2008 BHC Meeting

"Expanding Connections for Business History"

The Business History Conference's 2008 annual meeting will be held in Sacramento, California, April 10-12, hosted by the California State University at Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum. Its theme is "Expanding Connections for Business History," with the goal of reaching across disciplines and audiences. It will focus on what business history offers to other fields of scholarship, as well as what business historians can learn from other scholarly perspectives. In addition, both the opening plenary and a roundtable will explore how business historians can work with the press to extend our reach into the public and business management arenas. Sessions will highlight research that is comparative, that contextualizes its subjects, or that examines any of the complex interactions that business activities involve. The conference will expand business history's intellectual connections and approaches, broadening our outreach to both scholarly and public audiences.


Photos from this annual meeting

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Maggie Levenstein, Ed Perkins, and Susan Lewis

Lucy Newton and Francesca Carnevali

Steve Tolliday and Pam Laird

Lou Galambos and Chris Kobrak

Bernie Carlson, Dick Sylla, and Christy Chapin

Mira Wilkins

Eric Hintz and Christy Chapin

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?, Per Hansen, Jeff Fear, Naomi Lamoreaux