Prize Details

2022 Hagley Prize in Business History Finalists

Robert Bickers, China Bound: John Swires & Sons and its World 1816-1980 (Bloomsbury)

Zachary Doleshal, In the Kingdom of Shoes: Bata, Zlin, and Globalization, 1894-1945 (Toronto)

Bartow Elmore, Seed Money: Monsanto’s Past and Our Food Future (Norton)

Brandan Goff, Rotary International and the Selling of American Capitalism (Harvard)

Peter Hamilton, Made in Hong Kong: Transpacific Networks and a New History of Globalization (Columbia)

*Caley Horan, Insurance Era: Risk, Governance, and the Privatization of Security in Postwar America (Chicago)

Katina Manko, Ding Dong, Avon Calling! The Women and Men of Avon Products, Incorporated (Oxford)

Veronique Pouilliard, Paris to New York: The Transatlantic Fashion Industry in the Twentieth Century (Harvard)

Gabriel Winant, The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Postwar America (Harvard)

*Timothy Yang, A Medicated Empire: The Pharmaceutical Industry and Modern Japan (Cornell)