1840–1939

Julia Yongue, Hosei University
Siam Then Thailand Now: Contextualizing the Development of Thai Capitalism through Two Eras of Globalization


3.H: The Private Sector and the Mexican State: Corruption and Monopolies
      Chair: Rory Miller, University of Liverpool

Andrew Paxman, CIDE
Why Has Mexico Tolerated Monopolies? Three Cases of Symbiotic Relations, 1941–2014

Aurora Gómez Galvarriato, El Colegio de México
Maseca-Gruma: The Building of a Corn Flour and Tortillas Global Emporium: Innovation or Cronyism?

Gustavo A. Del Angel, CIDE
Intentionally Arrested: Rural Insurance Markets and Credit in Mexico, 1960–2000

José Galindo, Universidad Veracruzana
Crony Capitalism and International Investment: The Case of Canadian Companies in Mexico 


3:00pm-3:30pm   Coffee
GSB Foyer

3:30pm-5:00pm   Concurrent Sessions 4

4.A: Creating Global Business Education
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Rolv Petter Amdam, BI Norwegian Business School

Adoración Álvaro-Moya, CUNEF, and Nuria Puig, Complutense University
Foreign Aid and the Globalization of Business Education: Lessons from Southern Europe in the Early Cold War

Valeria Giacomin, Copenhagen Business School, Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School, and Erica Salvaj, Universidad del Desarrollo
Business Leaders and Investment in Education: Evidence from Emerging Markets since the 1960s

Gabriela Recio, Independent Scholar
Engineers, Innovation, and Globalization in Mexico: The MIT Education, 1880–1920

Michael Rubens, KU Leuven
Managerial Education, Productivity and Technology Choice: Evidence from US Mining Colleges 


4.B: Business History and the Law
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Edward J. Balleisen, Duke University
      Discussant: Janette Rutterford, Open University

Takashi Shimizu, University of Tokyo
The Historical Development of “Japanese-style” Corporate Governance

Victoria Barnes, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, and Lucy Newton, University of Reading
Shifts of Wealth, Capital and Responsibility: Litigating in London about Shareholder Rights in Canada and the Commonwealth

Sarah Wilson, University of York
Fostering Interdisciplinary Approaches in Management History: Making Connections with the Disciplines of History and Law through Exploring ‘Financial Crime’ History


4.C: The Global Appeal of Entertainment: Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: Ben Wubs, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Samuel Backer, Johns Hopkins University
Middlemen in the Middle West: The Western Vaudeville Manager’s Association and the Business Structure of Mass Entertainment

Peter Miskell, University of Reading
Festivals: An Emerging Hub of the Global Creative Industries, or a Reaction Against Globalisation?

Denise Sutton, New York City College of Technology
Markets of Gold: The Global Expansion of Romance Publishing Companies Mills & Boon and Harlequin Enterprises, 1930–1990 

Cristina Stanca and Jeffrey Fear, University of Glasgow
"Carl Laemmle Presents” : A Story of Political and Cultural Risk in Germany 1917-1934


4.D: The Developmental State in International Competition
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: William Hausman, College of William and Mary
      Discussant: Gustavo A. Del Angel, CIDE

Kellen Backer, Syracuse University
Food, Industry, and National Defense: World War II’s Uneven Reshaping of the Food Industry and Military Subsistence 

Julian Lamberty and Jeppe Nevers, University of Southern Denmark
The Danish Robotics Cluster: The Role of the Public Sector in the Development of a Successful Industrial Cluster 

Yuqin Xu, Meiji University
The Linkage between Institutional Transitions and Intellectual Property (IP) Strategies of Pharmaceuticals: Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry, 1970-2017 


4.E: Business Responses to Social Change in the 1960s-1970s
      Chair: Jessica Burch, University of Utah
      Discussant: Benjamin Waterhouse, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Gavin Benke, Boston University
You Have Done Much to Awaken our Business Community to the Problems and Potentials Ahead: Nixon’s White House Contemplates the Economy in 1990

