Annual Meeting Program

This online meeting was held in the Hopin virtual conferencing system.


Multiday Events

Thursday, March 11th, 11:00am - Saturday, March 13th, 7:00pm

Online Showcases

Hopin Showcase Booths
Marc Adam, Forum for a New Economy
"Liquidating Bankers' Acceptances: International Crisis, Doctrinal Conflict and American Exceptionalism in the Federal Reserve 1913-1932" [View Abstract]
Araceli Almaraz, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte
"Empresas y empresarios en el sector agroindustrial de Baja California: circuitos comerciales y sucesiones" [View Abstract]
Adoración Álvaro-Moya, Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF)
"Contextualizing Organizational Imprinting. The Case of Spanish Engineering Consulting firms" [View Abstract]
Rolv Petter Amdam, BI Norwegian Business School
"The Growth of US Multinational Enterprises and the Birth of International Business as an Academic Discipline" [View Abstract]
Débora Ascencio, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
"Desde los orígenes hacia el auge. Reconstrucción historiográfica de las empresas públicas argentinas antes del ciclo privatizador (1800-1975)" [View Abstract]
Kyle Barnett, Bellarmine University
"Convergence Cultures in the U.S. Recording Industry, 1925-1935" [View Abstract]
Gavin Benke, Boston University
"Multinational Corporations and Post-national Thinking in the 1970s" [View Abstract]
Timothy Blanton, University of Florida
"Bucket Shops and Business Progressivism" [View Abstract]
Bram Bouwens, Utrecht University and Eric Godelier, École Polytechnique
"Cross Border Alliances: An Opportunity or a Guarantee of Failure in Normal Business Life and Crisis? The Cases of Air France-KLM and Renault-Nissan Technology" [View Abstract]
Mary Bridges, Yale University
"Bankers’ Acceptances and Foreign Credit Information" [View Abstract]
Glenn Bugos, Moment LLC
"Bigness in Silicon Valley" [View Abstract]
Bárbara Burton, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Centro de Estudios CITECDE and Magdalena Garmendia, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), IHUCSO-Litoral
"“Sean eternos los emprendedores”: disputas en las narrativas históricas sobre el proceso de legitimación del paradigma emprendedor en Argentina (1980-2020) " [View Abstract]
Andrew Busch, Coastal Carolina University
"Turning to Texas: An Alternative Perspective on Business and Government in the 1970s" [View Abstract]
Gloria Calhoun, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Entrepreneurs and Technological Change: Inventing Underground Infrastructure (1871-1910)" [View Abstract]
Aida Calvo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
"Entre cuentas y rankings: intersecciones entre la historia empresarial y la historia contable durante el proceso de apertura económica en Colombia. " [View Abstract]
Yeniffer Camargo , Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
"El tejido productivo empresarial del Bajío: consolidación de industrias agroalimentarias y de inputs agropecuarios" [View Abstract]
Mark Carlson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
"Domestic and International Crises in the Early 1930s and Their Effects on Conditions in New York City Money Markets and in the Market for U.S. Treasury Bonds" [View Abstract]
Leonardo Caruana, Universidad de Granada
"Publicaciones Recientes en Historia de la Empresa" [View Abstract]
Jiakai Jeremy Chua, University of Southern California
"Defying the Gravity of ‘Dominant Parent’ Sino-Foreign JVs: Nationalist Leadership and Control of Eurasia Aviation Corporation, 1931-1943" [View Abstract]
Joao Rafael Cunha, University of St Andrews
"The Financial Regulatory Cycle" [View Abstract]
Eric Daniels, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
"Design Thinking and the Business of Disruption" [View Abstract]
Simone Fari, Universidad de Granada
"Conceptualising Entrepreneur in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" [View Abstract]
Dylan Gottlieb, Princeton University
"Takeover: Finance and Proletarianization at Wall Street Law Firms" [View Abstract]
Rachel Gross, University of Colorado, Denver
"Bringing the Outdoor Experience Indoors" [View Abstract]
Carlos Abel Gutierrez, Universidad Nacional de Misiones
"El Boom de la Obra Pública en Misiones en los 2000’s: estrategia política y cambio estructural " [View Abstract]
Keith Harris, Purdue University
"“We must make known our case at Washington”: Trade, Tariffs, and Protective Liberalism, 1816-1820" [View Abstract]
Martin Johnson, University of North Carolina
