Webinar: Historical Methods for Management Scholars

Historical Methods for Management Scholars

2pm – 4pm 28 July 2021 Zoom (UK time)


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In this webinar we will introduce participants to the basics of historical research methods and focus on how business and management scholars have integrated historical evidence and archival sources in their research. We focus on the elements of historical narrative, critical source interpretation, and how to identify and do research in archives (company archives and public archives).

Provider Information

BAM Council Sub-Committee of Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building


Kevin Tennent, University of York

Stephanie Decker, University of Bristol


David Sarpong, Brunel University

Benefits of attending 

Participants will gain a better understanding of:

How historical research has been used in business and management research

How to apply historical methods in your own research projects

How to write up historical evidence for publication

How to identify archives, gain access and conduct archival research


Please contact the BAM Office at eventsofficer@bam.ac.uk with any queries.  

Event Fee 

BAM Members: Free 

Non-BAM Members: £25

Non-BAM Members, Students: £15