Andrew Busch, Coastal Carolina University
Reconsidering Neoliberalism: Social Fracture and the Role of Business Schools in Promoting Economic Change, 1968–1982 

Jeanette Estruth, Harvard University
Against the Great Society: Midcentury Corporate Opposition to Medicare

4.F: Business Groups
      Chair: Maria Inés Barbero, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Niall Reddy, New York University
The Fragmentation of the South African Corporate Network, 1993–2018

Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Queen Mary University of London and Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Colombian Business Groups: Patterns and Explanations, 1950–2000 


4.G: International Financial Flows and Domestic Politics
Kalamary II
      Chair: Niels Viggo Haueter, Swiss Re Corporation

Carlo Edoardo Altamura, Lund University
Credit Where Due? Banks, Debt, and Dictatorships in Latin America, 1973–1982

Akram Beniamin, University of Reading
British Banks in Egypt: Exploitation or Coordination, the Case of the Ionian Bank, 1907–1956 

Adriana Calcagno, Université de Genève, and Juan Flores Zendejas, Université de Genève / Colegio de México
Making Money Flow: Latin American Central Banks at the Onset of the Great Depression 

Jane Knodell and Catalina Vizcarra, University of Vermont
The Political Economy of Coinage Production in the Americas: Massachusetts Bay and Peru, 1600–1700


4.H: Strategies for Mitigating Risk in the Long Eighteenth Century
Kalamary I
      Chair: Steven Ivings, Kyoto University
      Discussant: Barbara Hahn, Texas Tech University

Hannah Tucker, University of Virginia
Dangers of the Winds and Seas: Sea Captains’ Investment Strategies, 1720–1760

Hunter Harris, University of Michigan
Specialization, Diversification, and Partnership Investment in Glasgow, 1750–1800

Scott Miller, International Center for Jefferson Studies
Strategy of Flexibility: Combining Risk and Diversification to Command Markets in Napoleonic Era Europe


4.I: MNEs and Managing IP: Patent Law in Emerging Markets
      Chair: Edward Beatty, Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Pierre-Yves Donzé, Osaka University, and Shigehiro Nishimura, Kansai University
Patent Strategy and Global Competition in the Electric Appliance Industry: Siemens, 1880–1945

Jose Manuel Carrasco Weston, Martin Monsalve Zanatti, Universidad del Pacífico, and Alejandra Osorio, Technische Universität Darmstadt
Adoption of Technology and Globalization, the First Development of Peru’s Patent System, 1890–1930

Amy Nguyen, University of York
Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Intellectual Property Strategies for Multinational Corporation in Emerging Markets: The Case of Vietnam in Historical Perspective 

Shigehiro Nishimura, Kansai University
Globalizing Patent Portfolio: Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Management 


5:30pm-5:45pm   Buses Depart for Keynote Venue
Hilton Lobby

6:15pm-7:00pm   Keynote Address
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en Cartagena de Indias
     Mira Wilkins, Professor Emerita, Florida International University

7:00pm-9:00pm   Presidential Reception
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en Cartagena de Indias
     Sponsors: Banco de la República (Colombia) and Centro de Formación en Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

10:00-11:00pm   Buses Depart for Hilton


Saturday, March 16th

6:30am-9:00am   Buffet Breakfast
Las Chivas

8:00am-12:00pm   Registration
GSB Foyer

8:00am-5:00pm   Exhibits
GSB Foyer

8:30am-10:00am   Concurrent Sessions 5


5.A: Global Value Chains
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Espen Storli, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Marc Levinson, Independent Scholar
The Rise and Retreat of Global Supply Chains

Bastian Linneweh, University of Goettingen
In Search of “De-Globalization”: Evidence from the Global Rubber Markets, 1914-45 

Michael Stamm, Michigan State University
Canadian Trees, American Policy, and Latin American Journalism: A Hemispheric History of Newsprint in the Mid-Twentieth Century 

