Resources for Teaching and Research

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A century of culture & commerce: remembering the Black experience around Little Rock, 1870-1970., 2003. Dept. of Arkansas Heritage, Little Rock, Ark.

African American Resources at Hagley, 2020. Hagley. URL (accessed 7.27.20).

Anderson, J.E., 2007. Conjure in African American society. Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge.

At a recent event in Kolkata I had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Geoffrey Jones, Isidor Straus Professor of Business History at Harvard Business School, where we discussed his ongoing efforts to bring a greater focus in Business History to the study of emerging markets. As part of his trip to Kolkata he spent time interviewing leaders in both business and social enterprises.

Geoffrey Jones

Geoffrey Jones

The following online resources relevant to research in business history were compiled between 2009 and 2014 by Pat Denault.

Audio-Visual Materials

AdViews, Duke University Library    

AFSCME Radio Spots    

America at Work, America at Leisure: Motion Pictures, 1894-1915, Library of Congress    

Texaco Halvoline