Committees Constituted by Presidential Appointment

Investments Committee

The Investment Committee is charged with making recommendations about the handling of BHC finances and accounts. Note that the year always refers to the meeting year, at which terms begin and end.

Print Media Oversight Committee

Members of the Print Media Oversight Committee (PMOC) are drawn from the Trustees and are appointed by the President. The Print Media Oversight Committee (PMOC) deals with the BHC's print publications, primarily Enterprise & Society. 

Grants and Prizes Committee

The Grants and Prizes Committee appoints members to the specific prize committees: Krooss Dissertation, Kerr, Scranton, Wilkins, Halloran, and Gomory. It also recommends recipients of the Williamson Prize. In these lists, the year always refers to the meeting year; terms begin and end at the annual meeting.

Scholarly Society Liaison Committee

This committee was first constituted as an ad hoc group in 2008 and became a standing committee in 2009. Its purpose is to promote panels and other publicity about business history at the professional meetings of the American Historical Association and the Organization of American Historians (AHA-OAH Liaison Committee).