Mengxing Yu, Kyoto University
The Global Procurement's System of China’s Pulp and Paper Industry: The Case of Fuyang District after 1978


5.B: Entrepreneurial History: Conceptual and Critical Perspectives
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Christina Lubinski, Copenhagen Business School

Andrea Colli, Bocconi University
European Capitalism: Culture, Institutions and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Prosopography

R. Daniel Wadhwani, University of the Pacific
Death and Rebirth of the Entrepreneurial Hero

Benjamin Waterhouse, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Entrepreneurship Comes Home: American Women and the ‘Home-Based Business Movement’ in the 1980s 

Andrew Popp, University of Baltimore
Nostalgia and Ordinary Enterprise in the Age of Populism


5.C: Gender in Business
Grand Salon B
      Chair: Meg Graham, McGill University
      Discussant: Pål Sandvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Sabine Effosse, University of Paris, Nanterre
Banking, Consumption and Feminine Finance: Did the "Bastille Day Law" (July, 13th, 1965) Usher in a New Era of Empowerment for French Women? 

Katherine Lacson, Ateneo de Manila University
The Images of the Manileña Businesswoman During the American Occupation, 1898–1938

Mary Yeager, University of California, Los Angeles
Gender, Race, and Entrepreneurship


5.D: Governance and Creation of Capitalism
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Shane Hamilton, University of York

Gregory Hargreaves, University of Delaware
Edge-Effect Capitalism and Iron Plantations on the North American Fall Line 

Rafael Pardo, Emory University
Federally Funded Slaving 

Bryan Turo, Concordia College (New York)
The Making of a Market Borderland: The Overlapping Economies of the Santa Fe Trade Area in the 19th Century

Richard Yntema, Otterbein University
The Globalization of Tea and Coffee: The Political Economy of Tea and Coffee Consumption in 18th-Century Holland


5.E: Internationalization of the Family Firm
Kalamary I
      Chair: Hartmut Berghoff, University of Goettingen
      Discussant: Álvaro Ferreira da Silva, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Julien del Marmol, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Internationalization and the Family: The Case of Belgian Brewers Artois and Piedboeuf, 1970–2000

Apostolos Delis, Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH
Global Greek-Owned Tramp Shipping and the Advent of the Steamers 

Paloma Fernández Pérez, Universitat de Barcelona
Pioneers and Challengers in the Global Plasma Protein Industry, 1915–2015


5.F: Risk and Insurance
      Chair: Stephanie Decker, Aston Business School
      Discussant: Sharon Murphy, Providence College

Erika Vause, St. John's University
Your Money and Your Life: The Pommerais Trial and Life Insurance in 19th-Century France 

Mark Jakob, University of Marburg
Securitization of Exports? The Creation and Development of State-Backed Trade Credit Insurance in the Interwar Period 

Niels Viggo Haueter, Swiss Re Corporation
The Impact of Insurance in the Making of Global Business


5.G: Market Strategies for Local Brands in Global Contexts
Kalamary II
      Chair: Julio Moreno, University of Virginia

Nur Suhaili Binti Ramli, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Marketing Strategy Analysis in the Italian Textile Industry: The Case of Marzotto, 1836–2004

Ludovic Cailluet, EDHEC Business School
Space as a Strategic Resource: The Case of Retail Pharmacy and Cosmetics in France post-1945

John Wong, University of Hong Kong
The Emergence of a “Local” Product through a Global Discourse: The Making of Vitasoy in Post-WWII Hong Kong

Susumu Harada, Meji University
Market’s Priority and Global Brand Management Change: The Case of Lexus from 1989 to Present 


5.H: Markets on the Margins
      Chair: Juliette Levy, University of California, Riverside
      Discussant: Louis Hyman, Cornell University

Brent Cebul, University of Pennsylvania
Business’s War on Poverty: Or, How Businesspeople Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Poor and Marginalized 