"Letting Dynamite Do It: Du Pont’s Motion Pictures, 1910-1930" [View Abstract]
Harilaos Kitsikopoulos, New York University (retired) and Unbound Prometheus Program
"Comparative Costs of Leading British Steam Models in Relation to Water Power, 1800-70" [View Abstract]
Rob Konkel, Princeton University
"Caught in Webs of Credit: Corporations and Resource Interdependence after the First World War" [View Abstract]
Peter Labuza, University of Southern California
"Hard, Fast, and Capital: Ida Lupino and The Art-Business Divide of 1950s Hollywood" [View Abstract]
Dan Levinson Wilk, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
"Performing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire" [View Abstract]
Alan Loeb, Alan P. Loeb and Associates
"The Use of Business History in Solving Climate Change" [View Abstract]
Chris Madsen, Canadian Forces College
"Shifting Integration from British to American Predominance in Canadian Munitions Production”" [View Abstract]
Bashar Malkawi, University of Arizona
"Sustainability and Trade: The EU Green Deal and Future Business" [View Abstract]
Juan Manuel Matés-Barco, Universidad de Jaén
"Publicaciones Recientes en Historia de la Empresa" [View Abstract]
Rachel Miller, College of Idaho
"Mass Culture Before Adorno: The US Theater Industry in the 1870s" [View Abstract]
Hideki Nakamura, University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow
"Building a Supply Chain for the Future Market Leader Position: Competitive Advantage in the History of the Computer Market" [View Abstract]
Susan Ohmer, University of Notre Dame
"Constructing Production: The Walt Disney Studio’s Move to Burbank in 1940" [View Abstract]
Juanjuan Peng, Georgia Southern University
"Tecno Mobile in Africa: The Adventure of a Private Chinese Phone Manufacturer" [View Abstract]
Daniela Pirani, University of Liverpool
"How Biscuits Became Italian: The Fleeting Nature of Country of Origin Effect" [View Abstract]
Richard Popp, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"A Businessman’s Holiday: The Time Newstour and the Forging of a Multinational Mindset" [View Abstract]
Kyunghee Pyun, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
"Teaching Business History in Art Collecting: Industrialists of Fossil Fuels and Big Pharma" [View Abstract]
Kenneth Reilly, University of Western Ontario
"From Green Menace To Green Moneymaker: The Sakae Bio Inc. Kudzu Factory, 1990-1999" [View Abstract]
Mark Straver, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"Navigating between changing market conditions and rigid resources: Dutch shipbuilding companies’ strategies during the rise of Japanese competition, 1950-1983" [View Abstract]
Jesse Tarbert, Independent Scholar
"American Capitalism, American Government: The Business Roots of the Modern Administrative State" [View Abstract]
Karen Trivette, SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
"Voices of Fashion Industry Decision-makers: The Oral History Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology-State University of New York" [View Abstract]
Maki Umemura, Cardiff University
"Paradox Adoption of Medical Technology? Reshaping Fertility in Japan, 1983-2018" [View Abstract]
María José Vargas-Machuca, Universidad de Jaén
"Publicaciones Recientes en Historia de la Empresa" [View Abstract]
Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johannesburg
"Fashion and Entrepreneur: Developing Home-Grown Fashion Retailing in South Africa, the case of Edgars Stores" [View Abstract]
Ramiro Villasana, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
"Nuevos aportes a la historia empresarial en México: inversionistas, agroindustria y sucesiones" [View Abstract]
Natalya Vinokurova, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
"Leaping Forward and Bridging Back: Understanding Cognitively Distant Opportunities" [View Abstract]
Jiemin Tina Wei, Harvard University
"Amazon Mechanical Turk: Methodological Innovation in an Evolving Labor Market" [View Abstract]
Johnathan Williams, Boston University
"A Green Compromise: Target and the EPA in the 1990s" [View Abstract]
Luca Zan, University of Bologna and Bulent Ari, Istanbul University
"Shipbuilding & Early Forms of Modern Management. Comparing Venice & The Ottomans after Lepanto (1571)" [View Abstract]

Thursday, March 11th

Chat Facilities, 10:00am - 4:15pm

Hopin Chatroom

Roundtables, 10:00am - 11:00am

Session a: An International Collaboration of Business Historians: Female Entrepreneurs in the Long Nineteenth-Century, A Global Approach
Hopin Session RT1

