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This listing of syllabi is an archive of materials sent in by their authors or collected from open web sites from 2009 to 2018. Institutional affiliations reflect the time when the syllabus was composed. Please note that these materials represent considerable time and effort on the part of their authors. They are meant to serve as guidelines for those constructing courses; if you borrow wholesale either language or concept, it would be courteous to acknowledge the source.

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Course Title Instructor Other Info PDF
History of Business, Markets, and Capitalism Xaq Frohlich, Auburn University (Graduate Seminar Fall 2020) 2020-AU-HIST7970-HistBizMarketsCapital-Frohlich-Syllabus_0.pdf134.3 KB
American Business History Sharon Ann Murphy, Providence College HIS 367 history of marketing sample.pdf499.78 KB
Marketing Campaigns in US History c.1850-present Sharon Ann Murphy, Providence College HIS 366 syllabus spring 2018 sample.pdf239.88 KB
Panics and Depressions in US History 1789-present Sharon Ann Murphy, Providence College HIS 364 history of finance sample.pdf440.67 KB
Slavery and Finance in Nineteenth-Century America Manuel A. Bautista Gonzalez, Columbia University in the City of New York (Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2017) MBG-Slavery and Finance-Syllabus-1.6.pdf216.22 KB
Employment Past, Present, and Future Robert Wright, Augustana University (Gen ed) Employment Past Present Future Syllabus in Brief.pdf260.74 KB
Global Slavery 10,000 BCE to the Present Robert Wright, Augustana University (Gen ed) SOPHIA Slavery Course Syllabus FINAL.pdf250.63 KB
Freedom: Slavery Then and Now Robert Wright, Augustana University (Honors course) Civitas Global Slavery Syllabus Interim 2016.pdf355.58 KB
US Economic History Martha Olney, UC Berkeley, Dept of Economics (Spring 2015, upper division econ elective) syllabus.pdf141.41 KB
HIS 353: American Capitalism & the Global Economy Jennifer Black, Misericordia University (Fall 2016) HIS 353 f16, for web.pdf118.95 KB
Capitalism in America Dael Norwood, Binghamton University (Introductory course) Hist 280G_Syllabus_D8.pdf238.08 KB
Economics and Enterprise in Venezuela Alejandro Caceres, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Caracas, Venezuela (Graduate course taught in Spanish in Economics and History programs) Manual Seminario Economia y Empresa UCAB mar17.pdf152.8 KB
History of Capitalism in the USA Mark Wilson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte HIST 3000-A03 History of Capitalism in the USA syllabus Wilson Fall 2017.pdf266.52 KB
History of American Capitalism since 1760: Business, Technology, and the State Richard John, Columbia University (This is a Ph. D. level course intended to help prepare graduate students for field exams.) rjohn-syllabus.pdf215.6 KB
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Business and Economies across Five Centuries Chinmay Tumbe, Indian Institutes of Management-Ahmedabad Chinmay Hitchhikers guide to business course outline 2017.pdf255.68 KB
Business History Chinmay Tumbe, Indian Institutes of Management-Ahmedabad Chinmay Business History_Course Outline_Tumbe.pdf196.98 KB
Critical Management Thinking Rolf Strom-Olsen, IE Business School Syllabus, CMT 2015.pdf79.33 KB
Networks and Empires: Economic History of the Atlantic World Joseph Adelman, Framingham State University (Fall 2014) Adelman - HSTW 345 Syllabus.pdf418.32 KB
The World Economy Mira Wilkins, Florida International University (Spring 2012) wilkins.pdf49.5 KB
The American Dream in an Age of Global Capital Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia (2013) 01_HIST4030_Syllabus.pdf141.51 KB
Organization of Industry (2003) Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut e267syl.htm34.38 KB