Jennifer Le Zotte, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Seeing Straight: Policing Sexualities in New York’s Early Commercial Nightlife 

Joshua Davis, University of Baltimore
More than a Store: Activist Businesses in Baltimore, 1826–2018


5.I: Business between Globalisation and Pan-European Cooperation
      Chair and Discussant: Juan Flores Zendejas, Université de Genève

Alexis Drach, University of Glasgow
European Banking Clubs between Europe and the World, 1970s–1980s 

Pavel Szobi, European University Institute
Presentation of the Research Project PanEur1970s

Youssef Cassis, European University Institute
The City of London between Globalisation and Pan-European Cooperation, 1970s-1980s


10:00am-10:30am   Coffee
GSB Foyer

10:30am-12:00pm   Concurrent Sessions 6


6.A: Globalization in Institutional Practice: Tax Havens, Offshoring, and Corporate Investigations
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University

Marten Boon, University of Oslo, and Ben Wubs, Erasmus University Rotterdam
“Safe haven Curaçao”: The Origins of a Dutch Offshore Centre, 1915–1960 

James Hollis and Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford
The Emergence of the Offshore Economy, 1914–1939

Elena Egawhary, Columbia University
‘Selling Honesty’ to the World: The Rise of Kroll Associates 

Christophe Farquet, Université de Genève
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: The History of Tax Havens, à Cheval between Regulation and Globalization


6.B: Constructing Global Infrastructure
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Javier Vidal, Universidad de Alicante
      Discussant: Marc Levinson, Independent Scholar

Bram Bouwens, Utrecht University
Carriers of Globalization: Airline Development between Globalization and De-globalization, 1980–2010 

Gelina Harlaftis, Institute for Mediterranean Studies-FORTH & Ionian University, Greece
Aristotle Onassis, a Pioneer in the Architecture of the Global Shipping Firm 

George Deltas, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Richard Sicotte, University of Vermont
The Transformation of Transatlantic Passenger Transportation, 1946–1970


6.C: Globalization, Business Standards, and the Market
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Andrea Lluch, CONICET and Los Andes University
      Discussant: Meg Graham, McGill University

Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia
The Great Divergence: The Metric Debate, American Business, and American Exceptionalism

Jason Scott Smith, University of New Mexico
Going Global: Multinational Firms, Construction Standards, and the Infrastructure of American Capitalism

Ashton Merck, Duke University
Privatization and Internationalization in Food Safety Standards 


6.D: Family Firms and the Varieties of Capitalism
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Sudev J. Sheth, Harvard Business School
      Discussant: Andrea Colli, Bocconi University

Hartmut Berghoff, University of Goettingen
Family Capitalism in the United States and Germany: An Institutional and Cultural Perspective

Andrea Schneider-Braunberger, Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte
Family Firms as Variance of Capitalism: Survivability in Changing Phases in History

Araceli Almaraz, Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Trajectories of Mexican Business Families: Origin and Divergences in a Middle-Income Country


6.E: International Business Strategy
Kalamary II
      Chair: Norma Lanciotti, Universidad Nacional de Rosario-CONICET

Jørgen Burchardt, National Museum of Science and Technology
Dissemination of Knowledge through Multinational Companies

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo and Sergio Castellanos-Gamboa, Bangor University
Optimal Adoption of Automated Teller Machines ATMs in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America

Sabine Pitteloud, Université de Genève
Swiss Multinationals Facing the Creation of International Guidelines in the 1970s: Between Foreign Diplomacy and Coordinated Capitalism

Naotoshi Umeno, Osaka University of Commerce
Historical Analysis of Subsidiary Evolution: A Case Study of Hala Gelatin Development by Nitta Gelatin India Limited (NGIL) 


6.F: Public Policy and Business History: A Roundtable Discussion
Kalamary I
     Chair: Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Adolfo Meisel, Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Graciela Márquez, Ministerio de Economía, Mexico

Carlos Caballero, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


6.G: Currents of Thought among Big Business in Latin America
      Chair: Mark Rose, Florida Atlantic University

Rita Giacalone, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Relationship, Reputation and Wealth, Keys to the Colombian Business Discourse on Asia-Pacific 

Alejandra Salas Porras, UNAM-FCPyS
Think Tanks and Big Business: Why do Mexican Big Business Promote Think Tanks?

