Interest Groups

Women in Business History (WiBH) consists of an informal group who have joined together at Business History Conference meetings for several years. Over lunch, they network, share career information, and trade insights on professional development. Some of the women work in areas related to gender in business and economic history, but the group's scholarly interests span the field.

Business history has long been included in the curriculum of MBA and undergraduate business programs in the conviction that training in leadership requires a long-term and internationally focused view of the world. Faculty and programs in business schools around the world have made significant contributions to the development and growth of business history. Yet the culture and priorities of management training differ somewhat from those in departments of history and economics. The BHC has many members teaching in schools of management and business who work to expand the role of business history in the curriculum of their institutions. They have created an informal networking group whose members come together over lunch at the BHC annual meeting to discuss issues and concerns.

The Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC) of the Business History Conference focuses on introducing junior scholars to the possibilities for researching and teaching in the field of business history. The committee works to integrate new talent into the BHC community. 

The ESC prior to each annual meeting invites junior scholars to the various events that provide a space for engaging with business history and meeting members of the BHC community. These events include  a mentoring program ahead of the annual meeting and an evening reception at the conference, both of which are opportunities for new scholars to network with BHC-affiliated members with a wide range of experiences within the field. Following the conference the committee also follows up with attendees to gauge their experience in order to improve future events and to continue to expand the network of historians of business.

The ESC committee organized both an in-person networking reception at the Detroit conference and a virtual mentoring program that paired emerging scholars with established community members based on shared research interests and professional goals. Learn more about it here.

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