Rise of the American Corporation (2009) Paula Petrik, George Mason University hist615sec006.pdf240.11 KB
Economics of Institutions (1988) Oliver Williamson, University of California, Berkeley econ_224_fl88.pdf205.29 KB
History of the American Petroleum Industry (2009) Jonathan Coopersmith, Texas A&M University syl360-09.pdf51.17 KB
The Car in History: Business, Culture, Society and the Automobile in North America (2008-2009) [seminar] Dimitry Anastakis, Trent University Anastakis.pdf255.64 KB
History of American Transportation (2012) H. Roger Grant, Clemson University grant.pdf85.21 KB
Seminar in Southern Industrialization (2011) Angela Lakwete, Auburn University hist7530.html16.56 KB
A Short History of Wall Street (2011) [summer school] Atiba Pertilla, New York University Summer2011HIST112.pdf42.79 KB
History of the Great Depression (2010) Daniel Pope, University of Oregon Pope463.pdf124.07 KB
New Deal America (2000) Gail Radford, University at Buffalo, SUNY radford.pdf108.95 KB
The Great Depression (2010) [MBA course] Amity Shlaes, Stern School of Business, New York University Shlaes_ECON-GB.2129_GreatDepression.pdf1.05 MB
U.S. Political Economy since the Great Depression (2006) David Stebenne, Ohio State University stebenne.pdf79.59 KB
History of Technology and Engineering in America (2007) Jonathan Coopersmith, Texas A&M University SYL364.10.pdf57.75 KB
Technology, Information and Business since 1865 (2001) Thomas Haigh, Colby College ad2989.74 KB
Rise of Industrial Research and Development (1997) David A. Hounshell, Carnegie Mellon University 79-440syl.htm19.6 KB
Making the Modern World: The Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective (2009) Merritt Roe Smith, MIT sts-025j-making-the-modern-world-the-industrial-revolution-in-global-perspective-fall-200942.38 KB
Economic History of Financial Crises (2009) Peter Temin, MIT 14-71-economic-history-of-financial-crises-fall-200940.49 KB
America, 1918-1945: Prosperity, Depression, and War (undated) Alan Brinkley, Columbia University 36492.68 KB
Capitalism and Globalization since 1492 (2008) Samuel White, Oberlin College 810893.pdf144.01 KB
History of Globalization (2011) Gianni Toniolo, Duke University Toniolo.pdf199.77 KB
Capitalism, Socialism, and Globalization (2011) Marc J. Stern, Bentley University Stern.pdf149.92 KB
Past, Present and Future of Globalization (2010) Dani Rodrik, Harvard University ITF-145.pdf112.37 KB
Long-Term History of Globalization (2012) Gene Ogle, John Cabot University syllabus_print.aspx?IDS=480445.77 KB
Business in the Global Environment (2010) Leslie Hannah and Geoffrey Owen, London School of Economics teaching_230_1.pdf101.2 KB
Introduction to the Global Economy (2010) Jens Christiansen, Mt. Holyoke College homepage.html9.61 KB
Financial Crises: A Global Perspective (2011) Robert Wright, Augustana College wright3.pdf102.34 KB
Technologies and Their Societies: Historical Perspectives (2006) Michael Mahoney, Princeton University 398syl.html18.86 KB
Technology in American History (2006) Merritt Roe Smith, MIT sts-001-technology-in-american-history-spring-200643.26 KB
History of Money in America (2008) Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia HIST_4000_mihms_0808.pdf38.1 KB
The Development of Financial Institutions and Markets (2009) [MBA course] Richard Sylla, Stern School of Business, New York University Sylla_ECON-GB.2392_DevFincInstMrkts.pdf74.46 KB
Money and Power in the Western World, 1700-2010 (Stern School, NYU, Summer, 2012) Robert Wright, Augustana College wright4.pdf208.2 KB
Multinational Enterprises (2008) [graduate seminar] Lorraine Eden, Texas A&M University Eden-MultinationalEnterprises.pdf24.42 KB
The Multinational Enterprise (2007) Abigail Hornstein, Wesleyan University
Unnatural Persons: The Company in Historical and Social Context (2008) David Brunner, Harvard University Brunner.pdf128.28 KB
