The Business History Conference has had a long and active publications program, from the institutionalization of its annual proceedings volume, Business and Economic History, to its early participation in H-Net, via H-Business, to its founding of a quarterly scholarly journal, Enterprise & Society, to its entry into the blogosphere with The Exchange.

Enterprise & Society

In 1998 the Trustees of the Business History Conference voted to establish a new quarterly journal, Enterprise and Society: The International Journal of Business History, which began publication in Spring 2000 in cooperation with Oxford University Press. In 2015 the journal began publication with Cambridge University Press. A subscription to Enterprise & Society is included with BHC membership. BHC members can access all online issues of Enterprise & Society by clicking here.

Business and Economic History 

Business and Economic History, as a proceedings volume of the BHC, was published in print form through 1999; our web site includes complete tables of contents and links to full-text articles for five early volumes and for all volumes, 1972-1999. A cumulative index by author is also provided.
Beginning in 2003, Business and Economic History On-Line replaced the printed proceedings volume of BHC annual meetings, which had been published since 1972. Publication of these online proceedings ceased in 2020.

Over the Counter

Business History Newsletter

Pat Denault began the publication Over the Counter as a recap of events, publications, and readings by business historians. Pre-2020 issues can be found on The Exchange and the issues will be available in PDF on the website as well. 

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