Sharing the challenges and opportunities of our global collaboration on nineteenth-century female entrepreneurship, this roundtable will describe and analyze our experiences as part of a 20-member team of scholars examining women in business across the globe in the long nineteenth century. In 2019 we came together in person and via skype to produce a workshop on global female entrepreneurship, an edited volume (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) and a digital research hub and international network focusing on scholarship on women in management and enterprise (ReWOMEN). Our discussants will consider how a global collaboration enhanced previous regionally focused analyses and challenged us as scholars at different places in our academic careers. Ranging from emerging scholars to senior academics with research on the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, we will consider the value of this overarching project for our own work. First, both co-organizers of the conference (and co-editors of the book) will speak to the inspiration and planning behind this groundbreaking endeavor. Then participants will briefly discuss the opportunities and challenges of contributing research to a wider project beyond their field specialization and how a collaborative endeavor sharpened and contextualized research agendas. We expect this opening portion to take half of the session, after which we will welcome questions and comments. We will share our collaborative methods as well as the historiographical questions our project’s widened perspective introduces about the significance of business to nineteenth-century women and their contribution to nineteenth-century business across the globe. While not ignoring the obstacles faced throughout each phase of the joint-project, our discussion will highlight how the creation of a sustained model of scholarly collaboration can benefit individual academics, regional fields, interdisciplinary pursuits and global analyses of business history.
Chair: Pamela Laird, University of Colorado, Denver
Jennifer Aston, Northumbria University, Newcastle
"New Perspectives: Reframing and Refocusing through Collaboration" [View Abstract]
Alisha Topete-Cromwell , Coastal Carolina University
"A Workshop of One’s Own" [View Abstract]
Kari Zimmerman, University of St. Thomas
"Joining Separate Fields & Separate Spheres in Business History" [View Abstract]
Susan Ingalls Lewis, State University of New York, New Paltz
"Breaking Barriers, Thinking Bigger " [View Abstract]

Session b: From Glass-Steagall to the Volcker Rule: Examining the Regulatory Regimes in the Changing US Banking Industry
Hopin Session RT3
Since the creation of the Banking Act of 1933, commonly known as GlassSteagall, the investment and retail banking landscape in the United States - often blamed for underpinning the Great Depression - has evolved through cycles of regulation, deregulation, and re-regulation. Policymakers, industry groups, and bankers fought against the separation of retail and investment banking, and while these institutions remained separate for over 60 years, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act removed this obstacle in 1999, allowing combined underwriting and retail banking under one roof. Fast forward to the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis when lawmakers again targeted this industry for re-regulation; the Volcker Rule, which bans impermissible proprietary trading in financial instruments and investments in covered funds by banking entities, was born out of a program of widespread industry reform under the Dodd-Frank Act. In the past two years, the Volcker Rule was deregulated again, but may face a further re-write under a newly-elected Democrat administration. In light of such significant lurches impacting these activities, what is the significance of these shifts as the industry copes with the never-ending game of political football? This roundtable seeks to address reactions from the past 30 years as well as what the future outlook may present for US banking.
Chair: Gabriel C. Suprise, Independent scholar
Discussant: Mark Rose, Florida Atlantic University
Co-Discussant: Dick Sylla, New York University

Session c: Making Sense of Digital Sources
Hopin Session RT4
The more business and organisational historians focus on the events of the late twentieth century and beyond, the more they are finding traces of the past that were created digitally. Despite the increasing relevance of emails, webpages and other born-digital material, there has been little reflection on how scholars should deal with them methodologically. Our roundtable brings together scholars from different disciplines who have explored the many ways in which digital sources can be used and are being used. Several are early career researchers (ECRs) themselves (Drs Hannigan, Nix, Ogden) and the topic is of particular relevance to ECRs as they are perhaps more likely to engage with new types of sources and new methods in order to make their mark as scholars.
The goal of this roundtable is to explore the challenges that arise at the intersection of different disciplines as they attempt to make sense of digital sources. The underlying rationale is as follows: Sources and methods for business historians have expanded in recent years as more and increasingly heterogeneous artifacts are being generated (Rosenzweig, 2003; Kirsch, 2009). On the one hand, these developments have led to a flowering of new types of inputs for historians writing about business such as digitized newspapers and remotely accessible archival collections. Combined with complex search tools that allow scholars to filter ever larger and more diverse sets of historical materials, business historians are now able to make new and different kinds of knowledge claims. However, taking advantage of these opportunities can require research tools which are outside the skillset of any single researcher, historian or otherwise. Therefore, business historians may need to look outside the boundaries of the field for productive, knowledge-generating partnerships. Hence we have focused on bringing an interdisciplinary group of scholars together, which is of particular relevance to ECRs as research trends and funders increasingly focus on the ability to engage in interdisciplinary conversations.
Chair: Stephanie Decker, University of Bristol
Discussant: David Kirsch, University of Maryland
Stephanie Decker, University of Bristol