Organizational Analysis (2004) Frank Dobbin, Harvard University 224syl.pdf85.82 KB
Introductory Seminar in the Historiography of Technology (2010) [graduate] Angela Lakwete and William Trimble, Auburn University hist7510.html12.15 KB
The Legal Architecture of Globalization: The History and Institutional Development of Money and Finance (2010) Christine Desan, Harvard Law School Desan.pdf41.54 KB
First Industrial Revolution (2010) George Selgin, University of Georgia selgin.pdf457.2 KB
Technology in American History (2003) Merritt Roe Smith, MIT syllabus.pdf23.62 KB
Technology and the Shaping of America (2009) Steven Usselman, Georgia Institute of Technology hts3083.pdf77.9 KB
Technology in History (2010) Rosalind Williams, MIT sts-007-technology-in-history-fall-201043.02 KB
The Spread of Industrialization in Asia, Africa and Latin America (2012) Gareth Austin, Graduate Institute, Geneva HP006.pdf244.09 KB
Aspects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain Gerard M. Koot, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth welcome.cfm9.45 KB
Industrial Revolution in America (2007) Gary Kornblith, Oberlin College 774799.pdf185.53 KB
Industrial Revolution/Information Revolution: A Comparative Perspective (2001) Gary Kornblith, Oberlin College 774588.pdf352.39 KB
Industrial America (2012) Andrew L. Russell, Stevens Institute of Technology HHS4147.84 KB
The Culture of the Market in 19th-Century America (undated) [MA course] Peter Knight, University of Manchester Knight.pdf54.54 KB
The Atlantic World, 1450-1780: Culture, Society, Economy (2005) Cathy Matson, University of Delaware H667.html31.42 KB
Business Enterprise and American Culture (1999) [graduate seminar] Mary Yeager, UCLA hist255a-119.64 KB
Select Topics in Business History (Canada) (2009) [seminar] Ben Forster, University of Western Ontario Forster.pdf57.15 KB
Using History to Make Strategic Choices (Canadian Business History) (2011) Joe Martin, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Martin.pdf393.76 KB
Canadian Economic History (2011) Robin Neill, University of Prince Edward Island syl_221.285.html7.51 KB
Business and Politics (2009) Mcgee Young, Marquette University 4321Young.pdf105.99 KB
Business Organizations and Political Economy (2011) [graduate] Steven Usselman, Georgia Institute of Technology hts6106.pdf97.6 KB
Politics of Business Regulation (2003) David Robertson, University of Missouri, St. Louis sy241.html57.36 KB
Industry and Government (2001) Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut e264syl.html50.19 KB
Perspectives on Regulation (2003) Jeffrey A. Eisenach and Randolph J. May, George Mason University Law School Eisenach_Regulation2.pdf27.63 KB
History of Black Entrepreneurship in the United States (2012) Juliet E. K. Walker, University of Texas, Austin 1892093447.29 KB
History of African American Entrepreneurship (2009) Maceo Dailey, University of Texas, El Paso dailey2.pdf44.56 KB
History of Black Business in America, 1600 to the Present (2005) Maceo Dailey, University of Texas, El Paso dailey.pdf20.9 KB
Capitalism in Canada (2012) Robin Neill, University of Prince Edward Island canec_syl.html10.99 KB
The Entrepreneur and Canadian Business History (2008) Andrew D. Smith, Laurentian University HIST3226Outline08.pdf52.07 KB
Big Shots and Small Potatoes: A History of Business People in the United States (2001) [seminar] Mary Yeager, UCLA hist197k-116.27 KB
Women, Men, and Entrepreneurship in America, 1900 to 2000 (2007) [seminar] Mary Yeager, UCLA hist191d-444.39 KB
Entrepreneurship around the World (2012) Robert Wright, Augustana College wright2.pdf154.71 KB
Entrepreneurs in American History (2011) Robert Whaples, Wake Forest University Whaples.pdf71.79 KB
Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford and the World They Made (undated; c. 1999) Frank Stricker, California State University, Dominguez Hills one.html586 bytes
