Survey of business historians asking them: "who are the greatest entrepreneurs" in U.S. history?

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Dear BHC members:

I am joining with Blaine McCormick (Baylor University) to conduct a third survey of business historians asking them "who are the greatest entrepreneurs" in U.S. history? The first two surveys appeared in these outlets: 

Business History Review (2003):

Cogent Business and Management (2013); also appeared in Forbes: 

The first survey asked 58 business historians, the second survey asked 41. For the third survey, which we will send out in January 2021, we would like to ensure broader participation. Toward that end, we welcome volunteers who are business historians who teach or research the U.S. If you are interested, please email me at with a CV and a short statement of your credentials.

Best regards, 

Jonathan Bean

Chair and Professor of History

Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, IL 62901-4519