Mariel Aguilar-Støen and Benedicte Bull, University of Oslo
An Institutional Turn? Changes in Business Discourses in El Salvador and Guatemala

Marcia Barbero and Miguel Serna, University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay
Gender Discrimination in Business Careers: Between Denial and Blame for Uruguayan Women

Claudio Castro, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
AAPRESID: A Business Thinking to Establish and Spread the Knowledge Society in Argentine Agriculture


6.H: The Latin American Entrepreneurial State in Historical Perspective, Part I
      Chair: Pedro Neves, Universidade de Lisboa

Bernardita Escobar Andrae, University of Talca
Continuity or Change? Corporate Governance in Chilean State-owned Enterprises, 1884–2018

Matías Kulfas, UNSAM-UBA
Rise, Decline and (a Weak) Reappearance of the Entrepreneurial State: The Recent Argentine Experience in Historical Perspective, 1950–2015 

Juan Odisio, UBA-CONICET, Marcelo Rougier, CONICET-UBA
Military Strategy and Entrepreneurial State Argentina: Two Tactics for the Development of the Basic Industry During the 20th Century

Gail Triner, Rutgers University
From Entrepreneurial State to Regulatory State? Brazilian Political Economy in the Wake of Privatization 


6.I: Beyond Public and Private: Business Influence on Domestic and Global Politics
      Chair: Richard R. John, Columbia University

Pérola Maria Goldfeder Borges de Castro, University of São Paulo
Beyond the “Idea of Profit”: Public Policies and Private Entrepreneurs and the Establishment of Postal Services in Nineteenth-Century Brazil, 1829–1844  

Diana Londono-Correa and Luz Maria Rivas, Universidad EAFIT
Organizational Structures for Corporate Political Activities of a Colombian Business Group: A Case Study, 1960–2006 

Juan C. Lopez, Universidad EAFIT
The Tennessee Valley Authority: A Model for Medellin's Utility Company (1933-1955) 


12:00pm-1:30pm   Lunch
El Tinajero

12:00pm-1:30pm   Women in Business History Lunch
Kiosko la Marinaro

1:30pm-3:00pm   Concurrent Sessions 7

7.A: Innovation and Growth
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Walter Friedman, Harvard Business School
      Discussant: David Kirsch, University of Maryland

Eric Hintz, Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution
Does America Need More Innovators?

William Lazonick, The Academic-Industry Research Network, and Yin Li, Fudan University
Innovative Enterprise and China's Economic Growth

Ryan McDonough, Paul Miranti, and Michael Schoderbek, Rutgers Business School
Alfred D. Chandler’s Integrated Learning Base: Toward the Classification and Measurement of Corporate Innovation [Abstract]  


7.B: History Beyond the Academy: A Roundtable Discussion
Kalamary I
      Chair: Andrea Schneider-Braunberger, Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (GUG)

Jairo Campuzano-Hoyos, Universidad EAFIT
Stephen Chambers, Winthrop Group
Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University
Juan C. Lopez, Universidad EAFIT
Gabriela Recio, Independent Scholar


7.C: Global and Local Dimensions of Postwar East Asian Business History
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: William R. Childs, Ohio State University
      Discussant: Takafumi Kurosawa, Kyoto University

Thomas David Dubois, Fudan University
Milk from the Butterfly Spring: Dairy Enterprise and Regional Development in Socialist China 

Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Facing Obstacles and Overcoming Difficulties: Honda's Entry into the Design and Production of Four-Wheel Vehicles