The Consumer Society (2010) Brian Roach, Tufts University CS.html17.29 KB
Consumer Culture (2012) [seminar] Daniel Pope, University of Oregon 407syllabus.htm33.7 KB
History of Consumerism (2012) Marilyn Halter, Boston University 475Sprg12.pdf2.26 MB
Consumer Culture in America (2007) Seth Cotlar, Willamette University cotlar.pdf376.06 KB
Consumerism and the World of Goods in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British America (2010) Vivian Conger, Ithaca College Conger.pdf40.99 KB
Social History of Consumption (2008) Timothy Burke, Swarthmore College history-88-the-social-history-of-consumption-spring-200857.72 KB
Transnational Commodity Culture (2008) Elspeth Brown, University of Toronto ebrown.pdf439.12 KB
Canadian Business History in a Global Context (2012) Graham D. Taylor, Trent University Taylor.pdf130.87 KB
Crisis Economics: History and Evaluation of the Policy Response to the Great Recession (2011) Lawrence Summers, Harvard University BGP-266M.pdf213.65 KB
African American Entrepreneurship (2011) Thomas Boston, Georgia Tech Boston_4450_AfrAmerEntre.pdf127.59 KB
The Economic History of Entrepreneurship (2011) Robert Rogers, Ashland University Rogers.pdf104.99 KB
Political Economy of Japan (1997) Jeffrey Bernstein, Harvard University bernstein.html31.73 KB
Economic Development of China (2010) Loren Brandt, University of Toronto Brandt.pdf54.24 KB
East Asian Organizations in Comparative Perspective (2007) Julian Dierkes, University of British Columbia easianorgs_cal.html15.88 KB
Varieties of Capitalism in East Asia (2008) Myung-Koo Kang, Stanford University
Commerce and Culture in China's Past (2010) Ong Keong, National University of Singapore view_moduleoutline.aspx?CourseID=E333EABC-C217-40D7-B8F2-8936E165DBFE&ClickFrom=StuViewBtn38.42 KB
Political Economy of East Asia (2007) Barrett Mccormick, Marquette University 263McCormick.pdf129.05 KB
Business and East Asian Culture, 1800-Present (2011) Brett Sheehan, University of Southern California sheehan.pdf217.69 KB
Economic History of Latin America (2012) Ricardo D. Salvatore, Graduate Institute, Geneva HP032.pdf58.58 KB
Cultural History of Capitalism in Latin America (2010) Pamela Voekel, University of Georgia HIST_8200_voekelp_0210.pdf408.38 KB
History of Mexican Industry and Industrial Labor, 1546-2005 (2006) John Womack, Harvard University womack2781.html21.51 KB
Economic Institutions in Comparative Historical Perspectives (2006) Chiaki Moriguchi, Northwestern University econ498.pdf79.36 KB
World Economy (undated, c. 2010) Kevin O'Rourke, Trinity College Dublin EC4020.pdf102.22 KB
The Emergence of Modern Economic Growth: A Comparative and Historical Analysis(2009) [graduate] James Robinson, Harvard University Robinson.pdf182.27 KB
Economic History (world) (2006) [graduate] Peter Temin and Dora Costa, MIT 14-731-economic-history-fall-200641.89 KB
Business, Governments, and the International Economy (1999) Mary Yeager, UCLA hist197n-116.67 KB
Thinking about Capitalism (2010) Daniel Pope, University of Oregon Pope608.pdf167.1 KB
History of Capitalism in the Americas, 1870-2008 (2008) Pamela Voekel, University of Georgia HIST_3720H_voekelp_0000.pdf463.63 KB
The Many Faces of Capitalism (2008) [seminar] Mary Yeager, UCLA hist251a-176.04 KB
Political Economy of American Development, 1860-1900 (2005) Richard Bensel, Cornell University 611.pdf103.94 KB
American Economic History (2008) Paul A. David, Stanford University
American Economic History (2006) Gus Giebelhaus, Georgia Institute of Technology hts3001a.pdf27.91 KB
American Economic History since 1865 (2003) George Green, University of Minnesota Hist3845syll.pdf247.31 KB
U.S. Economic History (2011) George Green, University of Texas, Arlington green_texas.pdf374.37 KB
Globalization: A Hitchhiker's Guide to World Capitalism (2009) Robert Penner, Duke University