Adam Nix, De Montford University

Santhilata Kuppili Venkata, National Archives, United Kingdom

Douglas Oard, University of Maryland

Jessica Ogden, University of Bristol

Gavin Benke, Boston University

Opening Social Networking Event, 11:15am - 1:00pm

Hopin Networking Area

Concurrent Sessions 1, 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Session a: Labor Control as Management Strategy
Hopin Session 1a
Chair: David Singerman, University of Virginia
Discussant: Caitlin Rosenthal, University of California, Berkeley
Justene Hill Edwards, University of Virginia
"Paternalism, Control, and Capitalism in Antebellum South Carolina" [View Abstract]
Bernadette Pérez, University of California, Berkeley
"Managing Nature’s Shortcomings in Colorado’s Sugar Industry" [View Abstract]
Erin Hatton, University of Buffalo
"Control over Status as Labor Coercion" [View Abstract]

Session b: Black Consumers, Black Entrepreneurs, and Economic Justice in the Twentieth-Century United States
Hopin Session 1b
Chair: Traci Parker, University of Massachussetts, Amherst
Discussant: Traci Parker, University of Massachussetts, Amherst
Ronny Regev, Hebrew University
"Market Propagations: Visions of the Black Consumer and the Black Businessowner in the Twentieth Century" [View Abstract]
Kendra Boyd, Rutgers University, Camden
"Black Entrepreneurs’ Search for Alternatives to Capitalism in the 1930s" [View Abstract]
Lisa Jacobson, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Respect and Respectability: Black Consumers and the Politics of Beer Marketing in the Postwar United States" [View Abstract]

Session c: Branding and Image-Building in the United States, c.1830-1910
Hopin Session 1c
Chair: Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York
Discussant: Teresa da Silva Lopes, University of York
Amy Sopcak-Joseph, Wilkes University
"Crafting a Nation of Ladies: Marketing Godey’s Lady’s Book in the Nineteenth Century" [View Abstract]
Travis E. Ross, Yale Center for Medical Informatics
"New Patrons of the Press: Corporate Constructions of Benevolence and Obligation in Gilded-Age Subscription Publishing" [View Abstract]
Jennifer M. Black, Misericordia University
"Visualizing Character: American Advertising Personalities in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era " [View Abstract]
Nick Pozek, Columbia University Law School
"U.S. Corporate Philanthropy and Foreign Relations in the 20th century" [View Abstract]

Concurrent Sessions 2, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Session a: Las Empresas de la Europa Mediterránea y de Iberoamérica en el Siglo XX. Lecciones de la Historia Empresarial ante los Retos del Futuro
Hopin Session 2a
Chair: Pablo Alonso Villa, Universidad de Valladolid
Co-Chair: Jorge Lafuente del Cano, Universidad de Valladolid
Pablo Alonso Villa, Universidad de Valladolid and Pedro Pablo Ortúñez Goicolea, Universidad de Valladolid
"Los Fabricantes de Automóviles en España y en Portugal durante el Siglo XX. Una perspectiva Histórica Comparada" [View Abstract]
Javier Arroyo Pérez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Rafael Barquín Gil, Universidad Nacional a Distancia
"La Compañía Metropolitano de Madrid. Un Éxito Empresarial para el Transporte Urbano (1919-1936)" [View Abstract]
Jorge Lafuente del Cano, Universidad de Valladolid
"Los Empresarios Españoles entre la Dictadura y la Democracia" [View Abstract]
Fabiano Quadros Rückert, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul
"La Compañía Hidráulica Porto-Alegrense y el negocio del agua en la ciudad de Porto Alegre, Brasil (1861-1941)" [View Abstract]

