2011 BHC Meeting

The members of the program committee for the 2011 meeting were Mark R. Wilson (chair), Teresa da Silva Lopes, Matthias Kipping, Jocelyn Wills, and Richard R. John (BHC President). The members of the local arrangements committee were Matthew Sherman (chair), David B. Robertson, and Jeffrey T. Manuel.


Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Patrick Fridenson and Kazuo Wada

Jeff Fear (l) and Chris Kobrak

Christine Rosen and Uwe Spiekermann at the Presidential Reception

Pre-banquet reception: Ken Lipartito and David Sicilia on left

Final call at the Book Auction, part 2

Dan Bouk accepts the Krooss Prize

Richard John and David Hochfelder at the Presidential Reception

Steve Adams, Bill Lazonick, Marc Stern, Joseph Adelman

Chris McKenna and Ed Perkins