Philip Scranton Best Article Prize

This prize recognizes the author or authors of an article published in Enterprise & Society judged to be the best of those that have appeared in the volume previous to the year of the BHC annual meeting. It is named in recognition of Philip Scranton's deep contributions to Enterprise & Society and is generously funded by Cambridge University Press. The Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom will be the chair. Each member serves a three-year term, rotating onto the committee as junior member, then becoming chair, and then exiting after serving a final year as senior member. The Chair of the committee shall preside over the entire process.



Phil Scranton

2024 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

"Business Against Drunk Driving: The Neoliberal State, Labatt Brewery, and the Creation of the “Responsible Drinker" ," Enterprise & Society (June 2023) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

Gerardo Con Díaz, "Patent Law and the Materiality of Inventions in the California Oil Industry: The Story of Halliburton v. Walker, 1935–1946," Enterprise & Society, Volume 24 , Issue 1 (2023) [open access]

2023 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Philip Thai
Associate Professor of History, Northeastern University
"A Risky Business: The Tai Ping Insurance Company and Fire Insurance in China, 1928– 1937," Enterprise & Society (September 2020) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

REVELL, Keith. (2022). Regulating Resort Revelry: Alcohol, Music, and the Entertainment Market in Miami Beach, 1935–1955. Enterprise & Society, 23(4), 1047-1091. [View PDF]

2022 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Co-Recipient

Jason Petrulis
Assistant Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong
"A Country of Hair: A Global Story of South Korean Wigs, Korean American Entrepreneurs, African American Hairstyles, and Cold War Industrialization," Enterprise & Society (June 2021) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

Margartia Serje, “The Peruvian Amazon Co.: Credit and Debt in the Putumayo ‘Wild Rubber’ Business” Enterprise & Society, 22(2), 475 - 501 [View PDF]

2021 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Karin Lurvink
Postdoc researcher VU Amsterdam
"The Insurance of Mass Murder: The Development of Slave Life Insurance Policies of Dutch Private Slave Ships, 1720–1780," Enterprise & Society (January 2020) [View PDF]

2020 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Hoi-eun Kim
Texas A&M University
"Adulterated Intermediaries: Peddlers, Pharmacists, and the Patent Medicine Industry in Colonial Korea (1910-1945)," Enterprise & Society (December 2019) [View PDF]

2019 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Natalya Vinokurova
Lehigh University
"How Mortgage-Backed Securities Became Bonds: The Emergence, Evolution, and Acceptance of Mortgage-Backed Securities in the United States, 1960-1987," Enterprise & Society (September 2018) [View PDF]

Honorable Mention:

Richard Popp, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"The Anywhere, Anytime Market: The 800-Number, Direct Marketing, and the New Networks of Consumption," Enterprise & Society (September 2018) [View PDF]

2018 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

David M. Higgins
Newcastle University
Aashish Velkar
University of Manchester
"’Spinning a yarn’: Institutions, Law, and Standards, c. 1880-1914," Enterprise & Society (September 2017) [View PDF]

2017 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Thomas Haigh
The Haigh Group
"IBM Rebuilds Europe: The Curious Case of the Transnational Typewriter," Enterprise & Society (June 2016) [View PDF]

2016 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Daniel Levinson Wilk
Fashion Institute of Technology
"The Red Cap's Gift: How Tipping Tempers the Rational Power of Money," Enterprise & Society (March 2015) [View PDF]

2015 Philip Scranton Best Article Prize Recipient

Marc Flandreau
University of Pennsylvania
Gabriel F Geisler Mesevage
University of Oxford
"The Untold History of Transparency: Mercantile Agencies, the Law, and the Lawyers (1851-1916)," Enterprise & Society (June 2014) [View PDF]