Mira Wilkins Prize

This prize, established in 2009 in recognition of the path-breaking scholarship of Mira Wilkins, is awarded to the author of the best article published annually in Enterprise & Society pertaining to international and comparative business history. Formally known as "The Mira Wilkins Prize for the best article on international business history," it comprises an award of $250 and a memento presented at the Business History Conference annual meeting. The Wilkins Prize Committee consists of three members, one of whom serves as chair. Each member serves a three-year term, rotating onto the committee as junior member, then becoming chair, and then exiting after serving a final year as senior member. The chair of the Wilkins Prize Committee presides over the entire process.

Mira Wilkins

2024 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Alicia Maggard
Postdoctoral Fellow, Williams College
"Dealing in Debt: The Role of Credit in Early Sino–U.S. Trade," Enterprise & Society (December 2023) [View PDF]

2023 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

David Baillargeon
University of Texas at Arlington
"“Imperium in Imperio”: The Corporation, Mining, and Governance in British Southeast Asia, 1900–1930," Enterprise & Society (June 2022) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

DEL HIERRO, Pablo and Espen STORLI, (2022). Poisoned Partnership: The International Mercury Cartel and Spanish–Italian Relations, 1945–1954. Enterprise & Society, 23(3), 825-856.

2022 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Damian Clavel
SNF Ambizione Fellow
"What’s in a Fraud? The Many Worlds of Gregor MacGregor, 1817–1824," Enterprise & Society (December 2021) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

PETRULIS, Jason. (2021). “A Country of Hair”: A Global Story of South Korean Wigs, Korean American Entrepreneurs, African American Hairstyles, and Cold War Industrialization. Enterprise & Society, 22(2), 368-408.

TENOLD, S., KANG, J., KIM, S., &; MURPHY, H. (2021). International Transfer of Tacit Knowledge: The Transmission of Shipbuilding Skills from Scotland to South Korea in the Early 1970s. Enterprise & Society, 22(2), 335-367.

2021 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Paolo Di Martino
Associate Professor in Economic History, University of Turin, Italy
Michelangelo Vasta
Professor of Economic history, University of Siena
Mark Latham
Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK
"Bankruptcy Laws around Europe (1850-2015): Institutional Change and Institutional Features," Enterprise & Society (December 2020) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

Emily Buchnea, “Bridges and Bonds: The Role of British Merchant Bank Intermediaries in Latin American Trade and Finance Networks, 1825-1850,” Enterprise & Society, 21: 2 (June 2020).

Jessica Ann Levy, “Black Power in the Boardroom: Corporate America, the Sullivan Principles, and Anti-Apartheid,” Enterprise & Society 21: 1 (March 2020).

2020 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Nikolas Glover
Uppsala University
"Between Order and Justice: Investments in Africa and Corporate International Responsibility in Swedish Media in the 1960s," Enterprise & Society (June 2019) [View PDF]

2018 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Patricio Sáiz
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Rafael Castro
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
""Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Rights: International Intangible Assets in Spain over the Long Term"," Enterprise & Society (December 2017) [View PDF]

2017 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Thomas Haigh
The Haigh Group
""IBM Rebuilds Europe: The Curious Case of the Transnational Typewriter"," Enterprise & Society (June 2016) [View PDF]

2016 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Michael Aldous
Queen's University Belfast
""Avoiding Negligence and Profusion: The Failure of the Joint-Stock Form in the Anglo-Indian Tea Trade, 1840-1870"," Enterprise & Society (September 2015) [View PDF]

2015 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Paula de la Cruz-Fernández
Digital editor and Assoc. Director, Inquire Capitalism Program, University of Florida
""Marketing the Hearth: Ornamental Embroidery and the Building of the Multinational Singer Sewing Machine Company" ," Enterprise & Society (September 2014) [View PDF]

2014 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Brenna Greer
Wellesley College
""Selling Liberia: Moss H. Kendrix, the Liberian Centennial Commission, and the Post-World War II Trade in Black Progress"," Enterprise & Society (June 2013) [View PDF]

2013 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Tore Olsson
University of Tennessee
""Peeling Back the Layers: Vidalia Onions and the Making of a Global Agribusiness"," Enterprise & Society (December 2012) [View PDF]

2012 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Neil Rollings
University of Glasgow
""Multinational Enterprise and Government Controls on Outward Foreign Direct Investment in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1960s"," Enterprise & Society (June 2011) [View PDF]

2011 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Marcelo Bucheli
Gies College of Business and Department of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
""Multinational Corporations, Business Groups, and Economic Nationalism: Standard Oil (New Jersey), Royal Dutch-Shell, and Energy Politics in Chile, 1913-2005"," Enterprise & Society (June 2010) [View PDF]

2010 Mira Wilkins Prize Recipient

Paul Duguid
University of California, Berkeley
""French Connections: The International Propagation of Trademarks in the Nineteenth Century" ," Enterprise & Society (March 2009) [View PDF]