Session b: Local, Regional, and Global Approaches to the Political Economy of Commodity Money, 16th-19th Centuries
Hopin Session 2b
Chair: Bernardo Bátiz Lazo, Northumbria University
Discussant: María Alejandra Irigoin, London School of Economics
Jane Knodell, University of Vermont
"Managing Silver Money on the Periphery of the English Empire: Massachusetts Bay, 1640-1720" [View Abstract]
James Vladimir Torres, Georgetown University
"War, Silver, and Gold: Bullion and Monetary Flows in the Northern Andes on the Eve of Colonial Collapse" [View Abstract]
Manuel Bautista González, Columbia University in the City of New York
"Foreign Consignees of Specie Imports in Antebellum New Orleans, 1839-1862" [View Abstract]
Nicholas Guoth, Australian National University
"The 1851 Gold Discovery of Australia and Its Relationship with Global Economies" [View Abstract]

Session c: Methodological Workshop: Business History and Environmental Standards after 1960
Hopin Session 2c
Chair: Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Discussant: Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Samuel Klebaner, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord
"Regulation Crises and Dynamics: How to Connect Business and Policymaking" [View Abstract]
Sabine Pitteloud, University of Geneva
"Delay and Dilution in the Implementation of Environmental Norms: Business Groups and the Regulation of Car Emissions in Switzerland in the 1970s–1980s" [View Abstract]
Mattias Näsman, Umeå University
"Safe Before Green! The Greening of Volvo Cars 1970s-1990s" [View Abstract]
Grace Ballor, Harvard Business School
"Accelerating Environmentalism or Racing to the Bottom? Automakers, Emissions Standards, and the Single European Car Market, 1985-1992" [View Abstract]

Friday, March 12th

Chat Facilities, 9:00am - 6:00pm

Hopin Chatroom

Concurrent Sessions 3, 9:00am - 10:15am

Session a: Money and Politics in Early America
Hopin Session 3a
Chair: Sharon Murphy, Providence College
Discussant: Sharon Murphy, Providence College
Katie Moore, University of California, Santa Barbara
"'Like the Fish in the Sea, the Greater Will Devour the Less': Money, Banking, and the Fear of Monopolies in Early America" [View Abstract]
Jonah Estess, American University
"New Money: The American Revolution and the National Origins of the Politicization of Money, 1775-1857" [View Abstract]
Christina Carrick, Boston University
"The Benefits of Banishment: The Lasting Influence of Loyalist Merchant Networks on the Early American Republic" [View Abstract]

Session b: Notes on Monetary Governance in Nineteenth Century America
Hopin Session 3b
Chair: Susie Pak, St. Johns University
Discussant: Susie Pak, St. Johns University
Ann Daly, Brown University
"The Independent Treasury, William M. Gouge, and Federal Currency Reform in the Antebellum US" [View Abstract]
David Thomson, Sacred Heart University
"‘He [Chase] thinks there is a fourth person in the Trinity’: Salmon Chase and the Civil War Treasury" [View Abstract]
Sean Vanatta, University of Glasgow
"The Origins of Federal Bank Supervision and Supervisory Discretion, 1863-1875" [View Abstract]

Session c: The Politics of Individualized Risk Management
Hopin Session 3c
Chair: Caley Horan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rachel Bunker, New York University
"Making and Managing War Risk: The War-Risk Insurance Bureau and Insuring Soldiers’ Lives During the First World War" [View Abstract]
Benjamin Wiggins, University of Minnesota
"Tracing the Ideology of Racialized Risk Management in the United States" [View Abstract]
Allison Schwartz, University of Minnesota
"Fatal Attraction: The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Interminable Link Between Gender, Debt, and Risk" [View Abstract]
Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Loyola University Chicago
"Social Welfare or Risk Management? Reconsidering US Federal Student Loan and Social Welfare Policies" [View Abstract]
Shane Hamilton, University of York
"Technologies of Risk Management in Modern Agribusiness" [View Abstract]

