How to Update Your Research Profile

Updating your research profile ensures that visitors to the BHC website, including members of the media, have up-to-date information about your research specialities. Here's a step-by-step guide to updating your profile:

  • Log In

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  • Navigate to Your Profile

    • If not automatically directed to your profile, click here.
  • Profile: Biography, Affiliation, Research Interests, Interest Group

    • Click on the link "My Account" in the top of the page. (Only you can see this link, not other users of the site.)
    • Name: Your "Full Name" is the name that appears in relevant pages of the website, such as listings of officers or interest group members. The "Last Name" and "First Name" fields are crucial, as they ensure alphabetical listings sort correctly. So, if you have a "Jr." or "IV" at the end of your name, it should appear in "Full Name" but not "Last Name."
    • Title and Institutional Affiliation: Enter your title (e.g., Assistant Professor) and affiliation (e.g., University of X). You can enter separate affiliations on multiple lines--e.g., Roger Horowitz is both at the University of Delaware and at Hagley, so has two lines.
    • Research Interests: Enter keywords that members of the public might search for when looking for your expertise. Separate each term with a comma and space.
    • Brief Biography: This needs to be at least 100 characters long for your Expertise profile to appear on the front page of the site. However, it should not be longer than approximately two paragraphs.
    • Webpage: If you have your own website, include the URL here.
    • Interest Group Membership: If you belong to one of the BHC's interest groups, mark so here. If you mark "Emerging Scholars," you will be asked to include a year of applicable membership.
    • Twitter handle: If you are a Twitterstorian, include your Twitter handle here (without the preceding @); you will then automatically be enrolled in our Twitterdex.
    • Picture: You should upload a recent headshot that reflects our society's professionalism. This picture will appear on multiple pages of the website, so make sure it is a good image!