For scholars who have contributed in major ways to the field of business history

For a mid-career scholar who has made significant contributions to business history

For the best book in business history (broadly defined)

Recognizes historical work on the effects of business enterprises on the economic conditions of the countries in which they operate

Recognizes the author of an article published in Enterprise & Society in the previous year

For the best article in either Law and History Review or Enterprise and Society on the relation of law and business/economy

For the best Ph.D. dissertation in business history completed within past 3 years

For the best first paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference

For the best paper at the intersection of business history and the history of the technology presented at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference

Awarded to the author of the best article published annually in Enterprise & Society pertaining to international and comparative business history

Used to defray costs to attend the BHC annual meeting by graduate students who are delivering papers

Competitive monetary awards for PhD candidate dissertation fellowships and for post-doctoral fellowships for PhD recipients within five years of receipt of their degree

Available to presenters at BHC annual meetings who have earned the Ph.D. within the three years prior to the meeting

Offered between 2010 and 2015 for a paper that made a significant contribution to the history of corporate responsibility

Awarded from 2009 to 2014

Awarded from 1992 through 2008