Session d: U.S.-China Collaboration, 1800-2000
Hopin Session 3d
Chair: Shuang Frost, University of Southern California
Dan Du , University of North Carolina, Charlotte
"Black Gold and White Gold: Weaving a Global Network through the Chinese-American Tea Trade, 1815-1842" [View Abstract]
Dael Norwood, University of Delaware
"An Exclusive Traffic: The Failed Collaboration Between Olyphant & Co., the United States, and the Republic of Peru in the Business of Human Trafficking in the First Era of Globalization" [View Abstract]
Zhaojin Zeng, Duke Kunshan University
"Beijing Jeep, Tsingtao Beer: Entrepreneurship, Networks, and the Re-making of the US-China Economic Relations in the 1980s" [View Abstract]
Peter Hamilton, Trinity College Dublin
"From College Station to Shanghai: Mu Xiangyue and the Introduction of Taylorism in China" [View Abstract]

Concurrent Sessions 4, 10:30am - 11:45am

Session a: Organization in Agriculture
Hopin Session 4a
Chair: Araceli Almaraz, Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Gustavo Concari, Universidad Católica del Uruguay and Carolina Greising, Universidad Católica del Uruguay
"Historia y Aportes de la Unión económica del Uruguay (1911-1941)" [View Abstract]
Noah Bender, University of California, Berkeley
"The Politics of Emigration in Imperial Germany; or, How German Agrarians Conspired to Halt the Transatlantic Migration, 1873-1914" [View Abstract]
Daniel Gresham, St. Mary's College
"Breaking the Supply Chain: How Cattlemen and Packers Cooperated to wipe out Middlemen after World War I" [View Abstract]

Session b: Monetary Systems
Hopin Session 4b
Chair: Gail Triner, Rutgers University
Israel Cedillo Lazcano, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
"The Creation of Inside Money within the Aztec Empire" [View Abstract]
Christian P. Naranjo Navas, Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
"Revisiting the Beginnings of the Central Banking in Ecuador" [View Abstract]

Session c: Competition, Cartels, and Monopolies
Hopin Session 4c
Chair: Richard John, Columbia University in the City of New York
Discussant: Laura Phillips Sawyer, University of Georgia
Ghassan Moazzin, University of Hong Kong
"Hu Xiyuan, Oppel Lamp Manufacturers Ltd. and Sino-Foreign Competition in the Electric Lamp Industry in China, 1921–1937" [View Abstract]
Liane Hewitt, Princeton University
"Private Planning: The International Chamber of Commerce’s Promotion of International Cartels and 'Industrial Self-Government' in Between the Wars, 1919-39" [View Abstract]
Frank van der Linden, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
"United Aircraft and Transport Corporation: The Brief Rise and Fall of a Near Perfect Monopoly" [View Abstract]

Session d: Ethics and Morality and the Making of Business
Hopin Session 4d
Chair: Sean Adams, University of Florida
Nicole de Silva, University of California, Santa Barbara
"'Housewives Imagine a New World': The International Cooperative Women’s Guild's Conceptions of Ethical Commerce, 1921-1924" [View Abstract]
James Spencer Tompkins, The New School
"From Regulating Markets to Managing Individuals: The Diebold Group’s Planning for Change" [View Abstract]
Julio Cesar Zuluaga, Universidad Javeriana
"Strategic Philanthropy and Family Business: The Construction of Corporate Social Responsibility in Manuelita, 1920-1950" [View Abstract]

Krooss Dissertation Plenary, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Hopin Plenary Stage

Chair: Heidi Tworek, University of British Columbia

Mary Bridges, 'Branching Out: Banking, Credit, and the Globalizing US Economy, 1900s-1930s' (Ph.D. History, Vanderbilt University)

Dylan Gottlieb, 'Yuppies: Young Urban Professions and the Making of Postindustrial New York' (Ph.D. History, Princeton University)

Joshua Hollands, 'Work and Sexuality in the Sunbelt: Homophobic Workplace Discrimination in the US South and Southwest, 1970 to the Present' (Ph.D. History, University College London)

Peter Labuza, 'When a Handshake Meant Something: Lawyers, Deal-Making, and the Emergence of a New Hollywood' (Ph.D. Cinema and Media Studies, University of Southern California)

Ashton Merck, 'The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Consumer Protection in Food Safety, 1946-2002' (Ph.D. History, Duke University)

