3.1. Visualizing the past


Visualizing the past



David J. Staley, The Ohio State University

David Staley is an Associate Professor in the Departments of History, Design and Educational Studies at The Ohio State University. He is the author of three books on historical theory: 

Computers, Visualization and History 2nd ed.

History and Future: Using Historical Thinking to Imagine the Future

Historical Imagination 

He currently serves as President of the Ohio Academy of History.  He writes the monthly futures column "Next" for Columbus Underground, for which he was recognized by the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists as Best Freelance Writer.  

The chair of this session is Ellen Nye (Harvard University)

Description of workshop 

The workshop will explore visualization as a tool for interpreting large corpora of historical evidence, an approach we might term “macrohistory.” We’ll begin with a history of visualization in history, and point to specific recent examples.  

For more information or if you wish to participate in this workshop, please check this document.