Hopin: Online Showcase Guide

Online Showcase

Attendees can see the pre-recorded presentations by clicking on Expo on the left side bar of the Hopin event page or clicking on Booths on the reception page on Hopin.


Presenters that are part of the Online Showcase have received an invitation from Hopin to create a booth. Please let us know if you have not received an invitation by March 2nd.

  • After accepting and clicking on the Hopin invitation, a form to create your booth will open. This video shows what you will be able to see: https://youtu.be/A-CQNc2-oko. Remember to create your own booth even if you are part of a panel in the setup form:
    • Add your name and email.
    • Enter the time slot when you and/or your panel will be live under ‘Vendor headline’
    • Choose your availability in the following ranges. If you are part of a panel, we recommend that each presenter has its own booth. Coordinate the best time for all of the presenters to meet and decide which of your booths will be opened to receive attendees. Add this information within ‘Vendor headline’ and in the booth description at the end of the form. You can also the links to all the panel presenters presentations there.

      Thursday 4.30 pm - 5.45 pm EST

      Friday 12 noon - 1.15 pm EST

      Saturday 12 noon - 1.15 pm EST

    • Set up a ‘mini’ booth
    • Select “Session” under “Content Provider”. This is very important to be able to go online at your allotted time.
    • Under “Fallback Provider,” add a video recording or your slides, which will be visible to visitors to your booth during times when you are not available in the Session
    • Under description, add a link to your video or recorded presentation. When you are live people won’t be able to enter your booth, but they can meet with or watch the video through the link in your description.
    • Add the appropriate tags (the ones that were entered in your proposal) so that attendees can find your booth on the reception page.
    • Click Save!
  • If you are a discussant in the Online Showcase, and you wish to record your contribution, you will need to create a booth as well. If not, you may just join your group at the time they go live.

*If you have any questions regarding your booth please let us know because only organizers are able to preview booths*


On the day of your presentation, enter your booth following these instructions: https://support.hopin.to/en/articles/4741567-how-to-access-your-booth-a…