Philip Scranton, Rutgers University
Nationalizing the Local: Maintenance, Repair and Recycling in the People’s Republic of China


7.D: Making Managers in Emerging Markets
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Gail Triner, Rutgers University
      Discussant: Rory Miller, University of Liverpool Management School

Rolv Petter Amdam, BI Norwegian Business School, and Carlos Davila, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Introducing Executive eEducation in Latin America: Comparing Colombia, Peru and Central America, 1960–1980 

Andrea Lluch, Universidad de la Pampa/CONICET and Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
The Origins and Evolution of Management Education and Training in Argentina, 1940s–1960s

Yun Wu, Tukuyama University
The Western and Japanese Impact on China’s Management Modernization: Path, Method, and Mechanism of Management Learning, 1978–1990 


7.E: Political Risk and National Strategy
      Chair: Carlos Caballero-Argaez, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
      Discussant: Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Malin Dahlström, University of Gothenburg
Can the History Tell Us Anything About the Sustainability Conflicts of Today? A Case Study of Limestone Quarries and Cement Production in Sweden 

Maria Eugénia Mata, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Portuguese Decolonization: The Role and Responsibility of Shifts of Power on Business Failure and Social Wealth

Knut Sogner, BI Norwegian Business School
Bankrupted in the Baltic: The Fall of Norwegian Leadership in the Nordic Wood Industry, 1910–1928 


7.F: Management Practices and Concepts
Kalamary II
      Chair: Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford
      Discussant: Ludovic Cailluet, EDHEC Business School

Eric Godelier, École Polytechnique
Nationality: A Useful Concept for Business History?

Daniel Raff, University of Pennsylvania
Business History and Management Academia in the High Social Science Style: Stalking the Beast with Gun and Camera

Peter Scoblic, Harvard Business School
The Postwar Development of Tools to Mitigate Uncertainty: Frank Knight, the RAND Corporation, and the Pursuit of “Ersatz Experience” 


7.G: Sugar, Money, and Meat: Jewish Business Practices and the Global Economy
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Shakila Yacob, University of Malaya
      Discussant: Emanuela Scarpellini, Universita degli Studi di Milano

Roger Horowitz, Hagley Museum and Library
The Global Kosher Chicken: Jewish Migration, Religious Law, and the Industrialization of Food

Yda Schreuder, University of Delaware
Amsterdam's Sephardic Merchants and the Atlantic Sugar Trade in the Seventeenth Century

Rebecca Kobrin, Columbia University
Too Big To Fail in 1930: The Bank of United States, Global Remittances and the Long Shadow of Immigrant Banking



3:00pm-3:30pm   Coffee
GSB Foyer

3:30pm-5:00pm    Concurrent Sessions 8

8.A: Illicit Trade in Narcotics
Grand Salon Bolivar AF
      Chair: Hernando Zuleta, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
      Discussant: Bartow Elmore, Ohio State University

James Bradford, Berklee College of Music
From Hippies to Smugglers: Hash, Globalization, and the Future of the Afghan Drug Trade

Xavier Duran, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Why Colombian Traffickers Became Leaders in the Cocaine Market, 1960–1990

Alastair Yuanhao Su, Stanford University
"A Marvellous Affair": Opium and the Panic of 1839 


8.B: Globalization and Anti-Globalization
Grand Salon Bolivar C
      Chair: Franco Amatori, Bocconi University
      Discussant: Peter Miskell, University of Reading

Rivers Gambrell, University of Oxford
Globalising the Gridiron: The NFL and the Forgotten Legacy of the World League of American Football

Thomas Mackaman, King's College
Globalization and Organized Labor: The Decline and Transformation of the United Auto Workers in the 1980s 

Shaun Nichols, Boise State University
Globalization from the Ground Up: International Labor Unionism and the Transformation of Postwar U.S. Business


