2005 BHC Meeting

"Reinvention and Renewal"

The theme for the conference is "Reinvention and Renewal." Throughout history, firms, industries, regions, and nations have demonstrated remarkable capacities to transform prevailing business practices and reorient economic activities. Minnesota’s own 3M is just one example of such reinvention, with its reorientation from mining to Post-It notes. On another level, the region surrounding Minneapolis has renewed itself by refocusing from flour and cereal milling to high tech. Longtime residents and immigrant entrepreneurs have also remade numerous neighborhoods in the city into shopping, restaurant, and theater districts. The program committee invites proposals aimed at elucidating all aspects of such phenomena. (In keeping with longstanding BHC policy, the committee will also entertain submissions not directly related to the conference theme.)

The program committee consists of Steven W. Usselman (chair), Georgia Institute of Technology; Tracey Deutsch, University of Minnesota; Helen Shapiro, University of California, Santa Cruz; Steven Tolliday, University of Leeds; and JoAnne Yates (BHC President-Elect), MIT.


Photos from this annual meeting

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Anna Spadavecchia and Leslie Whitworth

Trish Thomas and Roger Horowitz

Ann Carlos and Larry Neal

Steve Tolliday and ?

Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou

George Smith, Dick Sylla, and Ed Perkins

Barbara Hahn and Leah Boustan, Rovensky Prize recipients

Ben Schwantes with his Newcomen Prize

Naomi Lamoreaux and Colleen Dunlavy