Navigating the World of Academic Publishing

Albert Churella, Kennesaw State University, chair

Whether you are an emerging scholar or a seasoned veteran, getting published is always important but never easy.  The phrase "publish or perish" has become a cliche, but graduate programs and academic advisors often bypass discussions of that topic.  This is your opportunity to learn from authors, editors, and members of editorial boards -- the people who have written books and articles, and who determine which manuscripts get published.  Participants will discuss the mechanics of identifying and contacting an editor, developing a persuasive and engaging proposal, coming up with a brief "elevator" statement about the dissertation, promoting one's work through blogs or similar means, and dealing with the inevitable process of rejection.


Regina Lee Blaszczyk, University of Leeds
Shane Hamilton, University of York
Susie J. Pak, St. John’s University
Andrew Popp, University of Liverpool and editor, Enterprise & Society
Wendy Woloson, Rutgers University

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