Early Career Networking Session, 3:45pm - 6:00pm

Hopin Networking Area

Saturday, March 13th

Concurrent Sessions 5, 9:00am - 10:15am

Session a: Institutions of Family Capitalism
Hopin Session 5a
Chair: Andrew Popp, Copenhagen Business School
Victor Pegoraro, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
"Capitalismo familiar en la industria de la construcción (1950-1990). Pequeñas y medianas empresas en Mar del Plata, Argentina" [View Abstract]
Nuria Puig, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and María Fernández-Moya, Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF)
"Business Schools and Family Capitalism: An Insight into IESE Executive Program, 1958-1974" [View Abstract]
Lindsay Keiter, University in Altoona, Pennsylvania
"From Matrimonial Lottery to Marriage Market in Early America" [View Abstract]

Session b: Identity and Subjectivity in Business
Hopin Session 5b
Chair: William Foster, University of Alberta
Michael Bennedsen Hansen, Copenhagen Business School
"Identity Narratives of Danish Maersk Captains - Negotiating Self and Company Loyalty in the Age of Containerization" [View Abstract]
Amal Kumar, Harvard University
"The Organizational Self as a Historically Contingent Dialectic: The Case of the California Postsecondary Education Commission, 1974-2011" [View Abstract]
Ida Lunde Jørgensen, Copenhagen Business School
"Maintaining the Eskimo: Business and the Construction of Race" [View Abstract]

Session c: Publishing and Literature
Hopin Session 5c
Chair: Adoración Álvaro Moya, Colegio Universitario De Estudios Financieros
David Rahimi, University of Texas, Austin
"Publishing Consumerism: Franklin Book Programs in Iran, 1950s-1970s" [View Abstract]
Denise Sutton, New York City College of Technology
"Harlequin Mills & Boon in India: From the ‘Colonial Library’ to Marketing to Modern Indian Readers" [View Abstract]
Damian Clavel, University of Oxford
"Robert Southey’s Madoc Revisited: Excluding Indigenous Peoples from British Business Imperialism in the Early Decades of the Nineteenth Century" [View Abstract]
Sonia Jaimes-Penaloza, Universidad Icesi
"La noticia como empresa. El caso del periódico Relator- Diario liberal (Cali, 1918-1960)" [View Abstract]

Session d: Methodologies in Business History
Hopin Session 5d
Chair: Takafumi Kurosawa, Kyoto University
Oscar Montiel, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
"The History of Entrepreneurship Backward: An Exploratory Approach From Industrial Archaeology" [View Abstract]
William Lazonick, Academic-Industry Research Network
"Is the Unproductive Firm the Foundation of the Most Efficient Economy? Penrosian Learning and the Neoclassical Fallacy" [View Abstract]
Claire-Lise Debluë, Swiss National Science Foundation
"What Can Business History Learn from Media History? Media Archaeology and the Challenge of Technological Determinism" [View Abstract]
Luise Elsaesser, European University Institute
"‘We Wiped the Tears Away and the Grease off the New Motors’: Changing Professions at the End of the Working Horses’ Life" [View Abstract]

Concurrent Sessions 6, 10:30am - 11:45am

Session a: Professions and Elites
Hopin Session 6a
Chair: Lou Galambos, Johns Hopkins University
Alina Marktanner, RWTH Aachen University
"Engineering Political Discourse: Business Consultants in the German Public Sector, 1950s to 1990s" [View Abstract]
Israel G. Solares, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Ted Beatty, University of Notre Dame
"Engineers in Managerial Positions in the U.S. and Britain, 1870-1920: A Big Data Approach" [View Abstract]
Evangelia Matthopoulou, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
"The Recruitment of Business Elite in a Colonial Context: The Case of British Cyprus" [View Abstract]
Yun Wu, Tokuyama University
"Seeking Compatible and Embracing Differences: Management Transfer in China 1978-1990" [View Abstract]

Session b: Rules and Relationships
Hopin Session 6b
Chair: Edward Balleisen, Duke University
Laurent Beduneau-Wang, HEC Montreal
"The Evaluation of Public-Private Collaboration in Water Management in the Paris’ Suburb (1923-2017): from Discretion to Publicizing" [View Abstract]
Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford and Rebecca Orr, European University Institute
"Light Fingers and Visible Hands: Deploying Fidelity Guarantee Insurance to Curb Employee Theft" [View Abstract]
Eugenio Andrieu, University of Johannesburg and Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johannesburg
"Rule of Law versus Personal Relationships: a Clash of Cultures" [View Abstract]

