2010 BHC Meeting

The program committee was: Jeff Fear (chair), University of Redlands; Sally Clarke, University of Texas; Tracey Deutsch, University of Minnesota; Robert Weems, University of Missouri; Shane Hamilton, University of Georgia; and Steven Tolliday (BHC President-elect), University of Leeds.


Photos from this annual meeting

BHC Members: submit your own photos from this meeting

Dick Sylla (r) and Will Hausman

Sally Clarke and Lou Galambos; Sharon Murphy (r)

From left, facing camera: Per Hansen, Dan Wadwhani, Gerben Bakker, Stephanie Dyer; Shane Hamilton, foreground

JoAnne Yates, Jeff Fear, Pat Denault, Maggie Levenstein

Mansel Blackford presents the Williamson Prize to Sally Clarke.

Terri Lonier, flanked by ? and Josh Lauer (r)

Rob Goldberg accepts the Kerr Prize as Roger Horowitz and Mark Rose look on.

Francesca Polese, Lou Galambos, and Bill Becker

Continental Breakfast scene: Lynne Pierson Doti (c) and Chris Rosen (r)