Comparing Capitalism (2003) [freshman seminar] Chiaki Moriguchi, Northwestern University econ101.pdf58.51 KB
Rise of Capitalism (1998) Russell Johnson, Bilkent University syl_559.htm36.1 KB
Varieties of Capitalism (2010) Mitchell Orenstein, Johns Hopkins University orenstein.pdf206.52 KB
History of Capitalism (2011) [graduate seminar] Sven Beckert, Harvard University beckert.pdf23.91 KB
History of European Capitalism Sven Beckert, Harvard University beckert4.pdf57.23 KB
The Political Economy of Modern Capitalism (2010) [graduate seminar] Sven Beckert and Christine Desan, Harvard University beckert-desan.pdf35.14 KB
Politics, Markets and Theories of Capitalism (2009) Craig Borowiak, Haverford College Borowiak.pdf73.78 KB
Intellectual History of Capitalism, 1900-Present (2012) Angus Burgin, Johns Hopkins University burgin2.pdf104.25 KB
Origins of Global Capitalism (undated) [MA course] Erik Grimmer-Solem, Wesleyan University syb_socs615.html30.59 KB
History of Capitalist Development in Europe and the World Economy (2011) Carol Heim, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Econ_763_CH.pdf52.35 KB
Topics in U.S. Economic History: Business and Labor History (2008) Patrick Reagan, Tennessee Technological University 423syl.html35 KB
U.S. Economic History (2012) John Reed, University of Utah organization_298_1326140345.pdf15.38 KB
U.S. Economic History (2010) Jared Rubin, California State University, Fullerton Syllabus-Econ350.pdf160.03 KB
Current Trends in Economic History (2012) Youssef Cassis and Chris Colvin, European University Institute teaching_229_1.pdf15.48 KB
World Economic History (2011) [graduate] Gregory Clark, University of California, Davis
World Economic History before the Industrial Revolution (2012) Gregory Clark, University of California, Davis
Economic History of Iberia, Iberian America, and the Atlantic World (2010) Rafael Dobado-Gonzalez, Columbia University
World Economy in the Twentieth Century (2009) Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley Eichengreen115_syl_1-14-09.pdf159.7 KB
Themes in Global History: Trade, Economy, and Empires (2012) Jari Eloranta, Appalachian State University world1130syllabus.pdf125.58 KB
World Economic History (2012) J. Peter Ferderer, Macalester College
Global History: Institutions and Development (1688-2000) (2012) Marc Flandreau, Graduate Institute, Geneva HP027.pdf177.69 KB
Introduction to Economic History (2011) Carol Heim, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Econ_703_CH.pdf24.4 KB
Economics, Politics, and International Change: The Modern World Economy (2012) J. Lawrence Broz, University of California, San Diego Syllabus_INTL102_S12_web.pdf45.43 KB
Twentieth-Century U.S. Economic History (2011) Marc J. Stern, Bentley University Stern3.pdf115.01 KB
U.S. Economic History (2010) Larry Sawers, American University
History of the American Economy (2010) Marc J. Stern, Bentley University Stern2.pdf146.57 KB
American Economic Development (2004) Richard Saunders, Clemson University 325SYL.html13.06 KB
U.S. Economic History (2008) Gavin Wright, Stanford University
European Economic History (2001) Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut E201SYL.html49.86 KB
Economic History of Europe (2006) Richard Langlois, University of Connecticut E201SYL.html65.39 KB
European Economic History (2011) Jared Rubin, California State University, Fullerton Syllabus-Econ351.pdf147.13 KB
Economic History of Modern Europe: European Industrialization (2011) George Sheridan, University of Oregon Sheridan425EI.pdf48.46 KB
Readings Seminar in American Capitalism Sean Adams, University of Florida amh5930.pdf458.76 KB
History of American Capitalism (undated) Sven Beckert, Harvard University beckert2.pdf53.17 KB
Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce (2011) Jeffery Vacante, University of Western Ontario 1803E-001Vacante.pdf196.32 KB