Session c: El futuro de las empresas en tiempos de crisis: ¿qué nos enseñan los empresarios del siglo XX? El caso de España
Hopin Session 6c
Chair: Carlos Larrinaga Rodríguez, Universidad de Granada
Mercedes Fernández Paradas, Universidad de Málaga
"Las empresas de suministro de gas en el siglo XX" [View Abstract]
Carlos Larrinaga, Universidad de Granada
"De una empresa local a una empresa nacional en el sector turístico. Viajes Cafranga antes del boom turístico" [View Abstract]
Mariano Castro-Valdivia, Universidad de Jaén
"Empresas extranjeras en la industria de red española (1911-1920)" [View Abstract]
María Vázquez-Fariñas, Universidad de Jaén
"La Comercialización del Vino en el Marco del Jerez en el Siglo XX - The Commercialization of Wine in the Marco del Jerez Area through the 20th Century" [View Abstract]

Session d: State Enterprise and Technology
Hopin Session 6d
Chair: Manuel Bautista Gonzalez, Columbia University in the City of New York
Federico Ghibaudo, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Juan Odisio, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Universidad de Buenos Aires
"Empresa Pública y Desarrollo Científico en Argentina. Los Laboratorios de YPF, 1925-1994" [View Abstract]
Ewan Gibbs, University of Glasgow
"Long Waves in Energy History: Competing Fuel Policy Coalitions During Britain’s Long Movement out of Coal-Fired Electricity from the late 1940s to the early 1990s" [View Abstract]
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, Northumbria University and Marybeth Rouse, University of Johannesburg
"From Redlining to M-Pesa: The Role of the Entrepreneurial State Behind Innovative Technology to Deliver an Inclusive Financial Sector " [View Abstract]

Concurrent Sessions 7, 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Session a: Enterprise, Politics, and the State
Hopin Session 7a
Chair: Benjamin Waterhouse, University of North Carolina
Christian Choe, University of Georgia
"Fully Armed and Operational: The U.S. Government and the Panama Canal" [View Abstract]
Vincent Dubé-Senécal, University of Oslo
"The Decoupling of the French Textile Industry and Haute Couture in the 1950s and 1960s" [View Abstract]
Mónica Farkas, Universidad de Buenos Aires
"La Configuración de la Cultura Postal Argentina como Agente Estatal de la Transformación Económica de los Imaginarios de Espacio y de Tiempo en el Siglo XIX y su Proyección en el Contexto de la Pandemia del Siglo XXI" [View Abstract]

Session b: Technology and Innovation
Hopin Session 7b
Chair: Kenneth Lipartito, Florida International University
Anne Heslinga, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"Toward a Business History of the Internet: Digital Games and Gaming as a Case Study Approach to ‘Big Tech’ Industries" [View Abstract]
Eric Hintz, Smithsonian Institution
"American Independent Inventors in an Era of Corporate R&D" [View Abstract]
Sarvnaz Lotfi, Virginia Tech
"The Space Age and the Stock Market: R&D Assetization and the Quest for Certainty" [View Abstract]

Session d: Uses of the Past
Hopin Session 7d
Chair: Susie Pak, St. John's University
Daniela Pirani, University of Liverpool
"Inventing Marketplace Traditions: Memory and Materiality in the Case of Mulino Bianco and the Italian Breakfast (1975-1996)" [View Abstract]
Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Queen Mary University of London
"How to Commemorate Manuelita’s First Hundred Years? The Uses of the Past and the Historical Construction of Affective Events in Family Firms " [View Abstract]

Session e: Entrepreneurial Drivers in Time
Hopin Session 7e
Chair: Christina Lubinski, Copenhagen Business School
Juan Baños, Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Javier Fernández-Roca, Universidad Pablo de Olavide
"When a Woman Loves a Firm: Cándida Morand, an Institutional Entrepreneur in 19th-century Spain" [View Abstract]
Fabian Prieto-Ñañez, Virginia Tech
"Disrupting National Infrastructures: Satellite Television, Informal Trade, and Suitcase Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean in the 1980s" [View Abstract]
Jackie Wang, University of Hong Kong
"Engendered Entrepreneur: Women and the Politics of Business in Modern China" [View Abstract]

Presidential Address, 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Hopin Plenary Stage

Presidential Reception and Awards Ceremony, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Hopin Awards Ceremony Session