2022 BHC Mid-Year Conference program (#BHC2022MidYear)

Dear subscribers;

The 2022 BHC Mid-Year Conference program is now available. Please note that this is not the final program, and that it is subject to change in the next week. Attendees are welcome to join any of the workshops, which will be hosted on the same Zoom link (provided with registration [register here: https://thebhc.org/midyear-meeting-registration-order-page]). From the general Zoom meeting link, attendees can join the breakout sessions of their choice. We will provide support for anyone unfamiliar with Zoom.

The midyear conference aims to (a) foster new intellectual conversations and relationships between members, (b) provide a meaningful opportunity for community engagement for members who may not be able to attend the BHC’s in-person conference due to financial or distance constraints, and (c) invite in non-members (especially emerging scholars) who may be interested in our community and what it has to offer. The hands-on nature of the methods workshops is designed to foster conversations that transcend the historical boundaries of place and period and hence create new scholarly relationships and collaborations. We, therefore, ask BHC members to invite colleagues and students who might be interested in the workshops but may not (yet) be members of the BHC.


[preliminary program]

September 30, 2022

All times in Eastern Time (EST)

Virtual Conference on Zoom






Session 1

Reinventing Interpretation


Workshop 1.1

Interpreting Visual Sources

R. Halpern and C. Quirke

Chair: Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal


Workshop 1.2

Interpreting the Senses

A. Hisano and S. Kube

Chair: S. Kube


Workshop 1.3

Material Culture

J. Black and M. Moskowitz

Chair: Christoph Viebig


Workshop 1.4 

Topic Modeling

M. Villamor and F. Prieto-Nañez

Chair: Ghassan Moazzin


Workshop 1.5

Databases, Network Analysis and QCA

E. Salvaj, A. Rinaldi and S. Pak

Chair: Valeria Giacomin


Workshop 1.6

Built and Natural Environment




Attendees are welcome to stay connected during the 15 minutes break


Session 2

Reinventing Sources


Workshop 2.1

Account Books

R. Van, C. Rosenthal, and W Deringer

Chair: Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal


Workshop 2.2

Email archives

S. Decker and David Kirsch

Chair: Christoph Viebig


Workshop 2.3

Online Archives

P. Scranton, E. Balleisen, A. Lluch, and G. Jones

Chair: Ghassan Moazzin


Workshop 2.4


S. Das and C. Meyers

Chair: Paula de la Cruz-Fernández


Workshop 2.5

Forms and Reports 

S. Vanatta and G. Recio



Workshop 2.6

Legal sources

Ashton Merck and [TBA]

Chair: TBA



Attendees are welcome to stay connected during the 15 minutes break


Session 3

Reinventing Form


Workshop 3.1

Visualizing the past

D. Staley

Chair: TBA


Workshop 3.2

History-as-Dialogue: Podcasting

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Chair: Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal


Workshop 3.3 

Business History and Business/Policy in Practice 

J. Wilson & A. Tilba

Chair: TBA


Workshop 3.4 


A. Popp and S. Lewis

Chair: Sven Kube


Workshop 3.5


M. Moskowitz


Workshop 3.6

Tiktok History 

Zhaojin Zeng

Chair: Valeria Giacomin



Attendees are welcome to stay connected during the 15 minutes break



Wrap Up: Where Might We Go From Here?