AD/ST298 -- Spring 2001
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Technology, Information & Business since 1865

Meets Tuesday & Thursday,
2:30 to 3:45 -- Lovejoy 205

Instructor: Thomas Haigh
Miller Library 312

(Office hours Mon 1-2,
 Tues 4-5, Wed 1-2 & by appointment)

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This course explores the evolution of large scale American business from the first large corporations onward, focused on issues of strategy, information and organizational structure. Particular attention will be paid to relationships between businesses and their markets and the role of technology in shaping this. Now the “new economy” suddenly doesn’t seem quite so new, this course will supply the historical perspective needed to understand what the Internet really changes, and how. Approximately one third of the material will be focused on present-day issues concerning new business models, electronic market places and eCommerce. Other topics include Victorian communications and transportation technologies, mass production, the conglomerate movement and early administrative computing.

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What's New:


Makeup option added, for those needed additional participation credits. (25 Apr).


Information about the second paper added to the paper page. (24-Apr)


The actual midterm questions are on-line, in case you want to compare your answers with the questions. (09 Apr)


Now that the midterm is over, you can concentrate on the paper. I've written up the guidelines I gave in class a few weeks ago, and added a set of sample topics and some hints. (22 Mar)


In case you missed it in class, the handout describing the midterm format is available on-line. (12 Mar)


Some minor tweaks to the syllabus. The first set of discussion questions is posted. In future I will not announce each set here. Instead, check the class schedule page and access these by clicking on the name of the session. (05 Feb)

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