8.C: International Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses
Grand Salon Bolivar B
      Chair: Sharon Murphy, Providence College
      Discussant: Mary O'Sullivan, Université de Genève

Pierre-Christian Fink, Columbia University
The Leading Edge of a New Regime: How the U.S. Financial Crisis of 1974 was Like and Unlike 2007–9

Christoph Nitschke, University of Oxford
The “Slop Shop American Style”: American Private Bankers, Bond Marketing, and the United States Abroad before the Panic of 1873

Natalya Vinokurova, University of Pennsylvania
Remembrances of Markets Past: The Role of Institutional Forgetting in the Emergence of Mortgage-Backed Securities in the U.S. 


8.D: Roundtable on African-American Women and Informal Economies in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Kalamary II
      Chair: Mary Yeager, University of California, Los Angeles
      Discussant: The Audience

Shennette Garrett-Scott, University of Mississippi
Rituals of Risk and Respectability: Black Women and Quotidian Credit before WWI

LaShawn Harris, Michigan State University
Can’t Knock the Hustle: African American Women & Labor in Early Twentieth Century New York City

Tiffany Gill, University of Delaware
Beauty, Blackness and #Hashtags: Rethinking Black Entrepreneurship in Digital Era


8.E: Business Strategy and International Political Risk
Grand Salon Bolivar D
      Chair: Adoracion Alvaro-Moya, CUNEF - Colegio Universitario Estudios Financieros
      Discussant: Stig Tenold, NHH Norwegian School of Economics

William Hausman, College of William and Mary
The Cuban Electric Company, 1922–1960: From Local to Global to Domestic 

Andrew McGee, Carnegie Mellon University
Our Machine in Havana: IBM, the Cuban Revolution, and Business Litigation over Information Processing Machines

Julian Faust, University of Marburg
"Investing in India is foolish. Not investing in India is even more foolish”: Expectations and Strategies of German Business to Re-capture the Indian Market during Decolonization, 1947–1970 


8.F: The Latin American Entrepreneurial State in Historical Perspective, Part III
Kalamary I
      Chair: Martín Monsalve Zanatti, Universidad del Pacífico
      Discussant: Mitch Larson, University of Central Lancashire

Pilar AcostaHanni Jalil, Universidad Icesi, and Julio Zuluaga, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali
Friends or Foes? The Historical Evolution of Private Actors in the Provision of Public Goods

Enrique Nava Rodríguez, UNAM
The Automotive Sector Regulation in Mexico: Diesel Nacional Company Case

Andrés M. Regalsky, CONICET-UNLu-UNTreF
Entrepreneurial State in the Realm of Finance: The Banco de la Nación Argentina as an Instrument of Public Policy, 1914–1930


8.G: Competition versus Stability: Structuring Financial Institutions
      Chair and Discussant: Rowena Olegario, University of Oxford

Manuel Bautista Gonzalez, Columbia University
Economic and Social Aspects of Monetary Plurality in Antebellum New Orleans, 1839–1862

Christy Chapin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Just How Stable Were U.S. Banks Following World War II?

Juliette Levy, University of California, Riverside
Credit before Banks: Credit Cooperatives and Unions in 19th-Century Mexico


8.H: Preserving the Future: The Historian’s Moral Responsibility
      Chair: Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia
      Discussant: Jonathan Coopersmith, Texas A&M University

Anders Houltz, Centre for Business History, Stockholm
To Have a History is to Have a Future: A Common Responsibility for Historians, Archivists, and Corporations

David Kirsch, University of Maryland
How Startups End

Erik Rau, Hagley Museum and Library
Calling Up the Reserve Army of Appraisers (You)



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5:45pm-6:30pm   Presidential Address Plenary Session
Kiosko la Marinaro
     Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York
     'The Nature of the Firm' and the Eternal Life of the Brand

7:00pm-8:00pm   Emerging Scholars Reception in Honor of Chris Kobrak

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