BEH Copyright Statement

Copyright Statement

For authors

The Business History Conference will hold the copyright of the electronic version of each article as it appears in Business and Economic History On-Line. The Business History Conference also retains the right to reprint the article without prior consent of the author(s) in any print or electronic publication copyrighted by the BHC. All other rights remain in the hands of the author. Each author may use or reprint the work for any purpose without obtaining permission. Authors may store their article on their institutional server, but we would prefer that the last version before the application of the BEH On-Line logo and style be used; a link to the BEH On-Line version must be provided. To preserve the bibliographical integrity of the publication, articles may not be withdrawn from BEH On-Line after publication.

For others

The copyright to materials published in Business and Economic History On-Line and to each article posted here is held by the Business History Conference. Individuals are free to download and/or print single copies of articles for their personal scholarly or educational use. No articles may be stored on other servers or distributed in print for commercial purposes without the written consent of the Business History Conference. We encourage the use of these articles for teaching purposes, but to do so, please provide the URL(s) of the individual article(s) to students, rather than reproducing the articles in coursepaks, by photocopying, or by uploading the files to local servers. We encourage other sites to link to these pages.

To obtain permission for commercial reproduction, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Business History Conference:

Roger Horowitz
Business History Conference
P.O. Box 3630
Wilmington, DE 19807-0630
Fax: 302-655-3188