Business and Economic History (2006) Marko Maunula, Clayton State University Maunula.pdf79.97 KB
Business History in a Long-Term Perspective (2007) Giovanni Favero, Ca' Foscari University nqcontent.cfm?a_id=3043422.18 KB
History of International Business (2011) [graduate] John Cantwell, Rutgers University cantwell.pdf57.05 KB
Comparative Business History (undated) [MA] Ludovic Cailluet, IAE, Toulouse cailluet.pdf110.57 KB
Comparative Business History (2006) Mansel Blackford, Ohio State University blackford1.pdf29.22 KB
International Economic and Business History (2010) Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Bangor University (Wales) batiz-lazo.pdf241.14 KB
Dynamics of American Capitalism (2012) Michael Block, University of Southern California block.pdf109.02 KB
History of Capitalism (2012) [graduate seminar] Angus Burgin, Johns Hopkins University burgin1.pdf124.55 KB
History of American Capitalism (2011) Chris Castaneda, California State University, Sacramento hist164f03.pdf48.86 KB
American Consumer Capitalism (2005) David Suisman, University of Delaware syllabus.html34.45 KB
Politics of American Capitalism Mcgee Young, Marquette University 4341Young.pdf112.53 KB
Clash of Capital and Class in America (2011) Robert Wright, Augustana College wright1.pdf202.91 KB
American Capitalism: Readings in U.S. Economic and Business History (2008) [graduate] David Sicilia, University of Maryland
American Capitalism (2010) Marc Schneiberg, Reed College soc340_s10.pdf121.07 KB
U.S. Capitalism to 1877 (2010) Allan Kulikoff, University of Georgia HIST_4028_kulikoffa_0110.pdf62.66 KB
The History of American Capitalism since 1760: Business, Technology, and the State(2013) [graduate] Richard John, Columbia University john2013.pdf138.54 KB
Capitalism in America (2011) David Hochfelder, SUNY, University at Albany hochfelder.pdf53.4 KB
History of American Capitalism (2012) Colleen Dunlavy, University of Wisconsin index.html22.31 KB
History of American Business (2010) Tonia Compton, Columbia College syllabus_master.asp?PREFIX=HIST&COURSENUM=37125.81 KB
Business and Economic History (2011) Scott Carson, University of Texas, Permian Basin Carson.pdf41.04 KB
A History of American Business (2007) William Becker, George Washington University Becker.pdf32.23 KB
U.S. Economic and Business History (2011) Jonathan Bean, Southern Illinois University bean.pdf121.52 KB
Research Paper Guidelines Edward Balleisen, Duke University balleisen2.pdf77.55 KB
American Business History (2010) Edward Balleisen, Duke University balleisen1.pdf410.76 KB
American Business History (2003) Anita Ashendel, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis a421c278.htm22.23 KB
History of American Business (2010) Joshua Davis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill hist364.html15.96 KB
History of American Business (2008) Gus Giebelhaus, Georgia Institute of Technology hts3002.pdf17.75 KB
Labor and Business in American History (2012) Louis Hyman, Cornell University hyman.pdf130.54 KB
United States Economic and Business History (2011) Andrew Kersten, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
American Business History (2012) Daniel Pope, University of Oregon pope.pdf458.51 KB
American Business History (2005) Jonathan Rees, Colorado State University
Economic and Business History of the United States (2010) George Smith, Stern School of Business, New York University Smith_ECON-GB.2330_EconBusHistoryUS.pdf113.69 KB
American Business History (undated) Mark Thomas, University of Virginia hius3419.88 KB
Strategy, Leadership, and Change: Transitions in American Business (2008) [MBA course] Allen Webb, University of Washington MGMT579_AUT08_Strat,Ld,Chng.pdf39.19 KB
American Business History, 1800-1980 (2011) Michael Nash, New York University Nash.pdf16.3 KB
American Business History Edward Balleisen, Duke University (2010) balleisen1.pdf410.76 KB