2018 BHC Meeting

The BHC will held its 2018 annual meeting at the Baltimore Embassy Suites Inner Harbor in Maryland. The theme of the meeting was "Money, Finance, and Capital." The deadline for submissions has now passed, but the Call for Papers is archived here. The program committee consisted of David Sicilia (chair), University of Maryland; Christy Ford Chapin, University of Maryland-Baltimore County; Per Hansen, Copenhagen Business School; Naomi Lamoreaux, Yale University; Rory Miller, University of Liverpool; Julia C. Ott, New School for Social Researchand Mary O’Sullivan (BHC president), University of Geneva. Local arrangements support was provided by Joshua Davis, University of Baltimore.

To learn more about why the the Business History Conference met in Baltimore and not in Charlotte, North Carolina, as had been previously planned, please see this statement approved by the BHC Trustees.



Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Joan V. Flores-Villalobos receives 2018 Austin Kerr Prize

Jesus smiling benignly on (studies of) business and capitalism, as some Americans particularly argue he always has. (Directly off the book fair hall)

Dick Sylla and Lou Galambos

Kenda Mutongi receives 2018 Hagley Prize

View from the book fair balcony, 1

View from the book fair balcony, 2

Lou Galambos and Friends, Reception

Book Exhibit

2018 Luncheon of Women in Business History Network