2015 BHC-EBHA Meeting

The 2015 joint meeting of the Business History Conference and the European Business History Association was held in Miami, Florida, on June 24-27. The theme of the meeting was “Inequalities: Winners and Losers in Business.” The BHC and the EBHA are grateful to the UCLA History Department and the Social Sciences Division and to UCLA's Anderson School of Management for their generous support of this annual meeting.

Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the 21st Century, delivered the joint meeting's plenary address.

This was the fourth joint meeting of the Business History Conference and the European Business History Association.

The Program Committee included Lucy Newton (chair), University of Reading; Mary Yeager (BHC president), University of California Los Angeles; Raymond Stokes (EBHA President), University of Glasgow; Juliette Levy, University of California, Riverside; Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia; Ben Wubs, Erasmus University, Rotterdam; and Stephanie Decker, Aston Business School.


Photos from this annual meeting

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Angel Kwolek-Folland introduces BHC President Mary Yeager before the Presidential Address

At the presidential reception

Stephen Mihm, BHC President Mary Yeager, and Steve Usselman (via John Lithgow)

Galina Shyandriayeva poses with Thomas Piketty, with Ai Hisano (far left) and Nadia Bernstein looking on

?, Michelangelo Vasta, Alessandro Nuvolari, Luigi Orsenigo, Mario Perugini, and Jonathan Morris

Hans Otto Frøland

Paula de la Cruz Fernandez, winner of the 2015 Mira Wilkins Prize, with Jeff Fear

Robert Weems and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Juliet E. K. Walker

Lou Galambos, Kenneth Lipartito, ?, David Sicilia